Where Can You Meet A Guy In Real Life? 15 Possible Places

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Where Can You Meet A Guy In Real Life? 15 Possible Places
Where Can You Meet A Guy In Real Life? 15 Possible Places

Video: Where Can You Meet A Guy In Real Life? 15 Possible Places

Video: Where Can You Meet A Guy In Real Life? 15 Possible Places
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three funny girls
three funny girls

Dating apps are cool. In half an hour you can scroll through several dozen profiles and get the same number of likes. But sometimes we are so bored with all this virtual reality that we want to meet someone the old-fashioned way - offline.

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  • 1 This is all, of course, cool, but …
  • 2 Send him a drink
  • 3 Party
  • 4 Shop
  • 5 Queue
  • 6 Volunteering
  • 7 Coffee shop
  • 8 Walking the dog
  • 9 Metro
  • 10 Sports united
  • 11 Pending
  • 12 Supermarket
  • 13 Classes, courses, trainings
  • 14 Gym
  • 15 Call a matchmaker
  • 16 Holiday romance
  • 17 Which is better?

This is all cool, of course, but … i

Some people don't like all the online dating fuss. Many people feel uncomfortable seeing only a photograph in front of them, a couple of lines in the "about myself" section and two buttons - "skip" and "like".

But even loyal fans of "Tinder" sometimes need to take a break and try to get to know someone without using swipes and likes. And true romantics think with horror about how to answer the question "How did you meet in the future?"

"Well, we swiped each other and somehow it started spinning."

What are the advantages of live dating? First, after all, you have an interesting story to tell the children. And parents. And even grandparents. And secondly, when leafing through the questionnaires in the application, it is very easy to miss an interesting person simply because you did not like him in the photographs. And if you meet in person, a sudden spark may run between you, which will very soon flare up at full power.

Well, enough prefaces. Let's move on to action.

Send him a drink2

Ask the waiter what drink the handsome guy over there is drinking at that table. And send him the same on your own behalf.

This is what Erica Gordon, the author of the Elite Daily, did. She decided to do it as an experiment and see what happens. Having received a beer from Erica, the man sat down at her table and thanked her. They talked and exchanged numbers. The guy praised Erica for her courage and said that he had never received drinks from girls before.


There are so many nice and free guys at parties! But what are the girls doing at this time? They spend the evening modestly with their friends, embarrassed to approach a nice guy. A typical mistake.

If you want a guy to notice you, you need to move from your nook to a more strategically advantageous location. The fridge with drinks and a table with treats is a very good place. During the evening, there will be dozens of guys next to you. Try this tactic - when you see a guy with a half-empty glass, tell him that you are going for another cocktail and ready to help him fill the glass.

Katy Perry last Friday Night
Katy Perry last Friday Night

Take the most relaxed and sociable of your friends to the party. If none of your tactics work, ask them for help. Let them walk up to a nice guy and introduce you elegantly - "Hey, I want to introduce you to my girlfriend!"


Especially the one that sells all sorts of things for home and renovation. Catch the eye of a guy looking for something on the shelves. Go to him and ask for advice. Like, you don't know how to hang new shelves in the living room.

Then you can move on to topics such as home decoration, renovation, and more. Ask what he buys and why. Develop this theme. And then goodbye is not far away.


A great opportunity to start a conversation. It doesn't matter where exactly fate brought you together. It doesn't matter if he is standing in front of you or behind you. Don't waste time and start a conversation.

GIF queue
GIF queue

It's very, very boring to stand in lines. Therefore, it is highly likely that he will finally be distracted from the screen of his phone and maintain a conversation. An option for brave girls - standing in line at a cafe, pat him on the shoulder and say, "If I buy that chocolate cake over there, will you try it with me?"


There are many lonely guys among the volunteers. And besides, there is a great chance to meet a guy who is not ashamed to introduce even to his mother. Kind, caring and just good in every way - definitely, mom will be happy.

If you are in the same group, talk to him and tell him that you plan to participate in such and such an event at such and such a time. Ask if he wants to join you.

Coffee house7

Many successful and entrepreneurial men work in coffee shops. In the morning, afternoon and late evening - you can meet lonely, hardworking handsome men at any time of the day. And besides, if we are talking about a very popular institution, there is an opportunity to be with this handsome man at the same table. "Ah, there are absolutely no free seats, can I sit down with you?"

baby on the drive
baby on the drive

Tell them you urgently need a power outlet to charge your phone and laptop. And - what a coincidence! - it is at the table of this coffee prince that there is one. When you find yourself at the same table, it will be easier to start a dialogue. For example, you can invite him to try your favorite cake.

Walking the dog8

Parks (including specialized ones for walking dogs) are a great place to meet. If you don't have your four-legged friend, invite your friends to stay at home today and rent your pet to you.

How to start a conversation? There are tons of options - “It seems our dogs have become friends. Maybe we can exchange numbers and meet again? " or “He seems to like you. And he is not very loving, consider it a compliment."


Public transport is a place where you have to be side by side with strangers. And this can play into our hands. Sit down with a nice guy and start a conversation. Topic? Anything you can think of. Tell me you're lost. Or ask him what book he is reading. It is likely that your small talk will lead to an exchange of contacts.

girl in the subway
girl in the subway

Sports united10

Go to football, basketball, baseball, hockey, or any other game. Or visit a sports bar nearby. There will be one hundred percent nice guys who have no one to invite on a date. And if the match turns out to be boring, you can devote all the time to talking. Or move to another location.

If you are a fan of one team, this is already a plus. Common interests are a great topic of conversation. But what if you "drown" for different teams? In general, everything is the same - flirt, make fun of each other and place bets. The one whose team loses invites the other on a date.


Airport, train station or queue at the dentist's office - any location will do. Girls believe that in order to speak to a stranger, it is imperative to find a plausible excuse. To hell with pretexts! You have enough free time, you are in no hurry. So spend it profitably - communicating with each other.


We don't know where your ideal man is right now. We don't know where to meet him. He may not fly by plane, not go to hockey games, not sit in a cafe and prefer a car to public transport. But he goes to supermarkets, right?

supermarket girl
supermarket girl

Starting a conversation at the grocery store is easy. Ask where he found this or that product. Or help the guy with a choice, if you see that the variety of foods puts him in a stupor.

In addition, there are queues at any store. You remember how to meet people in lines, right?

Classes, courses, trainings13

New acquaintances, new impressions and the opportunity to meet a dozen of your soulmates in the evening are the reasons why you should start leaving your home somewhere further than the store around the corner.

In a language course, for example, you can spank Zi Deutsch or Parla Wu fransenit with a nice guy. A great opportunity to show him how smart, funny, and interesting you are.

But do not forget to complete the instructor's assignment.


A huge number of couples meet in the gym. And this is despite the fact that at this moment you are not wearing a three-layer makeup, perfect styling and a dress with a neckline. There is a special atmosphere in the gyms. And starting a conversation with a guy there is not difficult at all. You can use a trivial tactic - say that you just can't figure out the simulator. Or compliment a guy's fitness.

crazy professor
crazy professor

Call a matchmaker15

You probably have a couple of friends eager to introduce you to someone. Why not take a chance? Better to survive a bad date than to keep sitting at home and groaning that the villainous fate is giving out cool men to everyone but you.

Your close friends know you and your tastes well. Perhaps something will come of this pandering?

Holiday romance16

On vacation, we look and behave a little differently than in ordinary life. And besides, most resort romances end at the same time as the vacation. It is worth remembering this and not creating illusions. Relax and enjoy the conversation with the guys. Who knows - maybe you will change not only your marital status, but also your place of residence?

Which is better? 17

Online dating or offline meetings? There is no single answer to this question. Both ways of finding a mate have their advantages and disadvantages. What should you do specifically? Try all the options and enjoy the process.

Cool guys do not flow under a lying stone, if that.