How To Become The Only One For A Man And How Real Is It At All

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How To Become The Only One For A Man And How Real Is It At All
How To Become The Only One For A Man And How Real Is It At All

Video: How To Become The Only One For A Man And How Real Is It At All

Video: How To Become The Only One For A Man And How Real Is It At All
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become the only one for a man
become the only one for a man

To become the only one for her man is the dream of every woman. What qualities should a girl have in order to remain the one and only for her chosen one? After all, a woman can compete anywhere, but not in the eyes of her beloved. And since men are polygamous by nature, being always interesting for a husband or boyfriend is not an easy task, but quite feasible.

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How to become the only one for a man? The one for whose sake he will move mountains and break into a cake? To begin with, men are always attracted to self-sufficient, mature by nature, full of inner energy and self-confident women. Not every girl is capable of showing femininity, tenderness and wisdom in herself - qualities that primarily attract men to women.


Psychologists unanimously say that to become the only man for a man, you need to be irreplaceable. And there are several tricks for this. For example, if your partner loves coffee, always buy the same variety for him. At the same time, do not say where exactly you purchased it, he should not know about it.

He must understand that you are the very woman who knows which coffee will be the most delicious for him. Find a hairdresser for a man, preferably a professional one, to whom your man would go with pleasure, because before that no one managed to cut his hair so well.

Make an appointment yourself and do not give a phone number. All contacts are known only to you and you can get a haircut to the hairdresser only through you. The essence of such a psychological technique is not to make decisions on his own and relieve a man of certain responsibility. And the fact that a man at the subconscious level felt that you are his most faithful and reliable assistant.

You know best which haircut will suit him and which hairdresser can do it. You know which store sells the most delicious coffee. He simply cannot do without you.


You need to make sure that you do not appear in front of a man at the first click of his finger. Do not show that you are ready to give up everything just to see him here and now. On weekends, allow yourself to relax without him, for example, with friends or acquaintances. Explain to him that you should not worry about you, so unnecessary phone calls will be inappropriate. Of course, it is important not to cross the fine line when you have to rest from each other. But throwing a fog in your partner's eyes and giving him a reason to worry once again is a great solution.

How to become the only one for a man
How to become the only one for a man


You can be dependent on a man materially, but this does not prevent you from being independent in your own interests. Men are very attracted to this quality. After all, in addition to common interests, you have your own hobbies in which you are a real pro. You even have a circle of friends or close acquaintances with whom you can share your hobby. Plus, being carried away will bring you inner comfort and satisfaction.

If you have your interests, do not forget to ask your man's opinion about this from time to time. He must understand that his point of view is very important to you. You don't have to do what he says. Your independence in the interests should intrigue him, but not repel him.

Well appointed4

You don't need to spend huge sums every day on trips to spas or beauty salons to be beautiful. It is enough just to take care of yourself. You can tighten the skin with a special massage, and you can give your body a light tanning effect by visiting a solarium. Men always pay attention to well-groomed women: a manicure, a hairstyle, an outfit, a snow-white smile - this is what a real woman should do.

The only one for a man
The only one for a man


Men appreciate in a woman her ability to accept and approve of a man for who he is. Just like girls, men are very fond of praise and admiration. When he just tells you a story that happened to him on the way to work, listen to him as the most interesting conversation partner in the world. Don't be afraid to express your emotions and be interested in the mood of your chosen one. Men very subtly feel the care of themselves from the woman.


A smart woman always knows when to play a fool. Paradoxically, this is the wisdom of women. At the right time, keep silent, support somewhere, and always sympathize with the problems of a man.

A wise woman will always rejoice in his victories and support in all endeavors. Even if she does not share his views, the man will never know about it. The game will be very realistic.

The only woman
The only woman

Knowing all the techniques and possessing natural wisdom and femininity, it is not difficult for a man to become the only one. A woman is created to inspire and guide a man. A man in love for the sake of such a woman is ready to move mountains and go through life to the end.