Reuniting With Your Ex Is Bad For Your Health

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Reuniting With Your Ex Is Bad For Your Health
Reuniting With Your Ex Is Bad For Your Health

Video: Reuniting With Your Ex Is Bad For Your Health

Video: Reuniting With Your Ex Is Bad For Your Health
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Can't forget your ex-partner? Are you sure you made a mistake? Ready on your knees to beg your former love for a relationship reunion?

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1 Where does depression grow legs

Hold your horses, buddy!

Read this article first.

Where Do Depression Legs Grow?

A study published in the Journal of Family Relations suggests that the so-called "cyclic relationship", that is, returning to ex-partners after a breakup, leads to an increase in the number of people suffering from anxiety disorders and depression.

“The study suggests that people who regularly part with their partners and then return to them should soberly assess their relationship and understand what is happening with them,” says study co-author Cale Monk.

In order for your reunion to really work out, you must carefully work out the conflicts in the pair.

The study involved about 545 people. A third of them just sin with the games of "parting-reunion-parting".

These same players, as it turned out, suffer from increased stress levels, and there is an abusive taste in their relationships.

By the way, their communication with a partner also leaves much to be desired.

What makes people cling to toxic relationships that make them unhappy? What's the point? There are still many fish in the sea.

Monk says that often people feel sorry for losing relationships that they spent a lot of time and mental energy on. And so they continue to suffer further.

So so excuse, to be honest.

“If your relationship is toxic, break it up and don't feel guilty. Your physical and mental well-being is much more important,”says Monk.

If thoughts of separation come to you after every quarrel, think - is it really that bad, or do you tend to dramatize? Go for a walk, be alone with yourself for a couple of days. Do you keep thinking about parting?

It means that the time has come to translate our plans into reality.

Be guided by your own feelings and do what is best for both of you.