100 Examples Of Beautiful SMS For A Girl For All Occasions

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100 Examples Of Beautiful SMS For A Girl For All Occasions
100 Examples Of Beautiful SMS For A Girl For All Occasions

Video: 100 Examples Of Beautiful SMS For A Girl For All Occasions

Video: 100 Examples Of Beautiful SMS For A Girl For All Occasions
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the girl received a beautiful SMS
the girl received a beautiful SMS

Write messages that are pleasant to read (and which she will then proudly forward to her friends).

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  • I cannot sleep because I remember tonight.
  • Messages from you are the best way to start your day.
  • I want to hug you right now.
  • The thought of meeting you gives me strength and helps me to live this day.
  • I would really like you to be next to me now.
  • There is a beautiful view from the window. It's so sad to admire it without you.
  • Thank you for having you.
  • You know how to find the right words like no other.
  • You changed my life 180 degrees.
  • Everything makes sense with you.
  • I don't remember much of tonight because I looked at you spellbound.
  • The days are endless without you.
  • I want to see you.
the girl is pleased
the girl is pleased
  • What would you like to do if I was around?
  • You motivate me to get better and achieve more.
  • You are my best medicine and my main antidepressant.
  • When I tell someone that you are my girlfriend, I am filled with pride.
  • Sometimes I look at you and I can't believe that you are mine.
  • The day when I first saw you will forever remain in my memory.
  • It seems to me that a life spent with you cannot be boring.
  • If we are together, our life will be filled with adventure and happy events. I will do everything for this.
  • You mean so much to me that words fail me.
  • You cannot be described in two words. You are too versatile.
  • There is something in you that cannot be described in words. But it is this “something” that makes me think of you all the time.
girls blow a kiss
girls blow a kiss
  • Thank you for your care, love and tenderness. I really appreciate it all.
  • I've never met a person who has so much love for the world.
  • What I love about you is that you cannot be led astray. Other people's opinions do not bother you, and stereotypes and prejudices are just an empty phrase for you. You are amazing.
  • Apparently in a past life I was a very good person, since in this one I got you.
  • I want to visit with you all the most romantic places on the planet.
  • I want to protect and protect you.
  • When I am with you, I live in the moment and enjoy every minute.
  • Thinking about you helps me get out of bed in the morning.
  • I wanted to find something for tea, but I couldn't find anything sweeter than you.
  • With you I can talk about everything in the world.
  • I do not see the shortcomings in you that you are talking about. For me you are perfect, you can not try to convince me.
girl shocked by the message
girl shocked by the message
  • How do you manage to become more and more beautiful?
  • With you I can be myself. This is great happiness.
  • They write novels and make films about women like you.
  • If I were a musician, I would dedicate all my songs to you.
  • I love that you don't pretend to be what you are not.
  • You are so sensual and sexy.
  • My phone is full of your photos.
  • I love everything about you.
  • You make my life fulfilling and me happy.
  • There is no more empty space in my heart. You took up all the space.
  • I don't believe in the soul mate and soul mate theories. But I believe that we complement each other perfectly. I believe that we can build a happy relationship and give each other amazing memories.
  • The room smells of your perfume. The best scent ever.
  • I think about my future. It's hazy and a little scary. But there is you in it.
girl with hearts
girl with hearts
  • You are the best part of me.
  • Describe your dream date for me and I will do everything to make it a reality.
  • I want to fall asleep and wake up with you.
  • When you are next to me, nothing is impossible for me.
  • Everything I went through was worth meeting you.
  • All of your friends are extremely lucky. You still need to look for such a funny, intelligent and caring friend.
  • Whenever something good or bad happens to me, I want to share it with the person closest to me. With you.
  • Not everyone manages to meet a girl who would be not only a beloved woman, but also a loyal friend. But I succeeded.
  • Thank you for believing in me.
  • This day would be even better if you were there.
  • Today I had a dream with you. I didn't want to wake up at all.
  • I look forward to our meeting and cannot stop smiling. People are already starting to look at me strangely.
girls waiting for a message on the phone
girls waiting for a message on the phone
  • Was in a terrible mood today. Then I remembered that I would soon see you. Life immediately took on colors.
  • I wake up thinking about you. I fall asleep with them. Nothing changes.
  • If I were going to rob a bank, I would take you as a partner. You are smart, cleverly improvise and you can find a way out in any situation - with you we would have succeeded.
  • I have never met a person who could enjoy life as much as you do. This is inspiring.
  • Whatever you dream of, you will achieve everything. I really believe in it.
  • It is a pity that we did not see each other today. Will you come to me in a dream?
  • How's the most beautiful girl in the world doing?
  • I am ready to exchange eight hours of sleep for night correspondence with you.
  • I love you. And more and more every day. Good night.
  • It's hard to think about work and other boring things when you are in my head.
girls blush
girls blush
  • Nothing cheers me up like notifications of your messages.
  • You are the only person whose Instagram Story I don't scroll through.
  • I have never smiled so much in my entire life as in those days (weeks / months) that we are together.
  • Looking forward to our meeting more than the weekend.
  • Reviewing your photos. Hope to see you live soon.
  • This song reminds me of our first date. Listen to her with me.
  • My phone is now completely discharged, but I could not help but text you that I miss you.
  • What would you like to eat right now? I am ready to arrange courier delivery.
  • I want to steal you this weekend. How do you like the idea?
  • I am ready to talk to you for hours. You can really keep up a conversation on any topic.
  • Making a playlist for our date. Any ideas?
  • All I want now is to have you by my side.
girls read sms
girls read sms
  • I hate to admit it, but I stare at the phone and wait for your messages like an idiot.
  • I like you more than you can imagine.
  • Imagine that I am a genie, ready to fulfill your three wishes. What are you going to guess?
  • I saw your new photo. More beautiful and hotter than usual. And I still haven't moved away from the previous one.
  • It was a terrible, just disgusting day. And then I got a message from you. And now I am already happy.
  • You, me, pizza and (name of her favorite movie). Eight in the evening. Going?
  • I admire you. Your appearance, mind, sense of humor, attitude to life. You surprise me every day.
  • Yes, I like strong women. People like you.
  • You are so charismatic.
  • All my happiest memories are with you.
  • You are amazing. Remember this.
  • I don’t fight boredom in any way. After you came into my life, I no longer have this problem.
brunette with phone
brunette with phone
  • I look back and understand that life without you was insipid and dull.
  • You catch and carry you along.
  • People like you are changing our world for the better.
  • You are stronger than you think. I believe in you. You can all.
  • You have such an infectious laugh. It instantly cheers me up. Therefore, I always make you laugh.
  • Men like you do not forget.

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