10 Tips For Kissing A Girl On The Lips For The First Time

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10 Tips For Kissing A Girl On The Lips For The First Time
10 Tips For Kissing A Girl On The Lips For The First Time

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kiss on the lips in the cinema
kiss on the lips in the cinema

So, a new girlfriend and a new relationship is great. We don't know where you are with the previous girl, but this one will have to start from scratch. At first glance, it may seem that the first kiss is nonsense, which is easy to implement. In fact, on your way, there may be many obstacles that can leave a girl not the best impression of you.

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1 What you need to do to kiss a girl for the first time

What you need to do to kiss a girl for the first time

  • The cherished first kiss should happen in private. This is a prerequisite - in the future you will be able to show your feelings in public many times, but the first time you kiss her without witnesses.
  • Create the right atmosphere. Take care of her, show signs of attention, be a gentleman - give her a hand and open the door, help her take off her outerwear and everything in the same spirit. Try to choose the most romantic secluded place as possible - think carefully about where you would like to slay your new companion.
  • Take care of fresh breath. The impression of the first kiss will be remembered for a long time, and it will not be very good if during it the girl tastes the fried chicken wings you ate for lunch. Chewing gum or spray is a good option, but try to keep the girl from seeing it.
  • Step into her comfort zone. Try to be as close to her as possible, do not be ashamed of light touches - touch her hand or straighten a strand of hair that has fallen from her. From her reaction, everything will be clear: if she does not reject such actions, then she is probably already looking forward to when you will finally take the next step.
  • Don't be afraid to compliment. It is of paramount importance to win over a girl to yourself, and nice words addressed to her can help a lot in this. Just do without frank sugary flattery.
  • Do not ask silly questions. If you hear a phrase like “Can I kiss you?”, You will literally see your new lover sinking into the ground with a crash in shame. If you want to do something, take it and do it.
kiss from the movie
kiss from the movie
  • Hint your intentions with a glance. Look at her lips, and if you see that she froze in anticipation - take the situation into your own hands and kiss her. Don't overdo it with the pressure and techniques of the French kiss. The first kiss should be light and relaxed, not too long. Do not try to dissolve your hands - you will definitely come to this, but a little later.
  • Be sure to close your eyes. Even if she is a written beauty, you should not stare too actively at her during a kiss - after it you will have a lot of similar opportunities.
  • Don't express emotions of joy too violently. You are good for catching another cutie in your nets, but you shouldn't rejoice loudly and shout "Hurray". Be calm and discreet.
  • Be sure to watch her reaction. If it seems to you that something went wrong and she gets nervous, just ask the question - “Did I do something wrong? Am I rushing things too much? " In most cases, this helps to clarify the situation.

There are many signs by which you can understand that the girl herself wants to kiss you. If she constantly touches her hair, puts her head on your shoulder or presses against you, smiles at the intersection of gazes, periodically looks at your lips - this is a sure sign that she has long been waiting for you to kiss her.

kiss in the movie
kiss in the movie

There are still many girls today who are against kissing on the first and even the second date. And this is quite normal - she adheres to her moral principles and does not want to seem too approachable, trying to get a better look at you. However, if even on the third or fourth date the cherished kiss did not happen, it is worth considering - maybe she just considers you a friend or sponsor of your joint delicious dinners.

At the same time, you should not rush things. If a girl came on a date with you and didn't run away from him in an hour or an hour and a half, this is not a reason to climb to her with kisses. Always assess the situation soberly and think whether it would be appropriate to try to kiss her right now.

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