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How To Stop Being Shy About Guys: 10 Ways

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How To Stop Being Shy About Guys: 10 Ways
How To Stop Being Shy About Guys: 10 Ways

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the girl is embarrassed
the girl is embarrassed

Self-confidence is not given to everyone from birth. For many of us, this requires working hard on ourselves to develop self-confidence, which can make life a lot easier. Overcoming shyness and insecurity becomes especially stressful when the opposite sex is involved, right?

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1 These 10 Ways To Help You Become Less Shy

These 10 Ways To Help You Become Less Shy_10

Challenge yourself

If you have been shy all your life, it will be difficult for you to quickly rebuild and feel relaxed when dealing with people and, especially, with guys. One way to deal with this is to challenge yourself. Start small things, like making yourself say hello to that cute neighbor. Go to a karaoke party with your girlfriends. Take small steps, but never stop challenging yourself!

Add colors

Being lighter is another great piece of advice on how to stop being shy. This means not only smiling more often, but also adding brighter shades to your wardrobe. It's amazing how clothing choices can affect confidence. Of course, if you don't like hot pink, you don't need to wear it, but outside the brown-gray-black palette there should be a light accent. Wear it and see how you feel.

Embarrassment is charming

There is hardly a shy girl who does not get annoyed or upset when she blushes. But guys don't always see things like us. They tend to be flattered by the attention, and many of them find your rosy cheeks adorable. Trust us on this and don't hide your face.

the girl is embarrassed
the girl is embarrassed

You are interesting

What shy people often face is the unreasonable thought that they are not interesting enough to carry on a conversation. Agree how many people who spark with confidence, but in fact, are terribly boring. You are not like them! You have interests, thoughts and dreams. Don't be afraid to share them because …

… guys are not aliens

You can be sure that the guy you have feelings for will never be interested in the same things as you. But it's better to talk to him and find out. And even if it turns out that you have nothing in common, you will simply realize that you are not meant for each other.

Guys don't bite

Perhaps you are afraid of rejection and ridicule. Guys, in relation to girls, do this very rarely. Of course, this is not a universal rule, but if you doubt the adequate reaction of a familiar guy in response to your interest, then why do you even waste your time thinking about him? He's just not worth it! If you are not familiar, you can safely surprise him when you have the courage to approach him.

guy wink
guy wink

Don't compromise with yourself

Sacrifice your own style for conformity - take the path of least resistance. This is also the path of least success in overcoming shyness. If you're not an athlete, don't pretend to be her for the approval of the guy you have your eyes on. Men worthy of your attention will not be interested in a girl who can only say yes. They like women they can respect.

Keep fit

Keeping fit and taking care of yourself is great advice on how to stop being shy about guys. The way we see and feel ourselves physically has a direct and powerful effect on our feelings. You need to work to improve your image and get rid of the idea of ​​hopelessness. You are probably the most beautiful person any guy has ever seen, but he is embarrassed to say so.

Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde

Guys are shy too

Another thing that can help you become less shy and more confident is the realization that guys are often shy too. You would be surprised to find out how many guys are just as shy. They also have stereotypes to live up to, and girls aren't the only ones experiencing pressure from the outside. With this in mind, we should feel at least a little more confident.

Be persistent

Getting rid of shyness is a long process; you won't be able to turn from a mouse into a lioness overnight. Do not give up! You will discover a brave new world when you step over shyness. It won't always be easy, someone can hurt you, but even the most confident of us get hurt sometimes. A bruise is part of life, but these are little things if you are not afraid to take advantage of the opportunities that life offers us. Go chat with that guy you've been staring at for months.

Be happy, confident and love yourself!

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