People Talk About How They Arrange Online Dating Via Skype And Zoom

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People Talk About How They Arrange Online Dating Via Skype And Zoom
People Talk About How They Arrange Online Dating Via Skype And Zoom

Video: People Talk About How They Arrange Online Dating Via Skype And Zoom

Video: People Talk About How They Arrange Online Dating Via Skype And Zoom
Video: How To Do A Video Date Confidently. | Virtual Dating During Quarantine 2023, March
shocked girl
shocked girl

Cyber dating is a great outlet for couples who are far apart. Quarantine, long distance relationships, and just the desire to try something new - there are tons of reasons why you need to master the art of online romance right now.

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  • 1 Skype or Zoom?
  • 2 From personal experience
  • 3 Online Dating Ideas

Skype or Zoom? Skype_Zoom

Let's look at the pros and cons of these programs.

Pros of Zoom:

  • In general, the Zuma has a good connection quality. If both interlocutors have high-quality and fast Internet, the problem of disconnection will not be too acute.
  • Users note that Zoom is faster than Skype and uses Internet traffic very economically.
  • Zoom consumes less RAM. It is very important for those users who have at their disposal low-power smartphones and laptops with extremely clogged memory.
  • Zoom has the ability to draw on a special board right inside the program. You can exchange notes and drawings during your date.

Cons of Zoom:

  • The app is just starting to gain popularity. For the most part, it is not used for romantic rendezvous, but for business conferences and studies. The program is little studied, and students and schoolchildren, who have tasted the bitter fruit of distance learning, curse the application and its creators to the seventh generation.
  • Zoom is not a completely secure communication platform. A couple of scandals have already been discussed on the web that have questioned the confidentiality of calls in the application.

And now let's move on to the analysis of the native and familiar Skype.

Pros of Skype:

  • Skype is much more familiar than the newfangled Zuma. It is possible that you and your partner already have this program installed on your smartphone or computer.
  • Skype is safer. It has fewer vulnerabilities than Zoom.
  • It has a fairly simple and intuitive interface.
guy with phones
guy with phones

Cons of Skype:

It "devours" a lot of resources, which is inconvenient for weak gadgets

If you don't need any group conferences or business meetings with dozens of participants, you can choose any of these programs. Just choose the platform that is more convenient for both of you.

Personal experience

Still in doubt? Read these stories and see that Zoom dating (Whatsapp, FaceTime, and other video chat services) is a great alternative to boring and familiar dates.

“I love Zoom because here I can be myself and not be afraid that people will judge me by my appearance. No need to spend a lot of time preparing - a cute hat and sweater will do the trick. And if the date is so-so, you will not regret the time and money spent on drinks, food, and so on.”- Abigail, 25

girl takes a selfie
girl takes a selfie

“I loved FaceTime dating even before the pandemic. And after it I will continue in the same spirit. And now it is generally very easy to find people who do not mind meeting in a video chat - after all, there are simply no other opportunities at the moment. People aren't exactly eager to invite me to video chats. But this idea does not seem strange to them. I'm more of an introverted extrovert. I have no problems with this - I can easily communicate with people in real life. I like this video check so that I can be sure if there is chemistry between us or not. And I don't have to waste time meeting with a person with whom I have nothing to talk about,”- Michel, 24

“I am an absolute introvert and I really love the Internet, so I feel absolutely comfortable communicating with people online. And even when the pandemic is over, I will continue to "go" on Zoom dates. I prefer Zoom Whatsapp and Facetime because I don't have to give out my phone number. It is enough just to throw a link to a stranger. I love Zoom more than even video chatting dating apps.”- Peggy, 27

“I'm a huge fan of these pre-date test calls, so even after the pandemic is over, I will not change my habits. Why are these anticipated calls good? I can check if there is chemistry between us. And I don't even need to put on makeup and dress up for that. As for real dates, five minutes is enough for me to understand whether I want to continue communicating with this person or not. For that matter, I'd rather have a bad five minute call over a two hour bad date.”- Jane, 26

girl in the phone on the bench
girl in the phone on the bench

“I prefer real Zoom dates. I am a travel blogger and men, initially interested, often "merge" and begin to avoid me. It seems to them that I am not looking for anything serious. Although in everyday life I often attract strange guys - this is, apparently, the fate of all girls in their twenties. For me, a guy who is okay with dating at Zoom is most likely patient, mature, adequate and just a good guy from all sides.”- Gabby, 24

“I love dating at Zoom because you can easily tell if you have chemistry or not even before you even go on a real date. A kind of digital prelude. I prefer using Zoom for the first date. I also bother with my appearance. And for the third date, when you are already comfortable with each other, you can use FaceTime. I will not give up online dating when the pandemic is over. Yes, I love all those funny and awkward first dates in real life, but still I love the idea of first dates at Zoom too much.”- Lou, 26

“It always seemed to me that I would like real dates more than online meetings. But for the past two weeks, I've been in a FaceTime conversation with a person we met at Hinge. And this is so great! We have reached a level that I have not been able to achieve with others in two years. All of these video calls help us get to know each other before physical attraction comes into play. We will correspond and call up until we have the opportunity to leave the house. There's something old-fashioned about it, but I love it.”- Delaney, 24

girl with cardboard heart
girl with cardboard heart

“In fact, I loved using FaceTime and Snapchat for online dating even before the coronavirus. Now it's my tradition to have at least one video meeting before the first date. People used to think so strange. But thanks to Covid-19, we have changed our views. And I like these changes. Why not spend your first date in the most comfortable environment - at home? I don't have to yearn for my food or sip on a drink if the date turns out to be boring and I want to somehow kill time. And you don't have to decide who to pay the bill to. The more people start trying online dating, the sooner it will become the norm. At least I hope so.”- Victoria, 21

Online Dating Ideas2

We chose the platform, phoned, and the date began. Here you sit, staring at each other and not sure what to do. Calm down! We've sketched out a couple of ideas for you.

PS In fact, as many as eleven ideas.

Travel together

Take a stroll through the most famous museums in the world or take a trip anywhere in the world. You can discuss your impressions and dream about the future joint vacation in any of the above applications. Keep two gadgets at hand - a laptop (tablet) and a smartphone.

girl with a phone in curlers
girl with a phone in curlers

Dance studio

We call on the video link and open any training channel on Youtube. Waltz, salsa, break dance - whatever. The main thing in a burst of inspiration is not to step on a cat that suddenly arrived in time for your party.

Sports couple

Especially true for sports fans. We met in the gym, regularly went to the barbell, and now you don’t know what to do with yourself? Put on your sportswear and go. Set up a gym at your home. The number of workouts per week is up to you.

Pair date

This is where applications that support group video calls come in handy. We make an appointment with friends, buy wine and goodies and put on something beautiful, creating a festive atmosphere. Throw a party in your pajamas? Threatened that you will quickly kick the intruder out of the chat.


You can use video calls or use sites to watch movies together. Don't forget to buy / order / cook goodies.

girl with hat
girl with hat

Romantic dinner

Prepare candles, wine, and delicious food. Place it all in front of the laptop screen. Yes, you cannot touch your other half. But you can still look each other in the eye, enjoy delicious food and leisurely conversations.

The dress code is at your discretion. You can try to recreate the images in which you were on your first date. Makeup, hair, clothes, and even the smell of perfume will help create the right atmosphere.

Don't show it to Gordon Ramsay

Get involved in preparing a joint dinner. If you both love experimenting, try making something special. Comment on each other's actions, make fun of your culinary skills and blow kisses to each other.

Dress? Hmmm. How about a nude apron?

You can arrange a challenge. The loser would-be chef must fulfill any desire of the winner.

girl on white background
girl on white background


Well, you get the idea. Dancing, watching movies and culinary masterpieces, but in the genre "for adults".

To know each other

Play Never Have I Ever or take a questionnaire or two. For example, "36 questions to fall in love with anyone." This is a collection of questions that will help you get to know not only your partner better, but also yourself. You are guaranteed to have something to think about after this experiment.

Listen to podcasts

Educational lectures on any topic - from politics and feminism to sex and relationships. Discuss, argue, laugh. Time will fly by quickly.

cheerful girl on a blue background
cheerful girl on a blue background

Wine tasting

And sincere conversations. Stock up on cheese, fruit, and chocolate. Indulge in dreams of how one day you will sit also, opposite each other, but already in Paris. Well, or wherever you two dream of flying for a romantic weekend.

PS Is it possible to arrange a date online? If you have high-quality Internet and a sincere desire to spend time with your loved one, then the distance will not be able to hinder you.

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