How To Charm A Guy On A Date: 13 Ways That Work

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How To Charm A Guy On A Date: 13 Ways That Work
How To Charm A Guy On A Date: 13 Ways That Work

Video: How To Charm A Guy On A Date: 13 Ways That Work

Video: How To Charm A Guy On A Date: 13 Ways That Work
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girl in red dress polka dots
girl in red dress polka dots

Oscar Wilde said that there are no good and bad people. They are either charming or boring.

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1 How to charm a guy?

Mr. Wilde said a lot of interesting things, and there is definitely something in this saying.

We all know such girls who, as soon as they appear in a new company, immediately captivate everyone and grab everyone's attention. The ability to charm people is an extremely useful skill. And he will help you conquer the guy who occupies all your thoughts.

How to charm a guy? What to say, how to speak and how to behave?


How to charm a guy? I

Interest in others

These charming personalities, who know how to instantly win over anyone, have a very interesting quality - they are interested not only in themselves. Take an interest in this guy and be just as friendly with your mutual friends and acquaintances.

This is especially true for girls who love to chat so much that sometimes they forget to listen to the interlocutor. Okay, maybe you're just worried and you're actually very interested in this guy. But he hardly knows how to read minds. If you can't stop chatting, turn it into a joke: “Sorry, I got a little carried away. In fact, sometimes I shut up. It's time to listen to you a little."

Act like you are already friends

Within reason, of course. It will work not only with this guy, but others as well. Find in the person what you like about him and focus on that. You will relax, it will be more comfortable for you to be near this person. The smile will be natural and you can charm anyone.

couple smiling
couple smiling

When dealing with this guy, be friendly. Communicate with him calmly on any topic.

Of course, a little flirting doesn't hurt. It will be the icing on the cake.

Call him by name

Addressing a person by name really does have a magical psychological effect. It's nice, especially if you just met. Remember that feeling when a new acquaintance calls you by your name - “Hmm, did he really remember my name? Plus a hundred points to Gryffindor!"

The main thing is not to confuse. Better to clarify his name and show the guy that you are interested in him than to call him by a false name for half the evening and put you both in a stupid position.

Share, don't boast

There is a fine line between "mystery" and "can she talk at all?"

Answer questions, tell funny stories from life. In short, let the guy get to know you better.

Your stories about yourself should be disposed, so you should not brag and show the guy in every possible way how lucky he is to communicate with a royal person like you.

Only you decide how open you want to be. But do not be afraid to seem ridiculous - the ability to make fun of yourself will always be valuable.

Man and woman
Man and woman


It is difficult to charm a person who is afraid to approach you. Smile when you talk to this guy. Try to relax and really enjoy your conversation. Then the smile will turn out not strained, but sincere.

It is not for nothing that many experts advise to literally force yourself to smile in order to trick the brain: “So, guys, she smiles. Apparently, we are doing well. Let's relax. Smile and wave.


If you already know this guy and you know that he will not jump away from you in fright, try to casually touch him. Touch his shoulder, pat his hand, etc.

Watch his reaction - how does his facial expression change, what does his body language say? So you will understand whether it is worth continuing the experiments or not.

guy kissing girl on the neck
guy kissing girl on the neck

Eye contact

If you constantly avoid eye contact, he may think that you are uninterested in him. Or it will blame everything on your shyness, but this quality does not always play into our hands.

Is it hard for you to look even close people in the eyes? It is worth conquering yourself and getting rid of these fears. Trust me, the result is well worth the effort. You will be much more comfortable talking not only with this guy, but with people in general. People will start to listen to you.

In an age of widespread love for gadgets, a person with whom you can talk heart to heart, forgetting about smartphones, is worth its weight in gold.

Sign language

Charming people know how to give their interlocutor the impression that he is the most interesting person in the world. Sign language plays a huge role here.

girl with a man in a suit
girl with a man in a suit

Don't cross your arms. Perhaps even those who are far from psychology know about this trick: "So, she crossed her arms over her chest, it seems that it means that she is closing herself off from me."

You can beautifully throw your hair back and rotate other women's things, most importantly, let the guy know that you are interested in him. If you are simultaneously communicating with someone else, turn from time to time in his direction, engage him in conversation, laugh at his jokes, etc.


Confident people always draw attention to themselves. I want to look at them, I want to communicate with them. Just to get at least a drop of this superpower.

Pay attention to girls who literally radiate self-confidence. It is not necessary to copy their manner of moving and speaking, it is enough to understand the principle.

girl with a guy on a motorcycle
girl with a guy on a motorcycle

Confident girls are never bored with themselves. And in the company they do not sit on the sidelines, but do not try to pull the whole blanket over themselves. They speak softly, calmly and confidently - you want to listen to them.

Learn to create an atmosphere

Charming people are very good at finding an individual approach to each person. This is why some girls charm guys so easily with absolutely no effort. They just know how to create a special pleasant atmosphere around a person.

Give the guy a few compliments, and sincerely ask how his day went. The main thing is sincerity and friendliness.

If a guy shares something personal with you, don't make fun of him, but don't turn into a mommy either. Share your life story and let him know that he is not alone. Just do not invent anything - it will not lead to good.

the guy gave flowers to the girl
the guy gave flowers to the girl

Accept compliments with dignity

A lot of girls have a real problem with this. They just don't know how to accept compliments. As if they are afraid that, accepting the compliment, they immediately sign their own narcissism and arrogance. Nonsense!

If a guy compliments you, don't excuse yourself. Smile and thank. You are pleased, he is pleased, you become more comfortable with each other - everything is in the black!

Listen to him

People who can listen? always adorable. When a guy tells you something, listen carefully and ask questions. React, don't hold back your emotions.

Don't bury your phone. Good listeners don't do that.

smiling girl
smiling girl

Don't gossip

You won't charm this guy if you start complaining about his life, criticizing your (your) friends, etc. Moreover, such people are not credible. Consequently, no one wants to communicate with them on any topic other than the weather.

Why would you even talk about others at all? Talk about each other. In the end, it will take you a lot of time to complete all the points on our list. When will you talk heart to heart, show each other your sense of humor and listening skills if you talk about acquaintances?

PS You were so charming that you conquered, it seems, all the guys in the neighborhood, except him? Remember another, no less wise expression of Oscar Wilde: "Do not love someone who treats you as if you were ordinary."