Ten Signs That Tell You You're In Love With A Guy

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Ten Signs That Tell You You're In Love With A Guy
Ten Signs That Tell You You're In Love With A Guy

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girl surprised
girl surprised

Falling in love is a wonderful feeling. It inspires and makes you look at things from a completely different angle. However, often the girl herself cannot understand whether she really fell in love or has completely different feelings for the guy.

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1 The main symptoms of love

There is no system here - you can fall in love with a person who absolutely does not match your type, and all the girlfriends will unanimously tweet “what did you find in him? But in the case of relationships, you always need to listen to your own feelings - and we will help you understand how to do it right.

There are several physical signs that can help determine one hundred percent sympathy for a person. The main ones are:

  • Heart palpitations in his presence;
  • Increased sweating;
  • Unreasonable shyness in his presence.
  • However, one cannot judge only on these grounds. The most important thing is what's going on in your head.

The main symptoms of love

You are constantly looking for an excuse to see him. When he is next to you, you are shy and embarrassed, you cannot get two words out of you. He will leave, and after half an hour your head will again be occupied only with thoughts of how to meet him again as soon as possible

  • Unreasonably good mood. Optimism is, of course, good, but falling in love is accompanied by completely different sensations, and these are rose-colored glasses. From the very morning you are in a great mood, various problems go into the background, people are much less enraged, and in general - life is wonderful. Sound familiar? You wake up much earlier, you are cheerful all the time and you have a lot of energy. You want to put on combat makeup and put on the best outfits even for no reason. This is all great, but it cannot continue indefinitely if the object of love does not notice your efforts.
  • You are jealous of him. You still don’t really know each other, and at best you managed to say a couple of phrases, and you already managed to mentally dissect that cute blonde with whom he talks all evening. If this happens - take your feet in your hands and quickly fight for your potential man!
  • It doesn't get out of your head. You cannot concentrate on anything, you become distracted and lost. His image pops up in your thoughts every minute.
girl flirting on the phone
girl flirting on the phone
  • You don't feel like eating at all. This is due to a physiological feature - during falling in love, an active release of a hormone that blocks the feeling of hunger occurs. Here it is straightforward to combine business with pleasure: to be in love with that cool guy, and finally to throw off those unfortunate couple of kilograms that have not been reached for a long time.
  • You romanticize his image and everything he does. Even if he is a real bully and touchy, it will seem incredibly nice to you. Your brain flatly refuses to notice all its flaws and sees only its merits.
  • When he touches you, you experience a storm of emotions. This is the first sign of strong love. You will scroll this touch in your head a hundred times a day and smile, completely oblivious to those around you.
  • You want to work on yourself. You start to be active much more than before, to do more, eat less, dress neatly and carefully select the image. Your brain is on alert, because at any moment that fateful meeting with him may occur, which will simply knock him off his feet.
fingers with a heart
fingers with a heart
  • You want more. A lot of couples meet without falling in love - this can be an ordinary sympathy. But if you are close to a person, ready to accept all his pros and cons, he does not annoy you even from time to time, and you do not face an “emotional swing” from love to hate - you will definitely want development.
  • You pay attention to the little things. Sympathy is a feeling that helps to simply positively perceive the collective image of a person. But falling in love is completely different. You will notice every little thing in his appearance: from cute dimples on his cheeks and mimic wrinkles in the corners of his eyes to forever sticking out, curly and naughty strands of hair. And for you it will be beautiful, it will attract and delight.

Falling in love is the main thing to recognize in time. We have sympathy very often, but stronger feelings are very rare. Therefore, in the event that you still fell in love and it is mutual, you should not immediately pull the blanket over yourself. Enjoy the company of your loved one and always be ready to give exactly as much as you receive.

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