Cool Phrases For Dating A Guy

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Cool Phrases For Dating A Guy
Cool Phrases For Dating A Guy

Video: Cool Phrases For Dating A Guy

Video: Cool Phrases For Dating A Guy
sex and the city
sex and the city

Brave and active girls do not wait for Fate to deign to lead the Man of Dreams to the threshold. They independently arrange their personal life and take the situation into their tender hands. Having found an object of adoration nearby, the girls come up and start the first conversation. They always have an arsenal of phrases for meeting a guy for a variety of situations.

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  • 1 On a social network
  • 2 In the park
  • 3 At work
  • 4 In the hotel
  • 5 In the supermarket (mall)
  • 6 In the gym
  • 7 In a cafe

On the social network

The social network is a great place to meet. Girls quite often, without waiting for signs of attention from the guys, write to them themselves.

  • Hello! It seems we are subscribed to the same public.
  • Hi, I clicked #sochi, and I was thrown to your page. Worth noting, fortunately!
  • Sorry, but I'm tired of watching you silently.
  • Looking through your profile, I got a desire to cook borscht!
  • There aren't many guys to look out for here. But you just impressed me!
  • Do you mind if I do not quietly like, but write to you?
  • You look pretty presentable. This is the guy I was looking for.
  • I propose an equivalent exchange - you give me all your free time, and I enjoy your conversation.
  • I'm too humble to write first. And she's too upset that I still have to do it.
  • Is this your real name or a well-chosen nickname?
  • Hi, I saw your profile 5 minutes ago. Sorry, I could not remain silent.
  • I think I have every chance of meeting a nice guy. Is that so?
  • It's strange that you have not been kidnapped from this site yet.
  • I looked at your photos and forgot what I wanted to write.
  • A brutal, handsome, educated and completely unfamiliar guy. You have to deal with this.
  • I would like to appear in your news feed as often as possible.
  • Mind if I take up all your free time?
  • What key should you press to automatically make friends with such a nice young man?
  • It cannot be that such a guy is actively searching.
  • How about chatting with a girl you are very interested in?
girl with phone
girl with phone

In the park2

A common situation: you notice a nice guy in the park and you get stuck. The thought flashes that it is urgent to take measures for acquaintance. What phrases are needed in such a situation? Catch a few good ideas:

  • Hello! I really wanted to meet you, do you mind?
  • Sorry, this is my first time in this city and I don't know anyone here. Will you keep me company?
  • Hello! Do you believe that all accidents are not accidental?
  • And where does such a handsome man come from in our area!
  • Young man, will you treat the girl with cotton candy?
  • Hi, I really want to ride that carousel, but alas, I'm afraid. Would you like to keep company?
  • Today even the weather is conducive to pleasant acquaintances.
  • Hello! I also run here every morning. What's your name?
  • Hi, is it hard to keep your body in such athletic form?
  • It's not my policy to talk to strangers on the street. Therefore, let's get acquainted!
girl with phone
girl with phone
  • I hate to sound weird, but it seems we would look great together.
  • Hi, I've been watching you for a long time. Do you like to walk alone?
  • I'm scared here alone. Could you fool me?
  • Hi, this is my first time here. And, it seems, she managed to get lost.
  • My favorite song is coming from your headphones. Coincidence?
  • There are so many people around, but your smile haunts me.
  • Mind if I sit down next to a nice guy?
  • Do you know what this park is known for? He connects hearts!
  • Young man, weren't you looking for me in the crowd?
  • Today is an unusual day. Tell me why?
  • Well, everything, it seems, my search for the perfect guy was crowned with success!
  • Can you help with choosing an attraction?

You look at me so that I could not resist and came closer

don't joke with the zohan
don't joke with the zohan
  • Sorry, can you tell me how to get to the library (any place), what is your name and why are you walking alone?
  • Young man, we just got into an argument with a friend. She does not believe that we will meet you and you will give your number.
  • May I ask one question? How do you feel about girls who are the first to meet guys on the street?
  • I don’t understand why we haven’t met before!
  • Oh, it can't be! I saw you in my dream today …
  • Can you tell me what time it is?
  • Hello! Sorry to distract, but I have no one to go to the cinema with … My friend didn’t come, and now I miss one.
  • Have we met you anywhere before?
  • I was told that a funky guy is waiting for me in the park, is it by chance you?
  • Do you often walk in this park? Then I will come here all the time!
midnight in Paris
midnight in Paris
  • Never in my life have I been so fascinated! Who are you?
  • I will not beat around the bush. We need to get to know each other and go on a date together.
  • What a cute dog? What's his name? And the owner?
  • Do you believe in Destiny? As a child, my grandmother told me that today I will meet the handsome Prince.
  • Sorry, do you have half an hour? Take a walk in the park with me!

At work3

  • Every morning I rush to work with great joy. Guess why?
  • I'm new, I hardly know anyone. Can you explain to me what's what? (You are new, you hardly know anyone. Do you want me to explain what's what?)
  • I suggest that we meet together at lunchtime and have a cup of tea. I have delicious pies!
  • Will you take me home after work?
mike and rachel
mike and rachel
  • Sorry, but I don’t think there’s something wrong with your tie.
  • Hello! Are you our new intern?
  • Can you tell me how to get to the chief's office, bypassing the “underwater reefs” of the office?
  • It's strange, I have been working here for a whole week, and this is the first time I've seen such a nice guy.
  • Hi, I'm new to this company. Please remind me of your name.
  • With your appearance, the air conditioner in the office should be turned on at full capacity.
  • You know, there is something attractive about you!
  • Could you please leave my desk. Looking into your eyes, I cannot concentrate on my work.
  • Shall we meet or wait for the next corporate party?
  • Oh, is it not with you that I was on the phone?
  • Can you help with the annual report?
  • You are so strong. What's your name?
Film proposal
Film proposal
  • I brew the most delicious coffee in this office. Do not believe?
  • Young man, are you here by chance and came to pick me up?
  • Will you give me a lift after work?
  • Hello! We were interviewing you a couple of days ago?
  • Can you help me with the archive? I've been looking for a folder with your name for an hour.
  • Hello! What are you doing after work?
  • If you were my boss, I would never be late!
  • The working day has just begun, and my thoughts are already occupied by others.

In hotel4

  • Hello! I live in the next room. By the way, I'm Olya.
  • Do you think it's very boring here in the evenings?
  • Your scent is still in the hall.
  • Let's be friends with numbers?
  • Are you here for the first time? I also!
  • Hello! So are we going to exchange glances?
  • Staying here long?
  • Would you mind chatting over a cup of coffee?
  • Hi, I'm terribly lonely here. Let's get acquainted!
  • It's more fun to be bored together!
  • I accidentally noticed you and could not pass by.
  • Are you the main ringleader here? Anyway, he turned me on.
  • You look a lot like my ex. Fate gives me a second chance!
  • I noticed that you were looking at me.
  • Can you tell me what you can do here in the evening?
  • Why is such a cute guy frowning all the time?
  • You speak Russian? What a coincidence, me too!
  • My time here is coming to an end, and we are still strangers.
acquaintance at the hotel
acquaintance at the hotel
  • Great hotel, don't you think?
  • Didn't you hear anything yesterday? I mentally invited you to visit me!

In a supermarket (shopping center) 5

  • Oh, but these dumplings I would never take.
  • Young man, could you give me a lift? I really need to get to that top shelf.
  • Well, wow, but the supermarket did not warn about the bonus in the form of muscular customers!
  • No time to explain, just run!
  • Can I bite your apple? What if it's juicier?
  • Looking into your bottomless eyes, I forgot why I came here.
  • Young man, don't you mind that a beautiful girl is standing behind? (at the checkout)
  • This manufacturer has excellent pasta. If you have a couple of minutes, then I will gladly and in great confidence tell you the signature recipe.
  • Young man, are you squinting at the price tag or flirting with me?
500 days of summer stills from the film
500 days of summer stills from the film
  • Wow! Do you want me to help you eat all this?
  • Can you tell me where the groceries are and the way to your heart?
  • Excuse me, what kind of coffee do you prefer?
  • There is an incredible promotion for wine and dark chocolate here today. I’m not hinting at anything, but …
  • Hi, do you know how to sneak this past the cash register unnoticed? (pointing to a full cart)
  • Can I take your glasses for a couple of minutes?
  • I bet I can teach any bachelor to understand vegetables in no time?
  • Could you help me figure out the fruits and plans for the evening?
  • I am wildly sorry, but they took what I came for!
  • Is it true that men love dumplings? Well, fine! (Biting off a chocolate bar)
  • Hello! Did you find out? Not? Well, then let's get acquainted!
film means war
film means war


  • Young man, help me adjust the treadmill …
  • Hello! I'm a little uncomfortable, the first time I go to the guy myself. May I meet you?
  • Hi, I'm Masha. I see you here often, so I decided to meet you. Do not mind?
  • Hello! You look good. Can you show me a couple of back exercises?
  • Hello! Sorry, I don't want to distract, but I really need your help with this simulator.
  • Hello! I wanted to know if you do not train? You would help me a lot.
  • Won't you support my legs while I work my abs?
  • I'm new here, can you help me with the simulator?
Life, or something like that movie
Life, or something like that movie
  • You are so tough!
  • Show me one more time how you do it!
  • Can you help adjust the speed on the treadmill?
  • Will you do push-ups just as easily with me on your shoulders?
  • We bet you have no equal in this exercise?
  • Could you back me up?
  • It seems that you were the one I saw recently in an advertisement.
  • Will you treat a pretty girl with a cocktail?
  • Do you often train here alone?
  • Hello! Are you a coach or just a guy in perfect physical shape?
  • Do you think I'm doing everything right?
  • Looking at you, I understood what motivation is!
  • Is everyone here so beautiful?
  • Could you teach me to do the same?
meeting at the gym
meeting at the gym
  • Only a man with iron willpower could achieve such results.
  • I wonder if your name is as amazing as yourself?
  • Great sneakers! Where did you buy it?
  • Could you handle an evening run after a workout?
  • I saw you and bought a subscription to this hall.
  • I've never seen a more prominent body. Can I touch it?
  • This is my first time in this gym. Help, adapt …

In a cafe7

  • One is so bored. Mind if I sit down?
  • Hello! I wonder whose coffee is more aromatic?
  • I wish I could get to know you better. By the way, I'm Nastya.
  • I don’t know anything about desserts. Can you help me decide?
  • Did you know that if you watch for a very long time, you will eventually have to meet?
  • Nice establishment and nice customers!
  • Listening to pleasant music at a table with a handsome man - what could be better.
meeting in a cafe
meeting in a cafe
  • Would you mind a little request for a pretty girl?
  • Rumor has it that the most delicious rolls are prepared here. I agree?
  • Young man, would you mind choosing a cocktail?
  • How do you look at posting a joint selfie in this cafe right now?
  • Oh, can I sit here next to you? Don't get up, don't get up.
  • Do you think that if we do not meet now, fate will give us another chance?
  • You don't have to say anything, just listen and nod.
  • I wonder how difficult it is to meet a guy like you?
  • I spend every weekend in this cafe, but I saw you for the first time.
  • If we run away now without paying, how soon will they find us?
  • Sorry, but this is my favorite table. What do we do?
  • Your eyes melted my ice cream and my heart.
  • Do girls often sit down with you in order to meet?
meeting in a cafe
meeting in a cafe
  • Hello! I'm recently in the city. I do not know if it is customary here to get acquainted first. My name is Masha. And you?
  • Hello! Not a distraction? … Can I join you?
  • Hello, sorry for the indiscreet question, do you have a girlfriend?
  • Hello! I'd be glad to keep you company if you don't mind. I am Olya.
  • It seems to me, or I saw you in … Hello, by the way!

A girl, inspired by outbreak of feelings for a guy, will definitely find phrases to speak to the object of attention. The main thing is not to get lost, not to be afraid, arm yourself with phrases to meet guys and - to act! You will succeed!