A Piece Of Happiness Or Where To Find A Rich Man In The Capital?

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A Piece Of Happiness Or Where To Find A Rich Man In The Capital?
A Piece Of Happiness Or Where To Find A Rich Man In The Capital?

Video: A Piece Of Happiness Or Where To Find A Rich Man In The Capital?

Video: A Piece Of Happiness Or Where To Find A Rich Man In The Capital?
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Where to find a rich man in Moscow
Where to find a rich man in Moscow

The desire to meet a prince on a white horse, who will take him not to a hut in the middle of the forest, but to a European mansion with crystal and gold is instilled in girls from childhood from colorful books about love. How then to grow up and not want to meet the best years of life and careless old age in a beautiful environment, not knowing the needs and troubles.

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Provincial girls and girls from megalopolises are equally eager to meet their one and only, and it is desirable that this is not a student of the nearest professional technology, but a wealthy and successful man, ideal in every sense. This pushes crowds of girls to move to the capital Moscow, where the chances increase significantly. Where to find a rich man in Moscow and become his chosen one?

What makes him special, rich? I

Like all women in the world, seekers of a rich man also want happiness. They are driven not only by selfish interest, but also by a simple desire to arrange life, to become a happy woman, to have a child, but at the same time to live comfortably and not survive on a salary from number to number. Now every guy strives for fulfillment and does not always want to spend time with his family, so that nothing interferes with building a career.

But what should a girl do, whose biological clock is short, her girlfriends are gradually getting married, and dreams of a beautiful life remain dreams? Take the initiative into your own hands and look for a worthy man who can immediately provide for the life of the family and children. Paradoxically, they just want to be happy.

Only the rich do not always have enough time to build their personal lives, and they will not be able to meet their only one in the nearest store within walking distance. So, where to look for a rich man in Moscow?

The hottest places2

Moscow is not only the capital of the country, but also the largest city, the most coveted place where all the money is located and, therefore, its lucky owners. If a girl wants to meet a rich groom, then the chances of doing so increase tenfold when moving to the capital. But this is not enough!

You can come, get a job in a small shop and wait there for a chance meeting with a rich man for tens of years. From despair, gradually the bar of requests is about to fall and anyone who pays attention will like it. This strategy doesn't work!

How to find a rich man
How to find a rich man

Real hunting, like hunters for gold or ancient treasures, requires a lot of effort, time, money, and sometimes connections will come in handy. Nothing will bring you closer to your cherished goal as the correct ideas about the life of wealthy men. They do not sit for days in a restaurant, eating caviar and washing it down with expensive champagne. These are busy people who work, live in an elite village, spend their free time actively and do not even allow strangers from the street close to them. Now in more detail where to look for a rich man in Moscow.


The most popular places in Moscow to meet rich men. The desire to eat gourmet dishes and show themselves in front of partners leads them to places with checks over 4500 thousand per person. Restaurants "Nobu", "Pushkin", "Turandot" are considered luxury and are among the most expensive places in the capital. It is there that the desired grooms hold their meetings with tight wallets, more precisely with platinum cards.

Elite gyms, clubs

For wealthy men, appearance is as important as compliance with status. Private clubs with large membership fees can be intimidating inaccessibility, but nothing is impossible on the way to the goal. It will be ideal to get a club card at least for a short time in Gold's Gym, Dr. Loder establishments, and then everything depends on the charm and ability to teach yourself.

Equestrian clubs, indoor golf, tennis and squash clubs are suitable. Before storming a rich man, you will have to practice sports in order not to give out the goal ahead of time. A girl who absolutely does not know a single rule, but is actively trying to get to know each other, will cause a dubious impression. No matter how beautiful she is, their wealthy men see them regularly.

Find a rich guy
Find a rich guy

Private parties and charity evenings, exhibitions

There is always a chance to get to private events or exhibitions, the proceeds from which will go to charitable needs. You will have to spend time and it is possible to attend more than one event until the desired object is found. Then these costs will pay off in full.

Boutiques, showrooms of fashion designers

Wealthy men don't wear suits 24/7. Sometimes they look simpler and for this they periodically visit young and famous designers themselves. It will be great to stroll through the shops for men or in large shopping centers, where there are branded stores of world brands.

Work in the business center of Moscow

The right place of work will increase the chances of meeting a wealthy man at times. The skyscrapers Gazoil Plaza, Delta Plaza, Tower 2000 will be ideal options. This requires not only a beautiful appearance, but also knowledge. A diploma and ambition will come in handy, the ability to favorably emphasize the merits and advantages. It is not worth agreeing to the position of a secretary or a small manager, no matter what profitable prospects they offer. But creative work in which you can express an individual approach and initiative will become ideal. A promising candidate for the role of wife will be immediately visible.

Professional matchmakers and agencies

The path of less resistance that can yield good results in the shortest possible time. Most men turn to agencies to find a potential spouse and rely on their choice. Prices for services are high, but the chances of meeting a promising man immediately increase. It is important to pay attention to the reputation, how long they have been working.

The girl is looking for the rich
The girl is looking for the rich

The main rule in the search for a rich man in Moscow is initiative. In a huge city with a million visitors, it is difficult to snatch your piece of happiness. You need to deal with your appearance, develop as a person, do not skimp on the outer gloss and the likelihood that luck will smile and send a fateful meeting with a wealthy groom will increase!