50 Cool Compliments To A Stranger In Your Own Words

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50 Cool Compliments To A Stranger In Your Own Words
50 Cool Compliments To A Stranger In Your Own Words

Video: 50 Cool Compliments To A Stranger In Your Own Words

Video: 50 Cool Compliments To A Stranger In Your Own Words
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girl amazed
girl amazed

The right compliment is the best way to melt a girl's heart. However, they need to be done skillfully and carefully so as not to inadvertently offend and not cross the permissible line. Therefore, we bring to your attention a list of 50 universal compliments that will help you get to know a girl.

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  • "Beauty, with you I agree to anything, just take me with you."
  • "Your languid look and long eyelashes just daze me."
  • "Girl, your smile is just magical - it stays even after you leave."
  • "There is clearly some mystery in your eyes."
  • “You look great. If you go, look under your feet so that you don't accidentally step on a man who has fainted."
  • "If you come a little closer to me, I will be completely blinded by your beauty."
  • “This hair color suits you very much. It emphasizes the smoothness of the skin and beautiful features."
  • "You probably have a bad temper, but your voice and figure are just amazing!"
  • "You are always in such good shape, how do you do it?"
  • “You have a very contagious laugh. One has only to hear it - and the mood immediately rises."
  • "It seems to me that all my life I have been looking for such a precious treasure as you."
  • "It's amazing, but I can't think of anything else when I see you next to me."
  • "I always thought that dreaming about the perfect woman was silly, but I changed my mind after meeting you."
boyfriend flirting
boyfriend flirting
  • "One look into your eyes - and I drown in them."
  • "Being a beauty is not a crime at all, but it is simply ruthless towards me."
  • “I feel sorry for those people who did not see you. They don't know anything about beauty at all."
  • "You can really get drunk from female beauty, and you are a direct proof of that."
  • "Every contemporary artist should dream of being able to paint your portrait."
  • “I'm at a loss - I can't think of a compliment that will be worthy of your beauty.”
  • "Girl, you shoot your eyes too actively - there are a whole bunch of wounded guys around."
  • "With such beautiful legs as yours, you should already be able to walk on your hands."
  • “Girl, can I ask you to flash your eyes? Otherwise I can't see the road well."
  • "You smell so good, this perfume is perfect for you."
  • "Among all the girls around you, you are the only one that looks real."
  • “I’ll go away, perhaps, otherwise your beauty simply hypnotizes me”.
  • "Girl, help me find the right stop - otherwise I was staring at you and drove."
girl flirts with a guy
girl flirts with a guy
  • “How is it, you still do not work as a model? We urgently need to introduce you to the agent."
  • "You probably wore this dress on purpose to keep other women from being noticed."
  • "Girl, being so gorgeous is a real crime."
  • "While you were walking here, you probably gathered a whole crowd of fans."
  • "When God gave out beauty and refinement, he obviously did not regret it for you."
  • "Girl, you probably took all the best from your parents, otherwise how else can you explain such an angelic appearance?"
  • "At the sight of you, my heart did a somersault."
  • "Only your daughter can be more beautiful than you."
  • "Girl, your beauty completely knocked me off my feet, and I completely forgot - why did I come up to you?"
  • "Girl, with this appearance you need to carry a fire extinguisher with you."
  • “Everyone says that you should take only the best from life. Come with me."
  • "You just smiled - and I have already forgotten my name."
  • "You have such beautiful forms, you probably do dance or gymnastics."
  • “Have you ever had aristocrats in your family? Your posture is clearly royal."
the guy whispers in the girl's ear
the guy whispers in the girl's ear
  • "What a pity I didn't meet you earlier - so much time wasted."
  • "Girl, you have such a piercing look that it seems to me that you are now busy reading my thoughts."
  • "You made such an impression on me that I recognize you even at dusk among thousands of other people."
  • "You have beautiful curls, I dream to touch them."
  • "Girl, tell me: how many dragons do you need to kill to achieve a princess like you?"
  • “I was passing by, I saw you - and immediately forgot about all the problems. And where did he go, too."
  • “You clearly have some flavor. You look so mysterious that I would really like to solve you."
  • "Girl, your presence is clearly not enough at the Miss World pageant."
  • “I just watched the news, where they said there were several accidents a couple of minutes ago. Perhaps this is all because of your beauty."
  • “I'm just fascinated by you. You are a real angel."