How To Learn To Flirt With A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?

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How To Learn To Flirt With A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?
How To Learn To Flirt With A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?

Video: How To Learn To Flirt With A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?

Video: How To Learn To Flirt With A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?
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girl flirting
girl flirting

Want to become a dating and dating guru but don't know where to start?

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1 How to learn to flirt?

Maybe you lack the confidence to approach a beautiful girl or a guy at the bar, and when you request flirting skills, the internal server gives you an error?

How to learn to flirt? I

Make a good first impression

Research shows that it takes only a couple of seconds to form a first impression. When we meet, people’s opinion of us is formed on a conscious and subconscious level. What and how we say, how we project ourselves forms an opinion about us, how we will be perceived. Follow these tips and tricks to ensure that your first impression is good.

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People are attracted to confidence. How to be confident in yourself? It means not being afraid to appear for who we really are. Think about what makes you happy and unique? And then … use it! Good news for those who are still on their way to self-confidence. It can be imitated for others. After all, if your posture is straight, your shoulders are relaxed, and your head is raised high, no one will think about your inner confusion.

Research by the American social psychologist Amy Cuddy confirms that we can indeed "pretend until it is true."

Love yourself

If you don't love yourself, how will others love you? The reason why we take rejection so personally is because we allow our self-worth to depend on other people. Only the most important person in your life should have the privilege of influencing her - you yourself. Deal with it and reap the rewards of success.

girl flirting
girl flirting


It's easy to give a smile. Even if it's fake, the very fact that you are smiling already triggers oxytocin production, sending you a signal of joy and safety. Plus, we look nicer when we smile. In everyday life, emotions tend to range from complete indifference to joy or irritation. But in bars and at parties where the setting is social, we need to be interested in what signals we are sending.

Eye contact

The most powerful flirting tool. In the studies conducted, eye contact was the most obvious sign, after which the subjects realized that they were flirting with them. Looks should be longer, more intense, and more frequent. Girls Tips: Men need three of these looks before he realizes you're interested. Therefore, skipping the "waiting" phase, you can just sit down and say hello!

girl drinks from a straw
girl drinks from a straw


This tool is best used to continue flirting rather than starting with it.

When used correctly, tactile communication can be very effective when flirting. It is believed that the forearm area and above is the safest place for touching, and if you slowly move your hand over it, the movement will become more intimate. A light touch on your hand is likely to leave a pleasant impression on both of you and strengthen your success. But do not forget to monitor your partner's reaction: make sure it is positive.

Don't rush to judge potential partners

Attractiveness is great, but imagine how much can be hidden behind the outer shell. Do not rush to judge without talking. Perhaps the one who did not catch your attention at first sight, after a while will cease to be Apollo for you. After all, you are more than just appearance. Find out what's inside before making a decision.

We all like to feel special

Shift the focus from yourself to the person you're talking to and the tension will melt. Now, he's your priority. Focus your attention on this person and let them talk about themselves.


Don't take refusals personally

It’s not you, but the other person’s position. Maybe he is in a relationship, tired, or you just are not his type. And great, because you are like a hundred other people … so flirt with them!

Flirting is fun

Don't see flirting as something you have to do. Flirting is a way to enjoy your time. Believe in yourself and keep at ease. Losers are only those who do not try at all.