How To Fill Out A Form On A Dating Site Correctly

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How To Fill Out A Form On A Dating Site Correctly
How To Fill Out A Form On A Dating Site Correctly

Video: How To Fill Out A Form On A Dating Site Correctly

Video: How To Fill Out A Form On A Dating Site Correctly
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girl with red lips
girl with red lips

Now it has become much easier and more convenient to get acquainted in the virtual space than in the real one. And dating sites are growing like mushrooms after a good rain. Everyone can choose any dating site they like. But just before embarking on the main goal - acquaintance, it is necessary to fulfill one, the most important condition - to correctly fill out your profile.

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  • 1 How to fill out a profile on a dating site for a girl
  • 2 Your goals
  • 3 Show yourself in a favorable light
  • 4 What's in my name for you
  • 5 About me
  • 6 How to fill out a profile on a dating site for a guy
  • 7 No aliases
  • 8 A little about myself
  • 9 Marital status
  • 10 Financial situation
  • 11 Sexual preferences
  • 12 Step out of bounds
  • 13 Profile Pictures

How to fill out a profile on a dating site for a girl

Acquaintance online, as in real life, must be approached as responsibly as possible. If, of course, your main task is to build a serious relationship in the future. Therefore, not the slightest detail should be overlooked. Otherwise, you risk just wasting precious time, complaining about the ill-will of the villainous fate.

Your goals2

Before you start filling out your profile on one of the dating sites, try to be as honest as possible and, first of all, answer to yourself a specific question: "Whom do you hope to meet here?" A good conversationalist with whom you can have fun chatting, a guy for a serious relationship, or a wealthy man willing to pay for your whims. And then, already starting from the answer, start boldly moving towards your goal. Remember that an abstract and vague description of the qualities of the desired companion (for example, I want a real man) can stretch your search for many months or even years.

Show yourself in a favorable light3

Remember one axiom. A successful photo posted on your profile is the key to success. And to argue with this is stupid, because we all know "what men love." Well, so why not please the male eye? Ideally, if these are professional shots, and not a selfie taken in a hurry in the bathroom. When choosing a perspective, pay special attention to detail. After all, you know for sure what is best to emphasize, and what to skillfully hide from prying (and even more so male) eyes.

Nude makeup will be much preferable to war paint. It is no secret that the overwhelming majority of men cannot stand flashy and defiant makeup. And please don't need photoshop! Firstly, it really looks ridiculous, and secondly, a possible meeting in real life will still put everything in its place.

What's in my name for you?

Name is the second thing potential suitors pay attention to. This happens, of course, after they were attracted by your photos. And you can rest assured that nicknames like "sugar girl", "just darling", "mistress of your heart" and others are far behind real names.


About me5

Tell us about yourself in an interesting and exciting way. In an accessible language. Believe me, it is quite possible to fit all your advantages and best qualities into 5-6 sentences. And it is not at all necessary to write your entire biography and memoirs, starting from a conscious age. You don't want your potential chosen one to fall asleep in front of the monitor?

Another important point is to be extremely honest and frank. Therefore, if you do not understand anything about fishing, then you should not indicate it as your hobby in order to attract as many fans as possible.

Do you want to advertise your shortcomings? And you don't need to! You can always hint at them in a joking manner, thereby killing "two birds with one stone." On the one hand, you will intrigue a potential gentleman, on the other hand, you will surprise you with an excellent sense of humor.

Make sure the snapshots posted on your dating site profile match your narrative. Because "a modest and homely girl" does not really fit in with a photograph where you proudly sit at a bar with a deep neckline.

african blonde
african blonde

Write competently and confidently. And if everything is extremely clear with the first, then with the second questions often arise. No need to doubt yourself! Feel free to replace “I WOULD met” with “I’ll get acquainted”, “I would like to find” with “looking for”!

And further. From time to time, do not forget to supplement your profile and improve the text. A photo of a year ago would also be nice to update, no matter how much you liked yourself in the previous pictures.

How to fill out a profile on a dating site for a guy6

Young people, when filling out a questionnaire on dating sites, most often prefer not to bother too much. And in vain! After all, correctly submitting information about yourself is already a guarantee of success. Read below how to do this.

No aliases7

Well, or at least your fictitious nickname shouldn't look ridiculous. Do not hesitate, in 99% of cases the girl will give preference to Andrey, and not to "The Rake Runner." However, this is the very case when instead of the vulgar Sani it is worth writing at least Alex.

girl with camomile
girl with camomile

A little about myself8

To write with beautiful and mysterious epithets is the prerogative of girls. In your case, it is better to get by with a short but meaningful text.

Important! If your number 1 task is to find a girl for a serious relationship, try to write as truthfully and succinctly as possible. If you came here solely for one-time sex, you can lie and don't blush. The main thing is not to overdo it. Girls are afraid of ideal guys without a single flaw, and to a greater extent consider these characters to be fictional.

Make every effort to ensure that among the thousands of template profiles, yours stands out favorably and arouses the interest of girls.

  • Do not use profanity in your profile;
  • Do not make mistakes in the text, otherwise even the most attractive photo will not be able to correct the situation;
  • Do not overload the text with unnecessary information (everything that you would like to boast especially, you will always have time to tell in a personal conversation);
two girls on the road
two girls on the road
  • Avoid excessive self-criticism, otherwise the matter will never come to a personal conversation;
  • Don't exaggerate your own merits. The fact that as a child you were engaged in karate does not give you the right to call yourself an MMA champion;
  • Do not forget about self-irony.

Marital status9

The most interesting section for girls is in your profile. Therefore, if you really decided to fill it in, and not ignore it (as many like it), be kind - indicate the exact number of previous marriages. Naturally, without specifying the reason for the gap.

Financial situation10

Of course, you have every right to mention the presence of your own living space, a foreign car of the latest model and a stable income. But only on condition that this information is fully true.

girl on the background home
girl on the background home

Sexual preference11

This is exactly what you should not shout about to the entire audience, so as not to frighten off a potential bride. Exactly, as well as about the outstanding parameters of some parts of the body and favorite poses. The less they know, they sleep better. For now, anyway.

Step out of bounds12

Thousands of male profiles on dating sites are as alike as two peas. Your task is to break the templates. Instead of the standard banal "I like to travel" colorfully describe your last trip and do not forget to indicate that next time you intend to go there not in proud loneliness, but in the company of a lovely companion.

Profile Photo13

Girls, no less than guys, like to look at the photo of the interlocutor. It's good if you take this fact into account and add several good shots at once. Remember that the focus should be on your face, and most importantly, your eyes. Everything else - solely by mutual agreement and in private conversation.

Photo 1 (654)
Photo 1 (654)

Finding a life partner is a painstaking business and can take the lion's share of your time. Therefore, be patient, carefully study again all the above tips and boldly walk towards your goal.