Love Or Affection: How To Tell One From The Other

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Love Or Affection: How To Tell One From The Other
Love Or Affection: How To Tell One From The Other

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couple holding hands
couple holding hands

Feelings of sympathy, love and affection are very inspiring. They can push a person to great achievements and inspire them for many months. However, love is another matter entirely. She is quiet and calm, and implies a much greater connection with the person than in all other cases. So how do you distinguish love from affection and understand what you really feel for your soul mate?

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  • 2 The main signs of love

The main signs of affection

First of all, my own opinion. Before you do something, you always think about yourself first, and then about your partner. This is one of the clearest signs that there is no love - it's just attachment. In a relationship in which there is love, everything should be built on the basis of dialogue, taking into account the interests of both parties

  • You do not notice his / her flaws at close range. You only accept your soul mate when he / she shows his / her best sides. In situations where things go wrong, you prefer to let things go and step back. Love, on the other hand, implies acceptance of a person with all his flaws and cockroaches, as well as working together to correct them.
  • You don't want to change. In a relationship with attachment, everything revolves around you: you really want change, but you do not want to do anything for this.
  • Too much drama. If any quarrel or disagreement is a tragedy for you, this is a sure sign that you are not ready to compromise and want everything to always be your way. You will always look away and want extreme, adventure and sharp emotions. In a relationship where there is love, everything is always based on dialogue and there is no place for serious resentment.
  • There is no sense of completeness. You seem to be in a relationship, but still something is constantly missing. If the feeling of dissatisfaction haunts constantly - this is another sign that there is no love.

The main signs of love2

Relationships affect all areas of life. Without your half, you can no longer exist, and you only see the future together

kiss of love
kiss of love
  • A lot of passion and bright positive emotions. You always want to be close to your partner, hold his hand, touch, spend as much time together as possible.
  • You are interested in the life of your half. You always ask how you are doing and what your mood is - and not just for the sake of decency, but you are really interested in the answer. You pick up on any fluctuations in your partner's mood on an intuitive level.
  • Love gives inspiration. This wonderful feeling inspires, you are ready (a) to create and move mountains for the sake of a joint future. Attachment implies selfishness, a sense of ownership and baseless jealousy.
  • Love has no expiration date. Attachment wears off over time, turning into a common habit, accompanied by irritation and even disgust. Love has no boundaries and dates - you will want to see your soul mate next to you at any time.
  • Love means support. People who love each other are ready to do anything for each other. They write books and make films based on their stories, but for them there is nothing but their other half.
the devil tempts the girl
the devil tempts the girl
  • Love is the fear of losing a person. No matter what trusting relationship is, he will always be present, because no one can be responsible for the actions of a partner, except himself. If you cannot imagine life without your soul mate and are afraid of losing it, this is for sure true love.
  • You are ready to go for a partner to the ends of the world. Love has no plan, it doesn't happen on schedule. Sometimes life draws us amazing patterns, and tomorrow will never be the same as yesterday. People who love each other are always on the same wavelength and move along the same trajectory.
  • You feel safe next to each other. You understand that you can survive any storm with your soul mate - and it really is. Love can open any door and protect you from any adversity. In the case of affection, everyone relies on himself.

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