How To Compliment A Girl About Her Appearance Without Banality And Vulgarity

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How To Compliment A Girl About Her Appearance Without Banality And Vulgarity
How To Compliment A Girl About Her Appearance Without Banality And Vulgarity

Video: How To Compliment A Girl About Her Appearance Without Banality And Vulgarity

Video: How To Compliment A Girl About Her Appearance Without Banality And Vulgarity
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Compliments to a girl about her beauty
Compliments to a girl about her beauty

It's no secret that women love with their ears. There is not a single man in the world who would not pay attention to the appearance of a girl. Therefore, it is quite logical when women like to receive compliments from their chosen ones about their beauty. And it doesn't matter what they are - short or long, in poetry or prose. The main thing is to say it from the heart and at the right moment. In what situations is it appropriate and how to properly compliment a girl about her beauty?

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  • 3 Basic rules for expressing your admiration
  • 4 Don't get hung up on one detail

No relationship is possible without compliments, because hearing them in her address, a woman simply shines from the inside. She tries to become even better, thereby encouraging her man for generous words. Many can admire their beloved, but everyone is able to express it out loud. Advice to men - do not miss the opportunity to tell a woman how beautiful she is. This will only strengthen your relationship and make you a real hero in the eyes of your girlfriend.

Why do girls like compliments? I

A normal man himself knows that he always needs to compliment a girl about her beauty. Indeed, for him, his chosen one is the most beautiful and beautiful in the world. Another question is in those men who do not realize that they need to admire the girl's appearance at least occasionally. Or he simply does not consider it necessary to do this, believing that these are empty words.

So why is it that all, without exception, the fair sex love when they are paid compliments? The best short compliments for a girl are collected in our next article. Everything is quite simple: she expects “pleasant” comments about her hairstyle, figure, clothes, accessories, and so on from her chosen one or outside men. Needless to say, what can be threatened by the inconsistency of expectations about self-admiration from the male sex? The outcome can be absolutely any - from tacit resentment to a grandiose scandal. Naturally, just imagine yourself as a girl.

She got ready for the whole evening, picked up the most beautiful dress, signed up for a beauty salon in advance and did a trendy manicure, styled her hair, and used her favorite perfume. And when he meets a man he will only hear a dry "Hello"? Any person will be offended if his efforts are not appreciated. And in the case of girls, as rather emotional creatures, the outcome can be completely unpredictable. So why allow such situations, if you can just learn how to make unobtrusive compliments to girls about her beauty.

It is not for nothing that the most experienced and rainy hunters for women's hearts have long adopted this approach for themselves. According to psychologists, 50% of male success depends precisely on the ability to give the best compliments to a girl. Everything else is the recommendations of the psychologist Dale Carnegie: remember the girl's name and smile at her more often.


And a woman is ready to give all of herself to such a caring admirer without a trace. Unless, of course, you told her in advance about your plans to spend one single night with her and disappear from sight. Therefore, work hard to make compliments to a girl about her beauty look as natural and sincere as possible.

A compliment to a woman about her beauty is like a key to her heart. By the way, there is an opinion that it is indecent to interrupt a girl in a conversation. But if you're tired of the monologue and just want a few minutes of silence, compliment her. This will subtly silence her and pay attention to the part of her body or appearance that you definitely like and is her strong point. Indeed, truly real feelings sometimes lie in the ability to focus on the strengths of the partner and admiration for them as such.

Complimenting your girlfriend is a way to remind her of your feelings. In addition, isn't this an extra reason to remind your partner of those qualities that you liked the most in the early stages of the relationship. A smart admirer, complimenting a girl about her beauty, maintains love not only in her heart, but also kindles a passion for her person.

The man who knows how to praise his chosen one for her impeccable appearance at the right time will not be tortured with the questions “How do you like my hairstyle?”, “How does this dress look on me”, “Do you like my manicure”, “Is it suitable is this dress to match your shoes? etc. Just tell the girl in time that she looks great, thereby saving yourself from a series of annoying questions about her appearance.

After all, her numerous questions about her appearance is nothing more than a desire to receive a compliment from you. So why run the situation and bring it to the point where you yourself feel embarrassed for not praising a girl for her beauty in time?

compliments to a girl about her beauty
compliments to a girl about her beauty

The main task of any compliment2

Undoubtedly, the main purpose of any compliment is to reward a partner for his efforts to be beautiful / beautiful and remind of his feelings. A compliment is a great opportunity to show the depth of your feelings and relationship to a woman, to show her importance in your life. After all, no one else has such gorgeous hair and a beautiful waist, right? As strange as it may sound, a compliment is a completely free way to get to a woman's heart. This is a gift that does not require absolutely any material investment.

And if with the last result it may seem completely unexpected (you can simply not please with a gift), then by saying compliments to a girl about her beauty, you will certainly bring her a lot of positive emotions and win her over. And a compliment is one of the most successful methods to stop a scandal when a girl is very angry and no other methods help her to stop and revive her. Just tell her that she is very sexy when she yells at you and you will see her mood change. Of course, if you both have complete order with a sense of humor.

A compliment also has a downside, when you can offend a person with it. An unpleasant compliment, so to speak. Such tricks are often resorted to by not self-confident young people who do not have the courage to tell the girl in the eyes everything that has accumulated. In this case, they can simply drop the banal phrase: "You are fat, boring, uninteresting, etc."

By the way, such negative compliments are a great way to end a relationship without explanation. After such words, not a single girl will find out the true reason why the guy wanted to part with her. But such methods are better not to be applied in practice, because the compliment was invented in order to express admiration for the beauty of a person, and not to humiliate his dignity.

the girl is waiting for compliments
the girl is waiting for compliments

Men who know how to compliment their woman in time are less susceptible to her bad mood. Indeed, in any relationship there are a lot of female tears, sometimes even without a particular reason. Not sure how to stop a girl crying for no reason? Just say a few nice words about her appearance or figure to her. This will at least bring a smile on her face and help distract her from sad thoughts. In any case, for a girl such a man will seem like just a hero, and she will definitely want to do something nice to him in return. This is another secret mission of complimenting a girl about her beauty.

Well, and the last tip for the representatives of the strong half of humanity. Among normal and adequate men, there is not a single one who would like to see a girl next to him who piously considers herself ugly. And then compliments to the girl about her beauty come to the rescue. After all, with the help of praise and admiration for her figure and appearance, you instill confidence that she is a queen. And not only for yourself, but for you. And even if not everything is perfect in her, even if your colleague from work has a much prettier butt, and your neighbor's legs are slimmer. But that's why you fell in love with your woman.

Basic rules for expressing your admiration3

It would seem, well, what is difficult here - just say: "How beautiful you are" or "You have bottomless eyes" and other laudatory odes to female beauty. But it turns out that everything is not so simple. Many guys think that the shortest way to a girl's heart is to load her with all sorts of trinkets and regular admiration for her beauty. It's time to dispel this myth. If a man endlessly admires the eyes, hair and figure of a girl, from the outside it may just look pathetic and seem obsessive.

A confident girl will just think that you are just another insecure boyfriend who decided to increase her self-esteem in this way. On the other hand, a woman may be completely disappointed in the first date if she does not hear a single word of praise in her address. And between the two applicants, he will choose someone who was not greedy for admiration for her beauty.


Some men have their own tactics. They deliberately do not compliment the girl so as not to look needy in her eyes. Thus, they show their superiority and coldness, thereby attracting the fairer sex to themselves. But as practice shows, such behavior will sooner or later lead to a fiasco.

A compliment spoken at the right time with the right words can have a strong impact on a woman. The only difference is what emotions a man experiences when he says certain words about a woman he likes. If a compliment is said from the position of a strong and confident man, the girl will be sincerely pleased. When words are spoken by the way and do not carry a special semantic load, a girl may perceive you as a crook and it will be extremely difficult to change her mind.

Also, read about how to write SMS compliments to a girl in our article, then follow the link.

Whatever compliments are made to a girl about her beauty, you should get much more benefit from it. Admiration spoken in the right tone is sure to boost your self-esteem in the eyes of a woman. Pay attention to those features of her, on which she worked long and hard. Naturally, she did it first of all for herself, but she will certainly be delighted when you notice these changes. Is she wearing a stylish accessory? Be sure to pay attention to this.

Have a trendy haircut or a cool manicure? You know what to say. If nothing but banal phrases comes to mind, just admire her energy and positivity. The main thing is to say it a little in a flirty way. Yes, this is more inherent in the girls themselves. But it will not look like a bolt from the blue. Be sure to compliment with admiration. Only in this case will he make the proper impression on her.


Should girls compliment their appearance? There are no very beautiful girls, they already hear them every day and it is unlikely that you will be able to surprise with something new. This will not emphasize your individuality in any way and will not distinguish you from the crowd of gray mass, from which the girl hears compliments constantly.

Don't get hung up on one detail4

Admiration gains significance only when it is said unobtrusively, as if between things. For example, if a girl starts laughing, tell her that she has a beautiful smile and immediately move on to another topic. There is no need to say the same thing for the next hour, but in different words. “You have such a beautiful hairstyle, but only one strand is a little knocked out … here it is,” and you show your hand at a small oversight.

Perhaps this was originally intended. But with such a gesture, you will make it clear that you paid attention to the girl's hair and appreciated her efforts to be beautiful. The words will sound quite differently: "You have such a beautiful hairstyle, but now it is no longer fashionable to have a haircut like that, you would go like this …". With this approach, you risk getting a turn from the gate and getting blacklisted in her phone book.

In any case, it is important to remember that any compliment to a girl should sound unobtrusive. And if you feel that pre-thought words of admiration may be perceived in the wrong context, it is better to leave it to yourself. Approach the art of compliments wisely and you will see how your woman changes. Well, if you don't have one yet, then think about what compliments you will say to the girl you like on the first date.