What Is A Girl Friend Zone And How Not To Fall Into This Category?

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What Is A Girl Friend Zone And How Not To Fall Into This Category?
What Is A Girl Friend Zone And How Not To Fall Into This Category?

Video: What Is A Girl Friend Zone And How Not To Fall Into This Category?

Video: What Is A Girl Friend Zone And How Not To Fall Into This Category?
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What is a friend zone for girls
What is a friend zone for girls

Meeting a beautiful stranger makes a man think about how to speed up love events and not scare the girl away. Having met a persistent boyfriend, immediately ready for love joys, a woman can experience not only fear, but also disgust.

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  • 5 The exit is always the same as the entrance

In this case, the meetings are unlikely to be continued, and from a potential prince you can immediately move to the category of "only friendship". What is a friend zone for girls and how to avoid it, everyone should know.

Why me? I

Why are they creating "friend zones"? According to Goskomstat statistics, there are 10.7 million more women in Russia than men, but the electoral position in personal relationships is more inherent in them. Men, accustomed to the role of conquerors, confidently give preference to the choice of women, which they, in turn, do not hesitate to use.

Every young lady, even a pink-haired nymphet, dreams of finding the most profitable party and finding herself "like a stone wall." Having once experienced disappointment and not meeting their increased needs, each approaches the choice even more scrupulously. Even small errors in the actions of the stronger sex can move him to the "bench".

The refusal of the chosen one in close relationships is not always motivated by the behavior of the youngest person. Insecure ladies may refuse because of their personal problems and preferences. But, more often due to the wrong actions of a male representative

Don't force events2

Acquaintance and first impressions are often the defining moment. If it is important for you to make a good impression, you should know where to put frames in the conversation and where to relax. Light, casual conversation is perfect for a romantic evening like never before. Be natural, do not try to appear cheeky or overly modest.

In achieving the effect, you also need to know when to stop. Do not lash out on a passion after one glass of wine. Be attentive to the conversation. Pay attention to your friend's wants and needs.

Responsibility and attention to needs is not a guarantee of getting into the category of lovers. If you decide to win the heart of your chosen one, but you are not sure of her sympathy, you will have to work hard.

Don't try to question everything. By making a person feel embarrassed, you can immediately enter the friendship zone. Learn to avoid sharp corners, remember and analyze the slightest change in behavior. Try to catch the timbre of the voice, demeanor and the first positive effect is provided to you.

Friendship, not love, as punishment from above3

The first meeting left a pleasant aftertaste, but the second, third, fourth passed, and the lady of the heart did not allow you to come to her. This time you were out of luck, and you were moved to the friend zone. What is a girls friend zone? A guy from this circle is a man who is considered just a friend and is not in the mood for a serious relationship with him.

friend zone for girls
friend zone for girls

How do you know that you are already in this zone? If your friend often uses you as a vest, talks about her unsuccessful life, or about the details of quarrels with her previous chosen one, you should think about a possible "flight" in this relationship. The worst option is if the woman is openly using the admirer for her own benefit.

As a personal free taxi driver or a couple for going out. There is no need to count on anything more than a pleasant pastime. If you find something similar to your relationship that has not yet developed, we advise you to look around, with this person nothing "shines" for you.

Wedge wedge4

What to do if you have already been written off and you are in the girlfriend's zone? Do not despair on this score. Most likely, the chosen one for an unsuccessful relationship did not consider your heart in love. It is impossible to unequivocally determine the guilty woman, you should be just as careful about your behavior.

After all, the answer to the question of how to get out of the friend zone is the ability to take a sober look at your behavior in order to correct mistakes.

The first opinion is sometimes wrong. There will still be a chance to catch up. If in subsequent meetings your communication tactics have not changed, do not harbor imaginary illusions and it is better to find another partner.

The exit is always the same as the entrance 5

A sincere and sensitive lady will always notice signs of sympathy and courting, even of an incredibly modest boyfriend. Question: does a girl need such a modest person? The answer is unequivocal - yes. All people are different, and for some, a modest and clever person will be the best reward in their personal life.

What is a friend zone for girls
What is a friend zone for girls

Someone cannot imagine their life with a homely quiet and are ready for an adventure with a restless ladies' man. Experience, even negative, should be perceived as positive. In the future, this will help you not to make such mistakes.

Learn from your mistakes, develop courageous qualities, masculine flair and you will have access to all the lessons and techniques of seducing unconquered beauties. You will learn what a friend zone is and how to avoid it in our next article.