Work Tips For Approaching A Guy First

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Work Tips For Approaching A Guy First
Work Tips For Approaching A Guy First

Video: Work Tips For Approaching A Guy First

Video: Work Tips For Approaching A Guy First
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girl in swimsuit
girl in swimsuit

"Why come first at all?" - many girls ask themselves. Then, dear ladies, it's time to get rid of stereotypes about princesses languishing in towers, who have been waiting for years for someone who knows what and who. The more often you take the initiative, the better you will be at it. Unnecessary far-fetched fears will go away and self-confidence and drive will come in their place. Adrenalin. Excitement.

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  • 2 Equipment
  • 3 How to say "Hello!"
  • 4 Flirt
  • 5 Online dating
  • 6 Action plan
  • 7 What if nothing comes of it?

Meeting guys is like riding a bike. Once you learn and you can get high all your life.

Don't go unnoticed

Even if you decide to shift the responsibility for your happy joint future to him, you have to do some work. Let's call this mission so - "Getting rid of the status of invisibility."

Does this guy even know you exist? Did you manage to exchange at least a couple of words? Or do you not contact at all, but for some reason you expect from him the first step and confessions of passionate feelings for you?

What if you don't know this guy?

  • Ask your mutual friends or acquaintances to introduce you to each other;
  • If he works in a shop / cafe / restaurant, visit this place more often. Talk to him, be friendly and radiate charm;
  • React to his posts on social networks - like, comment;
  • If you are studying or working together, find an excuse to talk to him. Gradually move from business questions to casual friendly conversations and - if everything goes smoothly - flirting.


Do you know how the law of meanness works? The very day you decide to walk to the store in your older brother's stretched sweatshirt and pantyhose, you will meet your prince. We in no way tell you to forget about your own comfort and not to leave the house without an extremely short dress and high-heeled shoes. It is enough to take care of yourself - without fanaticism. Choose clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident.

girl on the steps
girl on the steps

Don't forget about your appearance. Men are mostly visuals - use it to your advantage.

How to Say Hello! 3

So it's time to introduce yourself in person. If you basically have a hard time getting along with new people, this moment will seem like an eternity to you. "It would be better if I jumped with a parachute, by God," - flashes through your head.

Hello my Name Is …. We have met many times, but it seems we have not had time to get to know each other,”- you can use this phrase to get acquainted.

Or use external circumstances for acquaintance - “I have seen you take this particular cake so often that I simply cannot sleep peacefully if I don’t taste it. By the way ….

A compliment is also a good reason to meet someone and start a conversation. We remember the pleasant words received not only from loved ones, but also from unfamiliar people. Compliment his looks or abilities. For example, the ability to joke, respond to barbs, find a way out in difficult situations, etc. It's not for us to teach you - you probably managed to notice a dozen merits in him.

girl bites her lip
girl bites her lip


Flirting begins with a look. Look into his eyes. He must make sure that you are looking at him. When he catches your eye, smile, look at him for another two or three seconds and look away. Staring at him with aggressive persistence is not worth it.

Important: do not look away as soon as he looks at you. It is far from the fact that he will read your thoughts and understand that you like him and you do not mind getting to know each other. "It seemed, probably" - he thinks and will continue to go about his business.

Don't forget about the smile.

"Lord, this is understandable!" - you say. Not so simple. If you’re flirting and meeting guys calmly, then you’re fine. You control yourself, smile and keep everything under control. But if you are tense and nervous, all the resources of your body are spent on preventing you from fainting from nervous overstrain. Exhale and smile. Think of something pleasant - like showing off your courage to your friends in the evening.

A smile is an indicator not only of friendliness, but also of the fact that you are sympathetic to this guy and you are determined to communicate with him.

smiling girl
smiling girl

Say hello to him. When you pass by him or "unexpectedly" you meet him somewhere. If you regularly exchange social pleasantries, but all your communication ends with a banal "hello", take matters into your own hands. Say that you have not seen him for a long time, start a conversation on some topic with regards to your study / work / mutual acquaintances. Someone has to take your communication to the next level, after all!

Online dating5

It is sometimes much easier to establish communication online than live. Like his photo or post, send a friend request or subscribe. If you have mutual friends and acquaintances and you work / communicate together, then there is nothing strange about this.

If you found him in a dating application or just saw him somewhere on the Internet, you can tell him about it. Or keep the intrigue. Open your profile before starting the takeover plan. You yourself don't like it when mysterious personalities without photos and names write to you in your private messages?

Should I write to him first? Why not. “I liked your post / your photos / your playlist” - here is a compliment and a reason to start a conversation and discuss common interests.

girl winks
girl winks

Action plan6

Have you decided to express your sympathy? A bold step. But you need to carry out a small special operation:

Make sure he's free

Check out his photos on social media. Listen carefully to him as he talks about himself, his life and how he spends his free time. Or you can do it easier - ask him directly. We can only hope that you have come across an honest guy who will not withhold information from you about the presence or absence of a girlfriend.

Small steps towards a big goal

Let it be a small gesture that will let him know without words that you like him. Pay attention to him, help with something. A glass of coffee or some small thing that is very necessary for work / study, which he constantly forgets about. “I thought that you would forget about… again, so I took it with you in reserve,” the main thing is to say this with a smile and in a friendly manner. You don't have to sound like a wicked German housekeeper.


Tell him that you like him - lightly and naturally. "I like you, I would not mind spending time together" sounds much better than "I have been following you on social networks for six months now, how did your second cousin's knee surgery go?"

girl in swimsuit
girl in swimsuit

You can start with a compliment and carefully bring everything up to your eventual date: “It's always so easy and interesting to talk to you! If suddenly you decide to call me somewhere, I will definitely agree."

He should not get the impression that your love for him will hang on him, and if he refuses you, then your relationship will be ruined. Let him know about your feelings, smile and gracefully manage to go about your business or translate the topic.

You can invite him somewhere. “I have an extra ticket,” or “I think you’ll like this,” etc. Should I focus on the fact that this is a date? At your discretion.

What if nothing comes of it? 7

So it will come out with another. Do not shift responsibility for your personal life and your bright future onto the unfortunate guy. Just try to get to know him better and let him get to know you. What if it turns out that he is not at all what you imagined him to be? Or is he a good guy, but you are too different and friendship will suit both of you? Enjoy flirting, communication and try not to imagine what your wedding dress will be like and in which cottage by the sea you will live together.