Where To Meet A Guy If Tinder Already Got It

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Where To Meet A Guy If Tinder Already Got It
Where To Meet A Guy If Tinder Already Got It

Video: Where To Meet A Guy If Tinder Already Got It

Video: Where To Meet A Guy If Tinder Already Got It
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Cupid's bow
Cupid's bow

All those who have not been able to join the camp of online dating lovers. And also for those who are rather bored of the photos of unfamiliar handsome men flashing on the phone screen.

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  • 1 Get out of the house
  • 2 Airport romance
  • 3 Stadium
  • 4 Compliment a stranger
  • 5 Museum of art
  • 6 Put the phone away
  • 7 Hall help
  • 8 Knight's move
  • 9 Bookstore
  • 10 Standup
  • 11 Parks and guys with dogs
  • 12 Unexpectedly for herself
  • 13 Instagram single
  • 14 At the bar
  • 15 Smile
  • 16 Fed and watered
  • 17 Creator of his own destiny and not only
  • 18 Party
  • 19 Shocking data

How to meet a guy without opening Tinder?

Use one of the methods below.

Get out of the house i

Search on Google for various events that take place in your city and nearby cities. Concerts, exhibitions, tastings, charity events, etc., and more. Even if you live in a small town, for sure you can organize yourself a good leisure. And it is a sin for the inhabitants of megalopolises to complain about life. Stop telling everyone that the crown of celibacy hangs on you and take your destiny into your own hands. Judge for yourself - where would you most likely meet your ideal sporty and active prince? At the wine section of your convenience store or at the charity marathon next Friday?

Airport romance2

If you don't rush to the front desk, sweeping away everything in your path, you have more than enough time. How many times have you updated your Instagram feed? Close it at last and look around. Surely a couple of bored handsome men are sitting next to you. “Oh, are you going there too? Can you tell me where I should go first when our plane hits the ground? Will you be company?"


Go to a sports event with your friends. Even if you're not a fan of sports, don't take away the chance to meet some single, cute guys who are rooting for your team.

At such events, energy flows like a river. Adrenaline goes off scale. While that nice guy is in euphoria, take him lukewarm.

Compliment a stranger4

A properly made compliment can not only cheer up a person, but also contribute to the beginning of a conversation. Tell the guy in front of you what cool sneakers / watches / avocados he has in his basket. Smile and show him how friendly and cool you are.

air kiss
air kiss

Didn't it work? Well, nothing, we'll find another guy. Who has not only sneakers, but also communication skills nothing.

Museum of Art5

The topics of conversation here are simply inexhaustible - come up to the guy who is looking at this incomprehensible installation with interest and ask him about his impressions. Or go to the handsome man and tell him that you urgently need to show him something. Right now! Take him to any exhibit and mysteriously shut up. And then say, "Okay, I don't understand anything about art, I just wanted to meet you."

Even if your search for a boyfriend is not successful, you can get new impressions. And shoot cool "Stories" for Instagram, of course.

Remove the phone6

Throw it in the bottom of your bag if you hesitate to leave your pet at home. Look around. Maybe some guy is already sending you glances, but you don't notice it, because you are leafing through someone's stupid "stories"!

girl closes the phone
girl closes the phone

Hall help7

Ask your friends / colleagues / acquaintances to introduce you to someone. You can always escape from a bad date on a plausible pretext. But what if the date turns out to be very successful? You never know which of your friends goes to the same gym or lives next door to the man of your dreams.

Knight's move8

Do you already have an acquaintance with whom you are in an incomprehensible relationship? You seem to like each other, you flirt all the time, but it doesn't go further than that? Either he likes you, but he is afraid to take the first step, or he does not plan to build a relationship with you and is just flirting. If everything suits you, okay. But if you subconsciously close yourself off from other guys, because you expect action from this, it's time to dot the i's. Invite him somewhere. I agree? At last! The case got off the ground.

Refused? Well, to hell with him. But you plucked up the courage and found out everything. You can buy yourself a bucket of ice cream and a bottle of wine. But don't get carried away - we have a charity marathon on Friday, remember?


Ask the tall handsome man to get you a book from the top shelf. Or, say that you are choosing a gift for a friend and you cannot choose from two books. Ask which genres he likes best. You can give him a couple of tips. Prove that the book, according to your recommendation, is worthy of attention - sit on the sofa (in many large bookstores such small poufs are placed around the hall) and read a couple of pages.

girl in the bookstore
girl in the bookstore


Why not? Attend one of these events. Relax, laugh at the jokes. And look at pretty strangers At the same time, you will understand which of the guys present has the same sense of humor as you. Damn, he really didn't get that joke? Why is he sitting with such a stone face? Let's sweep away.

Parks and guys with dogs11

It's so cute when a man cares about someone other than himself! Handsome guys with dogs get the most matches on Tinder, that's for sure! In addition, many guys are well aware that girls bite handsome men with dogs. Maybe he doesn't mind getting to know each other himself and wanders around this park because he read a couple of articles about how to meet a girl?

Unexpectedly for myself12

Agree to an event you don't feel like going to. Try something that you yourself did not expect from yourself. Friends will be glad - at last we were able to get this wild animal out of the mink! And you can make a couple of interesting acquaintances.

party 2
party 2

Instagram uniform13

Okay, now your Insta addiction might come in handy. Did you manage to start a conversation with the guy? Offer to follow each other on Instagram. In the end, the 21st century is in the yard. Why ask for his phone number and wait for a call, when you can look through his photographs on the sly, learn more about him and find a reason to write to him?

At the bar14

Go to the bar. Alone or with friends. If you have never been to such establishments alone, such an experiment will be a way out of your comfort zone. New emotions will help you overcome your fear and you will decide to meet the guy you like. But remember about safety.

In the company of friends and girlfriends, you will feel calmer. Don't forget to shoot with your eyes and smile at the cute guys.


The haughty face of the cold, arrogant bitch is good for Instagram. But you can scare off potential boyfriends. And if you are not used to taking the initiative and are waiting for the first steps from the guys, there is a high probability that you will be left with nothing. Work on your smile. You can practice in front of the mirror.

smiling girl
smiling girl

Fed and watered16

Order a food or drink for your favorite guy. When he turns to look at you, wink at him and smile - as friendly and charming as you can.

Creator of your own destiny and not only17

Have you long dreamed of discovering your creativity and enrolling in any classes? Stop dreaming. Open the search engine, search and sign up. Several successful outcomes are possible here - you will find yourself a boyfriend; you will make yourself new friends; you will find your calling and even start making money on it; Cross out one item from the list "Make it before 30/40/70."


Classic. Friends have already stopped calling you anywhere, knowing that you will not come? Well, you still show them what an unpredictable woman you are! If you don't know almost anyone present, so much the better. Ask your friends to introduce you to free handsome men.

a party
a party

Shocking data19

British scientists have found that if you read the advice and do not apply it in practice, life does not change for the better.