Features Of Building A Relationship With A Korean: Money, Dating, The First Step

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Features Of Building A Relationship With A Korean: Money, Dating, The First Step
Features Of Building A Relationship With A Korean: Money, Dating, The First Step
Video: Features Of Building A Relationship With A Korean: Money, Dating, The First Step
Video: 외국인들이 생각하는 한국 데이트 문화 / Dating Culture in Korea 2023, February

If you, after watching Korean dramas or clips of K-pop stars, set on fire with the goal of finding a friend in Korea, or, visiting the Land of Morning Freshness, met an amazing guy, then most likely at least once you thought about the question: what is it like to build there relationship and what should a girl do to please a Korean boyfriend?

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  • 1 Do not expect the first step from a guy
  • 2 Phone is an integral part of a relationship
  • 3 Payment of bills
  • 4 Who is "oppa" and how do the Korean knights behave
  • 5 Valentine's Day is nothing compared to the holidays in Korea

Given that Korea's dating culture and social norms are different from other countries, there are some relationship-related things that you should definitely pay attention to. Naturally, all people are unique, and even when following good advice, you should always listen to your intuition.

Do not expect the first step from a guy i

If you are going to date a guy in Korea, be prepared for the fact that if he doesn't ask or ask you anything, it doesn't mean that he doesn't like him. The dating culture in Korea is slightly different from most countries, especially when it comes to the very first stage of dating. For example, in our country, as in most countries, it is customary that a guy approaches a girl he likes and starts a conversation, even if they don't know each other.

In Korea, you should not count on this, especially if you are a tourist or have just moved there. Guys rarely come up first here because they tend to be quite shy when it comes to strangers. However, they do not mind at all when the girl first approaches them to get acquainted. It is considered the norm among Koreans when a girl takes the first step. So don't be shy and go meet the guy you like.

Phone is an integral part of a relationship2

If you love texting, then this is a big pole for you in the eyes of your Korean buddy. Most Koreans send an incredible amount of text messages and use instant messaging apps on their smartphones all the time. At the same time, it does not matter at what stage your relationship is - you have just met or have already met for a couple of months - it is in the order of things to send messages as often as possible, especially if you like the person.

Keep in mind, this does not mean that the guy you date in Korea pays more attention to you than your ex, who sent much fewer messages and called less often. This is just the norm and everyone does it. The next time you come home from a date with a Korean, text him or her about how you spent the rest of your time at home.


Payment of bills3

For many, this question raises a lot of doubts - is a girl worth paying for her lunch or can you rely on a guy? If he paid for dinner, should he offer to pay for drinks after or wait for the next date? In Korea, unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question. There are two points of view, and you should quickly figure out exactly what views your boyfriend holds.

According to the traditional point of view, a man should pay bills not only on the first date, but also on all subsequent ones. If you're dating this guy, don't expect him to give you the option to pay for dinner or coffee on your second, third, or fourth date - this is usually the attitude that lasts as long as you're together.

The only disadvantage of having a relationship with a guy who adheres to this point of view is that from time to time he can demonstrate his protective attitude towards you. For example, when dating, he will expect some submissiveness and dignified (i.e. calm) behavior.


If this approach does not suit you, do not worry. There is also another category of Korean men who are more modern. According to the new norm in Korean dating culture, a guy pays for dinner on the first date, and after that, a girl can pay for coffee or soju. You can alternate payments either during one evening or a series of dates. In this case, the girl will not feel obligated.

Of course, it’s impossible to immediately determine what views the guy you just met. Therefore, it is best to wait for the next stop on your way (in Korea, as a rule, one institution is not limited and you can change cafes or bars several times in the evening) and offer to pay. If the guy refuses, then, most likely, he is a supporter of traditional views, if he agrees, then he prefers a joint payment. Anyway, you don't have to worry about it, just have a good time on your date.

Who is "oppa" and how do Korean knights behave 4

If you are a fan of Korean dramas, you are probably familiar with the word oppa. So in Korea they turn to older brothers or their older boys (in Korea, in principle, they pay a lot of attention to age, so don't be surprised if a guy immediately asks how old you are after learning your name). But when it comes to relationships, it's not just an expression of respect for a guy who's older than you. This is the kind of status that Korean guys aspire to, whether they are older or not. Koreans strive to play the role of protector, to be responsible for their girlfriend and receive a certain amount of respect for this.


Because of this desire to be "oppa" Koreans become real knights, so be prepared for the fact that in the restaurant he will pull out a chair for you, give his jacket if it gets cold outside, and come to the restaurant at least 15 minutes before the appointed time to take a table and make a good impression.

However, the relationship with the "oppa" has a downside. Just like guys who pay all bills in full, "oppa" expects that his girlfriend will behave modestly, respectfully, always trust his opinion and judgments, will not talk a lot, especially not on business.

Of course, this does not apply to all Korean guys, so you shouldn't worry about giving up a possible relationship in advance. Go on a date and date Koreans without worrying about high expectations, but don't be surprised if a guy occasionally talks about himself in the third person, calling himself "oppa." Just keep in mind, it may follow.


Valentine's Day is nothing compared to holidays in Korea5

Valentine's Day is a special holiday in many countries. This is an excuse to show your soul mate your love and give flowers, candy or some cute trinkets. If you really love this holiday and everything connected with it, then in Korea you will feel like in paradise, as there are a lot of holidays and traditions related to love.

If you start dating a Korean, get ready for the fact that before your first anniversary there will be more than one celebration: first he will offer to celebrate the first month from the date of your acquaintance, then 100 days, 200, 300. And only then you will celebrate your first anniversary … So regular gifts, flowers and chocolate are provided for you.

Korea also has many national love holidays, which are fun to celebrate here. These holidays always fall on the 14th, perhaps it has something to do with Valentine's Day (yes, it is also celebrated in Korea). There is Kiss Day (celebrated on June 14), White Day, March 14, when it is customary to give chocolate to a partner. There are 12 such holidays in Korea, one for each month. So relationships in Korea are an endless celebration of love.

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