What Is Passion And Is It Possible To Exist Without It?

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What Is Passion And Is It Possible To Exist Without It?
What Is Passion And Is It Possible To Exist Without It?

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girl and man hug
girl and man hug

Powerful, sweeping away everything in its path, suffocating and filling with "second wind" at the same time, throwing into the abyss and lifting into transcendental distances. What feeling are we talking about? When this description was offered by 3,000 people, 90% responded shortly: "This is passion."

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  • 1 Life without passion: why?
  • 2 Passion vs love
  • 3 Passion and then love. Or not?
  • 4 On a short leash
  • 5 Two banks of one river

Life without passion: why? I

Initially, passion is based on physical attraction. She really has a destructive power, and many are afraid of this feeling. I must say that it is not unreasonable. But psychologists unanimously argue that passion is not dangerous, especially if you correctly understand and, most importantly, accept what is happening. Therefore, it is rather foolish to avoid this terribly beautiful feeling.

This concerns women in the first place. And all because of the stupid stereotypes that have been imposed by moral phages for centuries, supposedly modesty, piety and other crap, are indicators of female virtue. And what is the result? You can't argue against nature. And the poor fellows were stunned by the storm of feelings that happened to almost everyone.

Incredibly, without passion, life is insipid, empty, emotionally poor. You can't suppress your sexuality. There is nothing vulgar, vulgar, dirty in it. You need to be bolder and open up for your loved one. Only then will it be possible to feel complete unity, fusion, dissolution in each cell of your half.

There is only one pitfall in this beautiful feeling - it's love. Many people confuse these two completely different phenomena. And the difference between them is huge.

Passion vs love_vs

It's pretty easy to tell the difference between passion and love. It lies on the surface. You can madly love each other, completely sincerely and recklessly. Stay faithful and live your whole life together. But passion in these relationships may not be from the word "absolutely". Such a couple lives measuredly and calmly, they are not shaken by emotions, they have everything laid out on the shelves. It's sad, however …


What is the threat of lack of passion? The simplest thing is treason. But how can you change when you love? Yes, easily. Love is an emotion of the soul. Passion is an emotion of the body. Fate can easily turn so that a person appears on the path of life who will kindle this fire. And then what? And then everything … Peace of mind will leave the chat …

In such a situation, passion brings trouble. A person, fully confident that true love has come, abandons his old life for a new relationship. But, passion tends to fade as quickly as it flares up. And the realization of an irreparable mistake comes.

Second situation. The two have been together for quite a long time. Their romance is stormy, emotions are all the same bright as at first. The body readily responds to any caress, "butterflies in the stomach" will not calm down, but there was no spiritual intimacy, and no. In such a relationship, you can live for a very long time, create a family, endlessly return to the "former".

passionate girl
passionate girl

And here passion has an awesome bonus: where this feeling is present, there are practically no betrayals. Why go “to the left”, if everything is mind-blowing. The body is completely satisfied, there is no emotional hunger, the absence of love is absolutely imperceptible.

Passion and then love. Or not? 2

Why, then, does passion rarely develop into love? It's all about the emotional isolation of people. Faced with passion, people get scared. They are afraid to surrender to the feeling completely, afraid to allow themselves too much. Feeling seems uncontrollable to them.

This thing is especially familiar to lovers. At first, they simply reach out to each other, skillfully hiding their feelings from others. Then they get tired. Some break up, while others do not care so much that they easily advertise their relationship, despite the danger of being exposed. Passion will always emerge victorious from such fights.

couple bw photo
couple bw photo

What if you try a different scenario? Should this feeling be used as a springboard? Passion gives everyone a unique opportunity to understand themselves. Why not try, in this case, to bring the relationship to a new level? If you connect a partner to this process, the result can be overwhelming: love will flare up from passion.

On a short leash3

Any of us should be able to control our emotions. This skill speaks of wisdom, of the awareness of the individual. But passion rarely lends itself to training. Rather, it subjugates a person completely. The person becomes addicted to this drug. But passion can be curbed, made your ally.

When we have certain feelings for a person, we can transform them as we need them. Passion can often be a springboard. For example, there is he and she. The physical attraction is deafening, the sex is enchanting, the body odor is maddening.

Why not create a social unit? If at least one in a couple realizes this, then he can bring the relationship to a new level:

passion in pair
passion in pair
  • Rapprochement. "How much closer?" - you will say. You need emotional closeness. Add warmth, more tenderness during periods when there is no sex. Show participation and concern in your daily life.
  • Heart-to-heart conversations. Start intimate conversations. Do not immediately head on: "I want 5 children from you!" Talk about the secret. It is best to roll in conversations about complexes and fears. These inner experiences are not considered a special secret, but they are able to reveal a person and bring him closer.
  • Ritual. Make it a rule to do something that will bond you to each other. If you don't live together and meet a couple of times a week, make it a rule to say hello and wish you sweet dreams every day. People quickly get used to such things and start to get bored when silence sets in.
passion in pair
passion in pair

Don't solve problems with sex. Apart from relaxation and a feeling of devastation, nothing else will happen. It is better to mobilize all forces, call on your partner for help and start solving the troubles that have arisen

Two banks of one river4

Passion and love are the same and different at the same time. It is difficult to define their opposite, but it is also difficult to assess their relationship. Passion, like love, comes and goes. These two feelings arise completely on their own. But passion can give birth to love. It is a pity that the reverse process is impossible.

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