French Kiss Technique And Why It Is Called French

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French Kiss Technique And Why It Is Called French
French Kiss Technique And Why It Is Called French

Video: French Kiss Technique And Why It Is Called French

Video: French Kiss Technique And Why It Is Called French
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French Kiss
French Kiss

Let's start with the main question - why are deep kisses with the tongue called French? There are many different theories. The most popular is this: the French have always been known as people passionate, sensual and inventive in everything related to romance.

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The British, emphasizing that such passionate kisses are the tricks of the inhabitants of France, began to call kisses with the language "French". This is where the term "french kiss" comes from.


Get familiar with the basics before moving on to French kissing. There is no need to "push". Also, don't try to hide your excitement or skill gap by sticking your tongue down your partner's throat. French kisses are cool, of course, but not everyone likes them. An unfamiliar person may simply not appreciate your expressiveness.

More often than not, the "transition to the next level" is spontaneous and natural. But if you don't see a guy or a girl taking action, ask bluntly if he or she likes tongue kisses.

Ready to take action? Fine.

In this case, you need:

Moisturize your lips

Soft tender lips are your main tool. Lip balm and a light exfoliation with a special scrub or wet toothbrush are a great way to prepare for an important event. If you don't have any lip balm (especially for guys), lick your lips with a quick movement. By the way, it can look pretty sexy.

French Kiss
French Kiss

Freshen your breath

Everyone knows that you need to brush your teeth regularly. But for some reason, many forget about cleaning the tongue. Always brush your tongue while brushing your teeth. Fresh breath, you know, is a good help not only when kissing. Chewing gum or mints in your pocket can help calm and relax a little.

Tilt your head to the side

You've seen it a million times in movies, right? Your faces are slowly approaching, your noses almost touching each other. You slowly tilt your head to the side and your lips touch. It's a shame no one will play a romantic soundtrack for you, because life is not a movie. Well, okay, these are trifles.

Most people tilt their head to the right when kissing. Not sure which side to lean in? Let your partner take the lead - just tilt your head in the opposite direction.

French Kiss
French Kiss

Close eyes

Almost all people close their eyes during a kiss. It definitely makes sense - you focus on the sensations, the atmosphere of togetherness and romance. If you stare at each other, you will most likely feel uncomfortable. Close your eyes and surrender to the senses.

Start with regular kisses

Light, gentle kisses will serve as a good "prelude" to a French kiss. Take your time, relax and everything will work out by itself.

And now we turn directly to the French kiss …


Proceed gently by moving your tongue slowly. Stop when an obstacle in the form of your partner's teeth or lips appears in front of you. If he or she answers you with enthusiasm, you can continue.

French Kiss
French Kiss

Explore the space

If you're worried about your skills, use gentle tongue movements alternating with regular kissing.

The game begins

Alternate French kisses with gentle and light ones - such a variety will be to your taste. Experiment with the speed and intensity of your movements.

This is important2

  • Remember to breathe.
  • Use your hands - stroke your partner's face, head, body.
  • Don't think - feel.
  • Take a break if required. Pull away gently, kiss your other half on the neck, or just tell them how good you are with her / him.
French Kiss
French Kiss

French kissing techniques3

  • After a few sensual kisses, lightly brush your partner's lips with the tip of your tongue. Don't do it aggressively. Light and gentle, like the wings of a butterfly. This technique combines innocence with sensuality, which can be great for your boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Mumbling a little like "mmm" while kissing can sound very sexy. You feel so good that you just can't help yourself! And the gentle vibration that pierces the lips of the partner will add pungency to the sensations.

Do not overdo it with this. Otherwise it will be distracting. Everything should look natural.

Run the tip of your tongue over your partner's lips as described above. Then gently press the tip of your tongue against your lips. When your partner opens his lips, slowly and gently insert your tongue into his mouth. Then pull it back out. And so several times

  • Rotate the tip of your tongue around your partner's tongue. This technique will work for you if both you and your partner enjoy active kissing.
  • Bite your partner's lower lip lightly. Alternate with other techniques or use it as a kiss end.
  • Sucking your partner's tongue lightly is a very hot technique. If your boyfriend or your girlfriend appreciates her, she can become your favorite.
  • If your partner loves passionate French kissing, combine several techniques at once. But don't overdo it and let each other catch their breath.
  • Run your fingertips over your partner's lips, chin, or neck. Take his face in your hands as you kiss.
  • Press your lips against your earlobe, neck, or collarbone. Move slowly and monitor your partner's reaction.
French Kiss
French Kiss

Maintain a balance between active actions on your part and passing the baton to your partner's hands (lips?). You don't have to try to demonstrate all your skills at once, pushing like a tank. And don't treat the kiss like an exam. Enjoy what is happening and watch your partner's reactions.

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