Smart Or Beautiful: Who Will A Man Choose?

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Smart Or Beautiful: Who Will A Man Choose?
Smart Or Beautiful: Who Will A Man Choose?

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two friends

It is widely believed that a woman can be either smart or beautiful. However, there is no scientific background to such a statement. The mind can be developed, beauty can be improved - everything is only in the hands of girls.

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It is worth looking at the question from the point of view of male preferences. Many men's magazines and articles on psychology are full of expressions that a man chooses a beautiful woman for sex, and an intelligent woman for life. So, it turns out that a man can be extremely polygamous and nothing else? This statement is fundamentally wrong.

Which is more profitable to be: beautiful or smarti

Another side of the question is what is more profitable for the woman herself. Taking care of yourself and maintaining beauty takes a lot of time, just like developing the intellect and maintaining a sharp mind. So can't a girl be smart and beautiful at the same time? It is categorically impossible to agree with such a statement. The modern world is full of beautiful, intelligent and successful women who have achieved everything in their lives on their own and are in a strong, long-term marriage.

So where do you start? Still, history remembers much more cases when, when meeting, a woman attracted a man with her beauty, and not with her mind, and this is a fact. Appearance is the first thing, men pay attention to a hundred, and nothing can be done about it. This is due to the peculiarities of male psychology and the whole organism: at the sight of a beautiful woman, the guys have a powerful release of testosterone, which leads to the fact that he begins to crave this beauty, and he is completely indifferent to her intelligence level.

But to keep a man and start a relationship - here you need a remarkable mind and wisdom. Not all women with high IQs have the wisdom to be close to a man and continue to communicate with him so that both are comfortable. Not all girls understand that sometimes it is completely inappropriate to "be smart", and if you try to challenge what he said, especially in the company of other people, this is practically a sentence for a relationship. So the mind is not a panacea, and it does not guarantee a strong relationship at all.

Men's opinion2

Take a look at any men's magazine. On the cover and most of the pages - sultry beauties with a minimum of clothing, captivating with their eyes, long legs, beautiful shapes, silky curls and thick eyelashes. Rarely can you find a photo of a woman in a scientist's suit or dressing gown, under which there will be a list of her scientific achievements.

stupid blonde
stupid blonde

Beauty is a very subjective concept, so you shouldn't rush into redness. If a smart girl goes and does dozens of plastic surgeries to look like the conditional Angelina Jolie, this will not add to the attention of men. Moreover, even if she is successful with men, most likely she will simply be desired, but will not become loved - after all, no one is interested in what is in her soul if she looks as sexy as Marilyn Monroe. It is rather difficult to grasp this fine line, but what is the mind for then?

In order to enjoy success with men, it is enough to be well-groomed and take care of your appearance. A pleasant perfume, slightly tinted lips, a little blush, a neat hairstyle and a laconic image - all this will emphasize the natural, natural charm and natural beauty. And to rush to extremes and go under the knife for the sake of compliance with current beauty standards is not at all necessary.

In conclusion3

The beautiful over the smart have no obvious advantages, as with the opposite look. Every girl will definitely find her soul mate, the main thing is not to make this the goal of life and not to be obsessed with relationships.

girlfriends from the movie
girlfriends from the movie

Men love both beauty and intelligence in women alike. All girls are unique and have their own zest, and often they have nothing to do with their appearance. You need to love yourself for who you are, and just try to emphasize your advantages as much as possible - whether they are in beauty or in the mind.

In general, in order to captivate any man, it is not enough to be even smart and beautiful at the same time. Women's wisdom is the main thing that can work wonders in relationships. And beauty and intelligence are very relative concepts.

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