What Interesting Things Can You Tell A Girl About Yourself? 50 Ideas

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What Interesting Things Can You Tell A Girl About Yourself? 50 Ideas
What Interesting Things Can You Tell A Girl About Yourself? 50 Ideas

Video: What Interesting Things Can You Tell A Girl About Yourself? 50 Ideas

Video: What Interesting Things Can You Tell A Girl About Yourself? 50 Ideas
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the man speaks into the megaphone
the man speaks into the megaphone

Suppose you are lucky enough to meet a charming girl. And all would be fine, but her request in a questioning tone: "Tell me about yourself" knocked the ground out from under your feet. You start frantically going through the options in your head - where to start, how to present yourself in a more favorable light. Let us make this task easier for you and suggest what you can tell your new friend about yourself.

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Interesting stories from your childhood

Surely your interlocutor will be interested to know how you were as a child, what games you played, what were the names of your very first best friends.

Family story

Tell us what family you grew up in, whether you have younger or older brothers (sisters). How did you communicate with them, were you friendly or constantly rivalry.

Family customs and traditions

Perhaps every weekend and on holidays, Mom baked an amazing cake, the taste of which you still remember. Or did you go out into the woods with your whole family, love hiking or fishing.

Your childhood fears

Hint that you were not always as courageous and fearless as you are now. Perhaps some things made you literally tremble with fear. And do not forget to tell how you managed to overcome these phobias.

School and student years

How did you study, how did you develop relationships with classmates. Did your parents scold you for bad grades? Which subject did you like more than the rest, and which one you gladly skipped.

About my hobbies

What do you like to do in your free time from work or study. Why did you choose this particular hobby.

About the female ideal

Describe in general terms what kind of girl you would like to see next to you. What qualities should she have? How it should look externally to please you.

Dilara Kirmit
Dilara Kirmit

About animals

If you have a pet, tell us about it. Perhaps the story of his appearance in your house will seem very unusual and interesting to the girl.

Further plans

What would you like to do. What goals do you set for yourself. How do you plan to achieve them.

About your character

Which can easily piss you off. What kind of person you are by nature.

What inspires you

Where do you usually find an outlet and motivation.

Your attitude towards children

Do you have children. If not, who do you dream of - son or daughter. What names would I like to give them.

man with child movie stills
man with child movie stills

About military service

If, of course, this fact takes place in your biography. What are especially memorable for these years, in which troops you served.

About travel

Do you like to travel. Which countries have you visited. Where you would certainly go again.

About culinary preferences

List your favorite foods and what you would not try under any circumstances. Do you know how to cook a delicious breakfast or dinner yourself and thus please your soul mate?

About gifts

What do you like more - to give or receive gifts. Which of the presentations impressed you to the core and you remember more than others.

About jealousy

Are you a jealous person or do you quite adequately respond to minor signs of attention from other men to your companion?

the man is jealous
the man is jealous

About work

What position do you occupy. Was it hard to get this job? What kind of relationship do you have with the team and higher management?

About their achievements

Is there something that you are especially proud of and wish to tell your interlocutor about it?

About your disappointments

Has it ever happened that close people disappointed you or did not live up to your expectations? How did you handle it.

About favorite places in the hometown

Where you like to relax, spend time with friends. Why exactly in these establishments, what do you like most of all.

guy with phone
guy with phone

About love

What do you mean by this concept. Do you know how to love for real.

About signs

Do you tend to believe in greetings and superstitions. Do any mystical stories happen to you?

About the Internet

How much time do you spend on social networks. Do you like to play computer games. Which ones.

About musical preferences

What kind of music and what performers do you listen to most often. Why did you choose this particular musical genre?

man with headphones
man with headphones

About the attitude towards money

How do you manage your financial resources. Do you know how to save or spend everything you earn by honest labor at lightning speed.

About bad habits

Do you have bad habits. Are you trying to get rid of them.

About unusual fantasies

Is there something that you are sometimes ashamed to admit to yourself.

The happiest moment in life

What happened to you at that moment, what feelings did you experience.

The biggest failure

That was so carefully planned, but did not happen.

shocked man
shocked man

About sport

Are you involved in a specific sport. How long ago? What gym do you go to?

How you behave in an unfamiliar company

Do you prefer to remain silent on the sidelines or do you instantly catch the eyes of everyone present.

About upcoming events

Is there something that you are looking forward to, very much hoping for a positive outcome.

About dreams

Do you often see colorful dreams? Do they come true.

About lies

How do you feel about untruth. Are you able to deceive a loved one yourself.

the man is lying
the man is lying

About complexes

Whether you are ashamed of your appearance or firmly confident in your irresistibility.

About everyday life

Do you know how to solve everyday issues on your own or do you prefer to resort to a specialist in these matters?

About health

Do you monitor your health or always postpone going to the doctors.

About happiness

Do you feel like a happy person. If not, then what exactly do you lack for complete happiness.

About temperament

Do you hide your real emotions or prefer to pour them out.

male temperament
male temperament

About offenses

Are you a vindictive person. Do you always take revenge on your offenders or easily forgive them?

About courage

What decisive action have you ever made up your mind.

About nostalgia

What years of your life do you remember with special trepidation.

About tenderness

Are you ready to bask for a long time in the arms of your beloved girl or do you think that you don't need unnecessary lisps.

About prohibitions

Are there things that you will never decide on.

the man is scared
the man is scared

About weak points

Do you have points on which it is better not to press.

About the seasons

What time of year do you feel most comfortable and why.

About enemies

Are there people in your life with whom you are really at enmity. As a result of what it happened.

About the stars

What is your zodiac sign. Its generally accepted characteristics correspond to your character.

About tattoos

Is there a tattoo on your body? What do they mean, how do they characterize you.