How To Get The Most Out Of Tinder And Earn A Date?

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How To Get The Most Out Of Tinder And Earn A Date?
How To Get The Most Out Of Tinder And Earn A Date?

Video: How To Get The Most Out Of Tinder And Earn A Date?

Video: How To Get The Most Out Of Tinder And Earn A Date?
Video: Tinder Hacks | How I got 14 Dates In 4 Hours 2023, November

Tinder is the titan of online dating. The app is used by guys and girls all over the world. They are looking for love for life, love is not quite for life, just flirting and attention, caressing self-esteem and much, much more.

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1 11 secrets to help you

Why do some things go like clockwork, while others after a week delete the application and snort contemptuously when they hear mention of it? Why do some online searches bring love, adventure and just good sex, while others are disappointed, longing and wanting to empty the nearest liquor store?

It's just that some know secret passages and working diagrams, while others just lie on the couch and wait for hot guys and girls to fall from the sky on them.

Isn't it time to go to the camp of the first?

11 secrets to help you11

Remember the pitfalls

They are greeted by clothes

No one has time to figure out how rich your inner world is. Your ability to keep up a conversation on any topic and your erudition will play a good service only after you start a dialogue. Now, all you have is your profile.

An interesting but not tedious description and high-quality cool photos are your main weapon. Didn't have time to interest, catch and stop the eyes of a potential interlocutor? Adios! You've already been kicked out.

A common mistake of Tinder users is to roll up a list of requirements for a future partner in the profile description and not say a word about yourself. Put yourself in the place of the person who got your profile - zero information about yourself, a wagon and a small cart of requirements for a stranger. Attractive?

Not at all.

You can meet anyone

In the vastness of Tinder or any other dating app, you can meet your family members, neighbors, colleagues and anyone else. But is it worth making a problem out of this?

Some guys and girls, fearing that their acquaintances will see them, do not post their own photos and do not write anything in the bio section. Thus, depriving yourself of the chance of success. Is it worth it?

Well, they will see you in this application and so what? What a nightmare, you arrange your personal life and communicate with people! Shame and disgrace! I suppose you also have sex at night?

not who he seems
not who he seems

Fu, vile libertine!

PS If a person came across your profile in Tinder and decided to play a trick on you, ask a counter question: "Okay, what have you forgotten there yourself?"

Scared to go offline

You get used to online communication. It's easier to "swipe" and "patch" than to walk up and chat.

Don't lose your real communication skills. Do you see a cool guy or an attractive girl? There is no need to try to find him / her in the vastness of the virtual space. Come and meet.

Dating apps are awesome. But if real communication skills are poor, what is the point?


Mutual likes and attention from hot guys and girls are nice. So much so that the brain is literally bathed in happiness hormones. And now communication and relationships as such do not cause much interest. What for? Too much effort and effort. I’ll continue to indulge my self-esteem while sitting on the dopamine needle of approval.

addiction to likes
addiction to likes

Stop and ask yourself a couple of questions. Why are you wasting your time swiping right and left? For what? To find a relationship? Or brighten up lonely evenings with a dozen correspondences that lead nowhere?

Disappointments are inevitable

Perhaps this is especially true for girls who are just beginning their acquaintance with such applications. They hope to find love and find the perfect partner in a couple of clicks. And as a result, they stumble upon interlocutors, to put it mildly, dubious - instead of intimate conversations, they shower the girl with vulgar jokes and photos of members.

Tinder and rose-colored glasses are incompatible things. You may or may not be lucky. Someone finds love in a couple of hours, without leaving home, and someone in six months, having removed more than one pair of shoes and running on dozens of dates a week. The main thing is to try, seek, and abandon high expectations.

Tune in to the positive

Tinder has many advantages. Namely:

There are many fish in the sea

In one evening you can flip through dozens of profiles. Agree on a couple of three dates. And all this without leaving your home.

date pop art
date pop art

It's fun

Seriously. When you meet on Tinder, you run into a ton of different people. Among them there will be intellectuals, and perverts, and absolutely inadequate, and very interesting personalities. These are all rewarding experiences.

The focus of beauty

There are a lot of beautiful people in Tinder. Of course, there are also fakes. Nevertheless, sometimes it seems that when registering, users go through a special selection. The vastness of this application is inhabited by beauties and beauties with gorgeous bodies and amazing descriptions. By the way, celebrities use Tinder too!

A completely new social circle

You can meet people of any age and social status. Here you are sitting at home all night long with a laptop hot from watching TV series on your knees, and somewhere nearby is walking a perfectly suitable person with whom you would never have been able to get to know live. And then - bam! - and you are spotted.

acquaintance pop art
acquaintance pop art

It works

Online dating is okay. Don't trust the skeptics who say there is nothing to do with dating apps. According to the latest research, about forty percent of Americans today find a match online. Our compatriots are also not lagging behind - in your environment there will certainly be a couple of acquaintances who have found a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend online.

Study everything

Understand how a dating app works - whether it's Tinder or something else. You can install several applications on your smartphone and ultimately choose the one that will satisfy you in all respects.

Show initiative

Applies to both girls and boys. Write a message and wait for a response. The interlocutor does not answer at all? Move on. Does he answer sparingly and somehow reluctantly? Move on. There are still many fish in the sea, remember this.

kiss pop art
kiss pop art


Upload at least three high quality images. An abundance of photoshop and filters are not welcome. Pay special attention to the background of the photos.

Choose the pictures in which you look at the camera and smile. Do you play sports or do you like to travel? It will do!

Separate tip for girls: sexy selfies are cool. Be sure to add them. But you don't need to rely only on this.

Avoid cliches

"How are you?" and what are you doing?" does not work. And the phrase "tell about yourself" drives many into a stupor. Start a conversation by discussing any fact that the interlocutor mentioned in the section "about himself". Praise the photo, compliment a guy or a girl, touch the dog in the photo, etc.

selfie pop art
selfie pop art

The more boring and clichéd the first message, the higher the risk that you won't make it to the first date.

Less questions

It seems to us that bombardment with questions will help us get to know a person better. This is not true. The correspondence turns into interrogation with passion. And the questions are often very boring and trivial.

Catch a tricky move - talk about what impression a person makes on you. Not “Do you like to read books? What's your favorite book? Do you read a lot? " a “You give the impression of a well-read person. It seems to me that you read a lot and can talk on a variety of topics."

Get to the point

If simple communication does not interest you, do not delay with the offer to meet. Are you a girl and embarrassed to take the first step? Give the guy hints. Say you want to meet and talk live.

The sooner you meet, the better. No matter how successful your communication is, you will not be able to understand whether a person is right for you or not until you talk to him personally. Is a friend he (a) rude to the waiters and is it hard to be with him (her) for more than five minutes? Or will you meet and you will realize that you have no physical attraction to this person? You can't figure it out online.


Playing "ignore" at the very first stages of acquaintance is a dangerous strategy. The person is not yet interested in you and can easily switch to another, more active interlocutor.

You don't need to sit by the phone and respond to every message with lightning speed. Mind your own business and don't overestimate the importance of this whole online event.

Message volume

To respond with huge footcloths to the text on stingy messages in two words is a losing move. Are you even sure that the interlocutor reads your messages to the end?

heart and couple drawing
heart and couple drawing

If a guy or a girl writes you big and thoughtful messages, and you answer reluctantly, you may simply be "lost". "He (she) does not like me, so why am I crucifying here?"

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

Empty and boring dialogues await you. Correspondences that end at the most interesting place for unknown reasons. Bitter disappointment when a person with an interesting profile turns out to be an absolutely uninteresting dummy. You just need to come to terms with this. Be that as it may, you get a rewarding experience - that's what matters. Even if nothing works out with Tinder, you will improve your flirting skills and understand what kind of partner you are looking for.

Go for it!