17 Ways To Charm The Girl Of Your Dreams

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17 Ways To Charm The Girl Of Your Dreams
17 Ways To Charm The Girl Of Your Dreams

Video: 17 Ways To Charm The Girl Of Your Dreams

Video: 17 Ways To Charm The Girl Of Your Dreams
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man seduces girl
man seduces girl

If you fail to interest the girl you like, you can not count on a date. Yes, even a little bit worthwhile correspondence! What can we say about the relationship.

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1 17 ways to charm her

If you are not ready to sit in the friend zone for years and get a lapel-turn from every beautiful stranger, use our advice.

Seventeen tips to help you pave the way to a woman's heart are at your complete disposal.

17 ways to charm her17

Do not overdo it

No clowning needed. Girls love confident men who don't have to pretend to be who they are not.

Exhale. Relax finally. Talk to her calmly and be yourself. If the joke is unsuccessful, change the subject, do not focus on it.

Watch your gestures - they can betray you with giblets. Look the girl in the eye. Gesture freely, especially if you are telling an interesting story. It is not necessary to stand with your hands at the seams.

Learn to laugh at yourself

A good sense of humor is the fastest way to a girl's heart. Show her that you don't take yourself too seriously and that you are quite capable of laughing at yourself. Such people are always attracted.

But! Again, don't overdo it. To make a couple of jokes in the direction of your shortcomings and defuse the situation - yes. All the while talking to poke yourself - no, no, and again no.

Don't be too serious

Especially if you've never been like that. Stop being afraid to say something stupid or awkward. Otherwise, you will really do it.

We are all children. It's just that someone is afraid to show it and looks with envy at those who are in harmony with themselves. Of course, everything has its time and place.

Ryan Gosling The Nice Guys
Ryan Gosling The Nice Guys

What is our main rule? Don't overdo it.

They are greeted by clothes

Girls aren't the only ones who need to look after their appearance. If you think that girls do not pay attention to a guy's appearance at all, you are deeply mistaken. No one wants to walk arm in arm with a guy who doesn't even bother to shave and shower before a date. A good perfume is like the cherry on the cake.


It is possible that she also gets nervous when talking to you. And if you sit with a face like “In what year did the collapse of Czechoslovakia take place? I have to remember this right now,”you will not help her relax and enjoy the conversation.

The smile should not be forced, as if you are posing for a mayonnaise advertisement. Relax and think about the fact that you are already chatting with the girl you like. Isn't there a reason to smile?

Sole of company

Leaving the girl unattended is not worth it, but if you manage to charm others, it will bring you extra points.

Ryan Gosling movie
Ryan Gosling movie

Do not try to charm all the girls within a kilometer radius - this is a dubious move. But if you are friendly, for example, with a shy guy in the company, you will show your best side.

At the very least, be courteous and courteous to those around you or the staff. A guy who asserts himself by insulting waiters or being rude to strangers is generally not attractive.

Parlez-vous français?

If you know foreign languages, demonstrate it. But, for God's sake, do it unobtrusively and without excessive pathos! Demonstrate your skills if you are really good at the language. The girl herself can say "Bonjour" - you won't impress her with that.

Unobtrusive sexuality

Sexuality is not equal to the appearance of the Armani ad model. Beauty is always a plus. But you can't get away with just appearance. Surely you more than once or twice met guys who did not look like Brad Pitt in anything other than gender, but at the same time they just seduced girls with packs.

a man kisses a girl's hand
a man kisses a girl's hand

It's about self-confidence (no narcissism). How will someone see your beautiful features if you are huddled in a dark corner and are sitting there without getting out?

Ask questions

She needs to feel special. Show that you are interested not only in her slender legs and pretty face. Be interested in what she likes, ask questions and listen with interest. Don't interrupt her and let her finish. And then clarify the details, react to what she told you.

Don't dig into her past or ask about her exes. Even couples in long-term relationships don't always touch on this topic.

A sincere compliment

Surely you like something about her, right? Tell her about it. Eyes, laughs, hair color or haircut. Find something that catches you. Don't limit yourself to compliments about looks alone.

boyfriend flirting
boyfriend flirting

The way she is great at keeping up a conversation, her joking skills, or her erudition are great reasons to compliment. If she has an interesting piece of jewelry, compliment and ask where she got it from.

Just listen

If you look at her during a conversation, and not at the phone or at pretty girls around, it's already good. But just chuckling and nodding from time to time is not enough. A good listener knows when it is better to remain silent, and when it is appropriate to insert a couple of questions, joke or tell a life story on the topic under discussion.

Focus on her

What you should definitely not do is try to seduce a couple more girls by talking to her. Do other girls find you attractive? Fine. But all your attention belongs to the one with whom you are talking.

If you are talking to other people, do not stop looking at your princess and smiling at her from time to time.

guy at work flirting
guy at work flirting

Little present

Her favorite candy, a bouquet of flowers, or a book that you promised to bring her to her next meeting. This is a non-binding and pleasant sign of attention. And if you manage to remember some detail from her story (“I have long wanted to try morning croissants from that cafe, but I don’t have time to come in before work”) and surprise her with your quick wit, you will not have a price!

Let's dance?

If you're good at moving, it's worth demonstrating. But a girl should also enjoy your performance, you know? If you show off, and she will silently stand by, you are unlikely to conquer her.

There is something very cinematic about it - to start dancing in an empty park or on wet asphalt in the rain.

mr big and kerry
mr big and kerry

Call her by name

No, you don't need to repeat her name every five seconds. But address the girl directly from time to time. "And what do you think, …?" or "Are you funny …".

Light touches

“Don't overdo it” we would write here in huge neon letters. There is no need to grab her hand and other, more intimate places. Hold her elbow, give her a hand to help. Touches add romance to companionship.

But here a sense of proportion is more important than ever.

PS Don't try to find a universal phrase that works with everyone. An individual approach and a sincere interest in the personality of a girl are always valued much more than knowledge of pick-up phrases about angels who fell from heaven.