145 Cool Statuses About Yourself For A Dating Site

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145 Cool Statuses About Yourself For A Dating Site
145 Cool Statuses About Yourself For A Dating Site

Video: 145 Cool Statuses About Yourself For A Dating Site

Video: 145 Cool Statuses About Yourself For A Dating Site
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statuses for dating site
statuses for dating site

If you are thinking about what to write in your profile on a dating site - then this article is definitely for you. Here you will find a huge collection of funny, romantic and sassy statuses that will enhance your profile.

The content of the article

  • 1 Statuses about personal qualities and preferences
  • 2 About your preferences
  • 3 About beliefs and life principles
  • 4 Daring phrases
  • 5 Statuses that reveal personality
  • 6 Funny sayings
  • 7 On the topic of beauty and attractiveness
  • 8 How to compose your status: 3 useful templates

Statuses about personal qualities and preferences

  • In this life I am stable and balanced. But I'm ready to let you knock me off my feet.
  • I am the one who is ready to kiss you in the rain.
  • I am what I am.
  • Sometimes I'm old-fashioned. I still believe in romance, bouquets of roses, kisses of hands.
  • I don't smoke or drink, and I don't have a Sabbath every weekend. Yes, people like me still exist.
  • Nice and correct guys always have bad luck? Let's prove that it is not!
  • I am strong, kind, smart, funny. They say that even amazing. So isn't that what you were looking for?
  • Not very smart and not too gifted. Except for love and all the affairs associated with it.
  • If there is a storm of life, I will not escape from the ship.
  • I want to inspire and be inspired.
  • I am here to find love and give love in return.
  • I guarantee you won't find one better than me.
  • Don't let anyone ruin your day! I would be glad if you would let me improve it.
  • I wish to belong to a man who solves problems, and does not create new ones.
  • In principle, I can remain silent; but the point is that there is no such principle.
  • I do not cry and do not fall into a blues - there is no time for this; I need to go to my dreams and enjoy every day.
  • I know how to trust - I promise that I will not try to impose my opinion on you about what you can do and what not.
  • I appreciate the nice little things.
  • I'm already an adult … No, I still love to watch ads and don't understand how to fill out receipts!
  • They say that I am far from ideal. But I have a different opinion: I think that this ideal is far from me.
Statuses about yourself
Statuses about yourself
  • I am like a child in a kindergarten: if you don't pick me up right now, you will have to play in another sandbox.
  • I don't care about the black stripes in your destiny: I can whiten them.
  • I am happiness itself!
  • I am often told that God is my judge. But in this case, the Devil acts as a lawyer …
  • You can't just pass me by in real life. You will certainly look up and stumble over the curb.
  • Mom gave birth to me beautiful, life made me harsh.
  • I won't run after you - heels get in the way. Therefore, do not pretend to be a muslin young lady.
  • If you're looking for a girl you can't live without - congratulations, she's here.
  • I do not suffer from shame or conscience - there is nothing superfluous in my character.
  • I can talk about myself for hours.
  • Of course, I'm not a queen. But the crown is a miracle for me.
  • Here I am the queen. Dissatisfied - look for another Universe.
  • I am sweetness itself. It's just that in infancy, my mother dropped me in sugar syrup …
The best statuses about yourself
The best statuses about yourself
  • Send me to hell? The devil is not a pity?
  • I have my own, unique path to happiness. I don't listen to other people's advice on how to build a route.
  • I am convinced that a person will always be able to find time for everything that is important and valuable to him.
  • I dream of such a winter that there is no time left for TV shows and the Internet.
  • Tell me what happiness is. And I will understand what you lack in life.
  • Relationships are needed to make dreams come true together. And not dream about who else you can fulfill them with.
  • Relationships are of course important to me; but money, status and appearance are also not in the last place.

About your preferences 2

  • I want to make the rest of my life the best time possible. If you want to take part - write.
  • I wish you to become a whole world for you - so that you yourself will be surprised at your desires.
  • I am looking for someone who will watch movies with me on weekends.
  • I need a guy who knows how to love and cooks well. And if you look good in jeans, then generally great!
  • My goal is a long-term relationship.
  • I dream of falling madly in love.
  • I want to live happily ever after.
girls in suits
girls in suits
  • I am looking for a person who will be afraid of losing me.
  • I want to build my future with the right person.
  • I dream of finding someone who will wish me good morning and good night.
  • I need a man who will generously give me compliments.
  • I am looking for a person who is not inclined to rush things.
  • I need someone with whom I can be myself.
  • I'm looking for a guy with whom you can play plenty of Xbox.
  • I need a man who is attentive to the little things.
  • I want you to love me without limits, trust me without fear and hug me without asking!
  • I need a loyal man with whom I will feel safe.
  • I am looking for an optimist in love with life.
  • Do you have goals and big ambitions? We are on the way.
  • If you are not indifferent to animals, write!

On beliefs and life principles 3

  • Being happy is when your desires are fulfilled.
  • The best time for new beginnings is today.
  • I believe in true love.
  • A person is able to survive both bad and good - the main thing is that there is a soul mate nearby.
Dating site statuses
Dating site statuses
  • I believe that you are looking for me too.
  • Honest relationships are more important than perfect relationships.
  • I won't say that living with me is easy; but i promise it's worth it!
  • I'm too pretty to be alone.
  • I can give you a sea of love.
  • The outer beauty will disappear, but the good heart will remain forever.
  • I cannot call myself an artist; but still I paint my dreams. I cannot say that I am a writer, but I am still writing a novel of my life.
  • Deep down, each of us knows ourselves - and I am ready to share my world with those who appreciate it.
  • You can upset me. But you can't play with me.
  • The most important component of my beauty is great character.
  • Yes, sometimes I have bad days. But I deal with everything with my smile.

Daring Phrases 4

  • Threesome lover? No, if I want to disappoint two, I'd rather have dinner with my parents.
  • Don't ask to "send some photos". Better feed me, cheer me up and then undress - be a man, after all.
  • In fact, even 500 girls can't match me in wit. So for now, just look at my photos.
Best statuses for dating site
Best statuses for dating site
  • You ask why I am on this site? I want to date your dad, kid.
  • Your parents will love me. And the neighbors are not.
  • Account updates "Masha V 2.0": minor character bugs fixed; response to messages is accelerated; added a new bikini photo; English-speaking support is set up.
  • Let's be honest: my bikini photo doesn't mean I'm looking for long-term relationships or friends.
  • Your friends will hate me because I will control every detail of your life.
  • I am a designer from the capital who loves to drink and draws a lot, a lot. Yes, not quite an ordinary person.
  • If you can eat more McDonald's hamburgers than I do, I promise to make you happy. But this is unlikely.
  • I don't get emotionally attached after sex.
  • If you can't handle me, you better leave, because I always behave horribly.
  • I know where you think. But I'm still afraid that you will explode with excitement at the sight of me.
  • I will console you if you have problems in your relationship with your mom.
Statuses for dating sites
Statuses for dating sites
  • Do you like protein shakes? You have half a brain in your head, so how much muscle is there? Doing squats while in the gym at three in the morning? Write - you are the one I'm looking for.
  • They say that representatives of the stronger sex love attractive and at the same time inaccessible ladies. I'm going to put on a dress, get my nails done, and then lock myself in the closet!
  • I am a heavenly woman who is able to plunge you into hell and then raise you back to heaven. But do not forget that I will also become a purgatory for your pockets …
  • Boy, know that if the horse told you that you are crazy, there is no doubt about it.
  • My place is in the kitchen. Where I sit in a luxurious armchair and get a manicure.
  • I think it's time for me to lose my naturalness …

Statuses that reveal personality 5

  • I am a lovely lady and a highly qualified scientist.
  • I paint and dress beautifully, despite the length of the relationship.
  • I consider kindness as my highest priority.
  • A country girl disguised as an urban intellectual.
girl with tattoo
girl with tattoo
  • Passion and ambition haunt me.
  • I love dancing in the rain.
  • In my thoughts I sing in the voice of Shakira.
  • Dream about the best - then it will come true!
  • I am not ideal, but my dog has a different opinion.
  • I love to travel.
  • To live is to constantly step out of your comfort zone.
  • I'm not proud. We, the princes, are simple people.
  • I love to smile - this is the easiest way to show my contentment with life.
  • I adore three people in this life: myself, me … well, also that brilliant beauty in the mirror.
  • I have an undeniable advantage - I never create problems for anyone.

Funny Sayings 6

  • Looking for a bad girl? I admit I'm bad at everything.
  • Guys, if you are eating me with your eyes, I’ll ask you one thing: try not to slurp at least.
  • Do not hang me on the ears even at the stage of dating. And then I'll hang it on your horns …
Statuses about yourself
Statuses about yourself
  • I'm looking for a simple guy, not a prince. With my sciatica, it will not work out to constantly bend under the person of royal blood!
  • Our me? Now try to hide …
  • I have a very good character. It is you men who have weak nerves …
  • I am an ordinary girl. At first I don’t think about anything, and then I start thinking why I didn’t think then, when it was just necessary to think.
  • I don't like money. I get rid of them at cosmic speed.
  • I adhere to the rule of life for French women: you can't please everyone; because all people cannot have perfect taste.
  • I don't know who you are and what you are looking for. But I have no money. But there are skills that I have acquired over my long career - and which I can try on you …

On the topic of beauty and attractiveness7

  • I want you to complement me: I am beautiful, and you are smart.
  • It's hard to say if beauty will really save the world. However, if she, like me, is combined with a sense of humor, there is no doubt about it.
  • I want to sleep on a man's shoulder to have a proud posture.
  • Give me your love, and I will decorate this world.
  • It is harmful to be sad a lot; I believe that a healthy dose of indifference to what is happening is the key to female beauty!
  • 99% of female beauty is a product of male fantasy
  • Hair with the smell of caramel, eyes - sweet as honey, dreams - like powdered sugar … I am very sweet for you.
  • Do not be afraid of my beauty. I do not bite.
Statuses for dating sites
Statuses for dating sites
  • I'm chasing beauty, but I don't go too far.
  • My beauty is deceiving. That is why you have to follow her every now and then.
  • You don't have to be pretty. A man must first be a man.
  • I know the enemies of female beauty by sight: this is the kitchen and the garden.
  • Write to me soon, while your competitors have blinded their eyes from my beauty.
  • Admire my legs - those like them at one time turned more than one page in world history!
  • Excessively beautiful, moderately smart.
  • I am beautiful and free, but that does not mean that I am available.
  • Received beauty from the Lord, and from the Devil himself - mind. So not to love me is simply a sin …
  • I'm a doll, yes, you're right: I'll powder my cheeks and paint my eyes. Call me - I'm ready for a fairy tale.
The best statuses about yourself
The best statuses about yourself
  • My main beauty secret is love of life. And to myself, as to the manifestation of life on Earth.
  • My job is hard to be a Goddess. But still I try to cope.
  • I am too beautiful to even think about conscience …
  • Yes, I have pumped up lips and fake eyelashes. But I am honest, and my personality, unlike many, is real.
  • My beauty is the power that will transform your life into paradise.
  • Women's logic is this: "A beauty like me cannot be wrong."
  • I am a dear woman. With a car, in pearls … I am looking for a worthy pair.

How to compose your status: 3 useful templates __3

Well, if among the listed you did not like anything, you can draw up the status yourself. To do this, you can use one of the following examples.

Unusual statuses for a dating site
Unusual statuses for a dating site
  • Three things. Describe three key aspects of your personality - hobbies (work), interests and goals. For example: you are a doctor who loves fishing and is looking for a partner for a permanent relationship. So write: “I am a good ophthalmologist, but not so-so fisherman. I am looking for someone who is ready to spend years with me on the shore of the lake."
  • "Ask me about …". Think about your interests and create a phrase with this beginning. For example, you like cross stitching. Your status may sound like “Ask me about cross stitching”.
  • "Write to me about how you feel about …". Here you ask a potential acquaintance to tell you about something interesting. The phrase makes it much easier to start a dialogue, and may look, for example, like this: "Write me what you think about Beethoven's music."

We hope that you have found a couple of suitable statuses for yourself, and we wish you success in your love career!

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