What Does Heterosexual Mean? A Brief History And Problems Of Modern Hetero Relationships

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What Does Heterosexual Mean? A Brief History And Problems Of Modern Hetero Relationships
What Does Heterosexual Mean? A Brief History And Problems Of Modern Hetero Relationships

Video: What Does Heterosexual Mean? A Brief History And Problems Of Modern Hetero Relationships

Video: What Does Heterosexual Mean? A Brief History And Problems Of Modern Hetero Relationships
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What does hetero mean
What does hetero mean

Turning to the ancient Greek language, you can find the answer to what hetero means. Literally translated as the opposite. But, more often than not, "sexuality" is added to the word "hetero". From a combination of two words, heterosexuality is obtained.

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  • 1 How did heterosexual relationships develop from ancient times to modern times
  • 2 Creative fruits of heterosexuals
  • 3 Culture and problems of modern heterosexual relations
  • 4 Recognition of heterosexual society as the only correct orientation
  • 5 How many heterosexuals are there in the world and the danger of sexual minorities

Before the creation of civilization, human society lived in a primitive communal system. There was no state, money, electricity, smartphones and all the usual benefits of civilization. Therefore, I had to look for other ways of entertainment. Forms of relationships were mostly heterosexual, but specific.

A heterosexual is a person who has a physical and platonic attraction to people of the opposite sex, a man to a woman, and a woman to a man. Typing in an Internet search engine what does heterosexual mean, people most often mean belonging to sexual orientation.

How heterosexual relationships developed from ancient times to modern times i

American ethnologist Henry Morgan told the world about five types of human families that existed at different times. They were all hetero, but different from modern ideas.

The first type, according to Morgan, was a consanguineous family. It was based on the group marriage of brothers and sisters. Over time, tribal members began to notice that incest leads to genetic abnormalities, and children from such relationships are born with congenital diseases. Therefore, people began to look for other ways of procreation.

The next stage in development was the punaluan family. There were two groups here - sisters and husbands. Husbands are not necessarily relatives, or vice versa, the marriage of brothers with wives, where women were not relatives. Punalua ruled out direct incest.

The consanguineous and punalual family is a form of group marriage. In modern times it would be jokingly called the "Swedish family." There were two groups in the family: men and women. Every man has had sex with every woman, and vice versa. It was done not for fun, but for survival. The child's father could not be traced. Only the mother can be identified.

Echoes of the primitive forms of hetero relationships were found in European aristocratic feudal marriages, where a cousin (cousin) was taken as a wife. Or another interesting example was observed among the Australian aborigines. According to their traditions, the host is obliged to offer one of his wives for the night. This was considered good form.

roman wedding
roman wedding

Later, the scientific community was skeptical about Morgan's hypothesis about the existence of a consanguineous family and the punalua, so in science these moments of history remain only an assumption.

But with the advent of property, heterosexual relationships required a change. People slowly moved to a sedentary lifestyle, dwellings, livestock, material values appeared. Someone has to be the heir. And how to determine paternity if different men had sex with the same woman?

A special rite appeared - kuvada. After the birth of the child, the man took the baby in his arms and issued childbirth to show the whole tribe participation in the creation of the child. Thus, it was indicated that the newborn is the future heir.

All this became the basis for creating a coupled family. Basically, a couple emerges - a husband and a wife. They cohabit together, keep a common household, but the spouses do not give up outside ties. Relatives agree on marriage. It is approximately clear who the children are from.

The man lived in the house of the woman's parents. In case of quarrels, disagreements, the wife is always right, because the guys from the woman's clan stood behind her. In the event of a "divorce", the husband had to leave with nothing. Morgan made similar conclusions when he lived with the tribes of the North American Indians. In the 19th century, they had a matriarchal society, and the principles of the Indian community served as a prototype for one of the chain in the theory of the evolution of the origin of the family.

roman wedding
roman wedding

The next stage in the development of heterosexual relationships is the patriarchal family. In a word, this is polygamy. An influential man married several girls. A similar principle of building relationships is close to the eastern peoples, from here the Sultan's harems came from. But in Europe there was something similar. For example, the princes of Kievan Rus could have one main wife and 900 concubines.

The end result is a monogamous family - centered on husband and wife. This is a modern type of relationship building. Morgan's monogamy is a twist originating from a paired family. The couple lives in a separate house, the maternal and paternal line is clearly traced.

The creative fruits of heterosexuals 2

The attraction of the sexes to each other was the reason for discoveries and achievements. Art and creativity developed. But if a person confused love and passion, then he reached the most vile baseness with betrayal, cruelty and other side effects.

The expression of people's sympathy for persons of a different sex can be conditionally divided into two categories: physical and platonic. The work of the Italian poet Francesco Petrarca is considered an example of the creativity of platonic undivided feelings. He wrote sonnets to his beloved Laura. But that is not the woman's real name.

Francesco Petrarca
Francesco Petrarca

Francesco Petrarca

The fact is that Petrarch fell in love with a married girl. In order not to disgrace her with his unrequited feelings, he picked up a pseudonym for the real heroine. The real name of the woman was never found. Since then, there have been a sufficient number of similar poems, poems, songs written by other people.

Not everyone shared this concept of love. For example, the Russian writer Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky described the healing power of love in his works. She was not always limited only to the relationship between a man and a woman, but to life in general.

In addition, in modern society, healthy heterosexual relationships are considered those that do not bring suffering, described by Petrarch. But in any case, even a healthy relationship will fray your nerves, but it won't last a lifetime.

Among the manifestations of physical intimacy, one of the most famous monuments of human creativity is the Kama Sutra. This ancient Indian treatise on love has received such widespread publicity, thanks to a person's craving for exoticism and "secret knowledge". "Kamasutra" contains 64 chapters and 7 sections. It has value not only as a textbook on sex, but also acts as a historical source. On it you can find out the structure of life of the ancient peoples of India.

But what is sodomy is worth learning in our article further on the link.

Culture and problems of modern heterosexual relations3

In modern times, it is considered the norm if a husband and wife live together, raise children, love each other and do not take dirty linen in public. They leave their intimate relationships behind a veil from prying eyes. The ideal is when a marriage is created not for the sake of lust and profit, but as a union of independent people who wished to be together a whole life, to solve common problems, without forgetting to maintain romance.

ancient wedding
ancient wedding

With romance, there is too much. After the culture of consumption has entered the masses, men and women are exaggerated. For example, a woman dreams that a man would carry her in his arms, make expensive gifts, earn millions, do not try to look at others and give them attention. A man wants from a woman an ideal lover, a beautiful body, smart and to look after like a mother.

In general, an infantile position can be traced on both sides. In other words, men and women want everything from the other half, but they do not give anything in return. If you look at the divorce statistics, you will see a sad picture - 60% of marriages break up. The position described does not allow partners to adequately assess the capabilities of loved ones and cope with difficulties.

Recognition of heterosexual society as the only correct orientation 4

In recent decades, sexual minorities have been trying to make themselves known by organizing parades, rallies and demonstrations. These include bisexuals, asexuals, homosexuals and lesbians.

Gays and lesbians are people who are sexually attracted to people of the same gender. Bisexuals love men and women at the same time. Asexuals have no sex drive at all. The last type appeared in the early 2000s. Sometimes they arrange parades, trying to make themselves known.

homosexuality in ancient times
homosexuality in ancient times

It has been known about gays for a long time. In the ancient world, the Greeks described homosexual relationships. Everything was divided into two camps - active and passive. Those with a higher social status became active. But society condemned this behavior.

Among the Romans, sexual relations were not divided into homo and hetero. They had two positions: male and female, where a man could take the role of a woman, and a woman - a man. The attitude to this in different eras and provinces was different. In the army, homosexual relationships were not welcomed. If a man with a high social status took a passive position, his masculinity was lost in the eyes of society. In other words, it is humiliation.

In Christianity, homosexuality is considered a mortal sin. Only there is a difference between homosexuality and homosexuality. Homosexuality can be controlled by a person and not lead to action, and homosexuality is a perfect act. The Apostle Paul said that if you succumb to the action of this sin, then the man's instincts begin to work in a different way, thus the person causes harm to himself.

In Orthodoxy and Catholicism, homosexuality is condemned. But since the last century, attitudes towards gays and lesbians have become more loyal. The position of the Orthodox Church does not accept homosexuality as a tendency to sin, which must be fought. But it teaches a merciful attitude towards these people and prayers for them for deliverance from sin. Sin, translated from the ancient Greek, is a wrong choice, and repentance is a person's sincere desire to correct his sinful nature.

homosexuality in ancient times
homosexuality in ancient times

Compassionate treatment of people with non-standard sexual orientations must come because they have no control over their preferences. In some cases, homosexuals have an innate tendency towards same-sex orientation. Therefore, the craving for same-sex relationships is not always an indicator of a person's perversion, but people somehow live with it. At the same time, it is not necessary to propagandize the normality of such a phenomenon to the masses, perverting others.

But in society there are extreme measures - homophobia. This is hatred directed against people who have a non-standard sexual orientation. Homophobes are a minority. Most are indifferent to a person's belonging to a particular orientation.

At the end of XX and beginning of XXI century, the World Health Organization excluded homosexuality from the list of mental disorders, but at the same time it is not considered to be something common. The model of normal relationships is still based on heterosexual principles.

How many heterosexuals are there in the world and the dangers of sexual minorities5

For people belonging to non-traditional sexual orientation, the attitude has softened. They have begun to talk about their preferences more openly, but some still have a fear of giving widespread publicity to belonging to sexual minorities.

gay wedding
gay wedding

Most of the world's population remains hetero. In terms of numbers, this is 97% of the world's population. Gays make up 2% of the world's population, 55% of them are HIV-infected. Survey data were conducted in the United States relatively recently - in 2013. In addition, people with non-standard sexual orientation (asexuals are not counted) are at risk not only for AIDS, but also for other sexually transmitted diseases.

Sometimes the desire of sexual minorities to be recognized in society leads to funny situations. One of them took place in the summer of 2015 in the Australian city of Seattle. Anthony Rebbelo organized a heterosexual parade in this city. But only one person visited him - Anthony himself. He later commented on the situation, saying that heterosexuals fear gay communities and fear judgment.