TOP 20 Life Hacks How To Please A Girl

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TOP 20 Life Hacks How To Please A Girl
TOP 20 Life Hacks How To Please A Girl

Video: TOP 20 Life Hacks How To Please A Girl

Video: TOP 20 Life Hacks How To Please A Girl
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girl on a pink background with glasses
girl on a pink background with glasses

Read this article carefully and take action. Even the coolest theory is nothing without practice.

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1 How do girls like them? TOP 20

Below you will find a list of the most common male mistakes.

We offer you a deal - we give you advice and recommendations, and you do everything so as not to screw up.


How do girls like it? TOP 20_20


Friendship often spills over into relationships. But this happens only when both "friends" are interested in taking the relationship to a new level.

If you are not sure that the girl has sympathy for you, do not step on this slippery slope.

No need to humbly sit on the sidelines and try to be her best friend. There is a great risk that everything will end up not at all the way you imagined it - your beauty will run on dates and tell you in colors about her impressions and relationships with other, more efficient guys.

Behave like the guy she could fall in love with - look after her, ask her out on dates. Your relationship depends on you and how you put yourself - if you behave like her friend, she is unlikely to see you as her future boyfriend.


There is no need to go to extremes. What mistakes do guys make? They behave emphatically cold and indifferent, so as not to seem too intrusive. They are waiting for the girl to guess everything herself, fall in love with them and fall at their feet. Does this tactic work? Girls who are okay with self-esteem are not.

The second common mistake is trying to desperately win the heart of your beloved, filling all her space with yourself. It looks pathetic and asexual.

Learn to balance - show her that you like her. But do not forget to mind your own business and give her a break from yourself. Why? Read on.

Girl in glasses
Girl in glasses

You are my Everything

Adoration is flattering. It caresses our ego and raises self-esteem. But sooner or later it gets boring.

A guy gets bored with a girl who looks into his mouth and dissolves into it. Forgets about himself and loses himself as a person, turning into a faded shadow.

Oddly enough, the same thing happens to girls. A guy who, having entered a relationship, stops abruptly in development, begins to frantically irritate.


Achieve success in different areas of your life. You can sing in your beloved's ears as much as you like about how ambitious and successful you are.

But if your words are not supported by actions, the girl will begin to suspect that something is wrong here.

girls in face masks
girls in face masks

Give her emotions

When you finally decide to invite her to a rendezvous, come up with something original. Spend a couple of hours of your time not fantasizing about your stormy night, but organizing the date of her dreams. A picnic in the park, a rooftop date, or a sudden weekend trip to another city all require careful preparation. You don't want to screw up, do you?


It works with everyone - both boys and girls. If a guy sees that other guys are throwing greedy glances at his beloved, instincts wake up in him. And interest - “Well, well, well. I'm not the only one who likes her. She must be mine!"

Girls have the same thing. If she sees that other ladies are interested in you, she will become interested.

Remember the previous points? Do not stop in development, take care of yourself and do not dissolve in your beloved.

Fake hero

A guy with high self-esteem doesn't brag about his success right and left. What for? Recognition of your success by other people is great, of course. But someone else's praise is not an end in itself for such a guy.

girl shows muscles
girl shows muscles

If you really want to demonstrate your talents - show them. But not in word, but in deed. And come on without cheap show-off, please.

Take an interest in her

Ask her and listen. Ask interesting questions that will help you get to know her better. Be a little more original than her many fans.

Show her that you are interested in her.

Don't interrupt her or make fun of her thoughts, feelings, and plans. Your dialogue should be lively and two-way. A little flirting won't hurt - do you remember the first point?


Look into her eyes. When you speak yourself and when you listen to it. When you talk about something serious and when you try to make her laugh.

You do not need to drill it with a look. Especially if you just met, and her hand is already reaching for the pepper spray in her bag.


Casual and confident. Hug her goodbye, help her down the stairs. Straighten her hair and tell her how nice it is to the touch.

Girl in glasses
Girl in glasses

Physical contact is the foundation of any relationship. They will help break the ice and spark sexual interest between you.


Give her sincere compliments. Show her that you find her very, very attractive. At the very least, she will be pleased and you will evoke positive emotions in her.

As a maximum, she will finally begin to view you as a guy with whom you can not just be friends. Her looks, her talents and other aspects of her personality - show that you make her stand out from the rest.

Far-reaching plans

Intrigue her with the prospect of your cool future together. Do not press on her and do not frighten her. Let it be something like "It would be great to have a picnic in such a fancy place."

Get her to start fantasizing about your possible relationship. Let her draw a picture in her head.

girl takes a selfie
girl takes a selfie

And she should like this picture.

Can you handle it?


Even if you are smart, charming and have an amazing sense of humor, do not miss the opportunity to add a pair of glasses and work on your appearance.

“Girls love with their ears” - you soothe yourself by putting on a sweater that you have not crawled out of for five years.

I don't want to upset you, but girls also fall for handsome men.

These are such insidious women.

Learn to speak

And competently convey your thought. Develop, read, be interested in different topics. Girls love to listen to men who can talk.

girl happy on pink background
girl happy on pink background

If you stumble and talk nonsense from interjections, hardly anyone will listen to you. And you will not win the heart of your princess.


Alpha males, who, surrounded by friends, begin to behave rudely with a girl, cause nothing but pity and disgust. If you want a girl to respect you and consider you a man, behave yourself with dignity.

You should be friendly and welcoming with her always - both alone and in the company of friends (her, yours or yours). Otherwise, you have one road - to a psychotherapist. Let him sort your cockroaches until the girl finds herself someone adequate.


If you decide to discuss your exes, okay. When she complains to you about her ex-boyfriend, listen to her carefully. You have to remember all the schools of your predecessor. In order not to repeat them, of course.

Girl in glasses
Girl in glasses

Never throw mud on your ex-girlfriends. Throw out your grievances elsewhere. What happened is gone. You wished your ex all the best and let her go in peace.

“And in general, enough about the former. Let's take some coffee with us and walk to the park on foot. By the way, you look amazing in this dress."


Chat. Watch her story and react to them. Like her photos, send her songs and funny pictures and interesting posts.

This is the twenty-first century, honey. He dictates his own rules of the game. Remember the sense of proportion - you do not need to overwhelm her with messages and react to her every post on the social network.

Your communication should not be limited to only personal contacts. And vice versa - what's the point in your intimate correspondence, if when you meet you pretend that you don't know each other?

girl with balloons
girl with balloons

Common interests

We like people with whom we have common interests, views and thoughts. Soul mates and all.

Unobtrusively let her know that you have a lot in common. Talk about your favorite music, a new episode of your favorite TV series, or your dreams of moving to your dream country.

It will be much easier for her to trust you if she feels comfortable with you.

Make her laugh

No need to retell memorized jokes. Better tell a funny story from personal experience. Learn to laugh at yourself - then you can subtly beat any awkward situation.

A sense of humor is the key to a girl's heart.

girl blows a bubble
girl blows a bubble

Little things

Memorize all these little things that she tells you about. Her birthday, her favorite book, a song that always cheers her up, her favorite type of coffee, etc.

You can be infinitely gallant, but what good is it if you feed her cake with nuts to which she is allergic, or invite me to the movies for a melodrama, even though she told you three hundred times that she loves horror movies?

Pay attention to her, give her vivid emotions and make her feel special. Make her laugh, hug her and tell her how beautiful she is.

Express your sympathy with words and back it up with actions.

And she will not resist.