How To Delete An Account On Mamba: Step By Step Instructions

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How To Delete An Account On Mamba: Step By Step Instructions
How To Delete An Account On Mamba: Step By Step Instructions

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girl with laptop dissatisfied
girl with laptop dissatisfied

Mamba is a popular dating site that has been around for over 20 years. The service has become a pioneer in this area on Russian territory. It still belongs to the free category: creating and deleting a profile, basic functionality is free. However, many people have questions - how to permanently delete their profile. We have compiled instructions for dummies that will help you do everything quickly and safely.

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1 Step by step instructions

Step by step instructions

Log in to the site. After logging in, you will be taken to the main page. Your name will be written in the upper right corner - click on it with the left mouse button once. A list will drop out in which you need to select the "Settings" item

  • After clicking, a tab with personal data will open. At the very bottom of the page there will be an inconspicuous button - "Delete profile".
  • By clicking on delete, another window with three options will drop out. You need to select the central item "Delete profile".
  • After clicking, another window will appear where you need to select the reason why you decided to leave the site. If you are too lazy to explain, you can select the item "Other".
  • After everything has happened and the profile has been deleted, another window will appear. It will indicate that in order to confirm the deletion, an email was sent to the email linked to the account, which must be read and confirmed the procedure for permanent destruction of the account.
dating site
dating site
  • Now go to the mail, find the letter and press the cherished "Delete" button. Do not forget to check your Spam folder - the letter will most likely end up there.
  • And that's not all - by clicking "Delete", another line will appear in which you need to enter your username from Mamba. And only after that the profile will be permanently deleted.

If you want to remove an application from your phone, you just need to do it according to the standard scheme through the applications menu. However, this will not delete the account itself - you will have to do all the steps described above without fail.

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