Eight Interesting Signs Of A Ladies Man

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Eight Interesting Signs Of A Ladies Man
Eight Interesting Signs Of A Ladies Man

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popular guy among girls
popular guy among girls

For some reason, it is generally accepted that a man who shows respect and attention to women is called henpecked. However, the term "ladies' man" means something completely different: this is a man who wants and loves to court women. The henpecked man does everything from under the stick - he is simply suppressed by a morally stronger woman.

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1 The main signs of a ladies' man

There are several definitions of a ladies man:

  • A man who loves to look after women and is very popular among them.
  • A man who also loves to court women, but does it in a very comical, funny and ridiculous way, which makes him a real hermit.
  • A man who, in an attempt to please a woman, is ready to do whatever she tells him.

However, being a ladies' man is even good for a man. The ability to look after properly helps to instantly fall in love with even the most unapproachable and obstinate girls. And if you do everything right, masculinity and independence will not go anywhere. So what are the characteristics that characterize the ladies' man best?

The main signs of a ladies man

Friendliness. A real ladies' man will smile at any girl - small or large, pretty or not. He makes it clear with all his appearance that any woman is important to him. He will be friendly, polite and courteous, even if she is ugly

  • He will always come to the rescue. If a ladies' man sees that some woman needs help, he will immediately give up all his affairs and help her. His zeal is enough for everyone - if he is in the company of girls, he will be able to pay attention to each and everyone will be happy. At least at first.
  • He is a great listener and vest. In such a role, you can even call him a "girlfriend": he will not interrupt the girl with his stories, but, on the contrary, will try to learn as much as possible about her life. The ladies' man is a real strong shoulder that most women are so eagerly looking for. He will be good in the role of husband, lover, sister and girlfriend - and all this is combined in one person. Very convenient, you will not say anything.
  • He is a master of flirting. He will not stand on the sidelines and watch some other guy chatting with girls. He will break into any party and become her soul. He will not be stingy with compliments, no girl will pass by him unnoticed. He will entertain and amuse, joke, tell funny stories from life and infect others with positive.
a man courting a girl
a man courting a girl
  • Generosity. He will not count every penny and scrupulously examine the check. If necessary, he will pay for others - and then he will not bite every day with the question "when will you give me twenty rubles?" This quality is very attractive to women, because many are looking for a man who does not experience financial difficulties.
  • Uncertainty and intrigue. There is only one ladies' man, and there are a lot of girls around - and it rarely happens that the first time you can make a choice. It would be very stupid if the guy immediately after the party left with one of the girls, disappointing and upsetting one of them. No, he is smart and patient - he will come to this company more than once and will still be her soul, getting to know each of the girls better and only after a while he will make his choice.
  • He is quite secretive and laconic. The ladies' man can chat with the girl as much as he wants on the topics she has proposed, but when it comes to discussing himself, this is taboo. He does not want and will not reveal all his cards ahead of time.
  • A flock of women always revolves around him, but most often he is alone. The saddest thing is that a man cannot change his nature. Yes, he likes to court women, but it is very difficult to remain monogamous. Many women understand this, which provokes scandals in the family and the inevitable break in relations.
popular guy among women
popular guy among women

A lady's man is a real gift for any woman, but you need to have enough wisdom to cope with a person with such a temperament. Nobody does anything just like that, even the ladies' man: he tries to help everyone and pay attention, but he definitely wants the same in return, but not all girls understand this. Relationships are mutual work, so if you are lucky enough to meet a ladies' man, do not rush to rejoice: you will need to give as much as you receive. If you, of course, want him to please only you.

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