A Man Hides A Girl Or What Is Love In Secret

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A Man Hides A Girl Or What Is Love In Secret
A Man Hides A Girl Or What Is Love In Secret

Video: A Man Hides A Girl Or What Is Love In Secret

Video: A Man Hides A Girl Or What Is Love In Secret
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The relationship between a man and a woman is always built on trust. But what about a girl when her chosen one hides their relationship from friends and family? Secret relationships always look suspicious and cause a lot of confusion. And no matter how a woman wants to justify a man's behavior, from the outside it looks frivolous and stupid. Why does a man hide his girlfriend and what drives his desire not to tell anyone his love story?

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  • 1 He doesn't take relationships seriously.
  • 2 Troubled friends
  • 3 Lack of friends
  • 4 Recently ended relationship
  • 5 You are not alone
  • 6 He values your relationship very much.
  • 7 He's ashamed of you
  • 8 you wind yourself up

He doesn't take the relationship lightly

It's best to start with the bad news right away. And no matter how sad it is, most likely the man simply does not take the relationship with the girl seriously or even thinks that there is no relationship. If you have been together for more than a month, and he still has not introduced you to friends or just pets, this is a sure sign that it's time to end the relationship. Even worse, when a girl completely trusts him, opens her soul and brings mutual friends to the company, and in return receives only gratitude. With such a person, you will simply waste your time.

Dysfunctional Friends2

This option also takes place. And it is likely that he is just shy about introducing you to his friends, since they are not entirely normal or just idiots. In this case, the situation can be viewed from the other side. Perhaps a man values your relationship so much that he is afraid to destroy this fragile world. If you still want to know his social circle, make it clear that you are ready to accept him by anyone, even with your foolish friends.

Lack of friends3

A man hides a girl simply because there is no one to show her. It so happens that a person has no friends. And this is his legitimate desire - it's just comfortable to be alone. There are, of course, a couple of acquaintances or work colleagues, but he is not going to devote them to his personal life.

the guy hides the girl
the guy hides the girl

Recently ended relationship4

If a man has recently ended the relationship, then being a gentleman, he simply does not want to hurt his ex-lover. So it is accepted among the "former", if the partners have no purpose to annoy each other. In this case, it is quite logical to hide a new relationship, and you should not be offended by a man without clarifying the situation. Just give a little time for the relationship to get stronger, and you can make sure of the right choice. "The time of the ex" will pass, and he will definitely stop hiding your relationship.

You are not alone5

Another bad news, and by the way, quite common among modern men. And the man hides the girl from another girl, and maybe from a third. And finding out with whom else your chosen one to share the bed is very easy. Fortunately, social networks and all kinds of instant messengers allow you to track page views and likes. Not found? Great - get busy. Found it? Immediately cut off all connections and throw the womanizer out of your head forever.

He values your relationship very much6

From bad news to good news. Maybe a man is hiding a girl simply because he is afraid of losing her? This is usually done by men with low self-esteem, who most of all are afraid that their best friend will take you with him. Perhaps such a jealous person was caught by you? Think carefully, do you need a relationship where you will be jealous of every pillar? What about general photos? What about walks with friends? No, it's better to have two at home, in a robe and darkness. What if someone steals from under your nose such a treasure as you?

the guy is hiding the relationship
the guy is hiding the relationship

He's ashamed of you 7

Despite the fact that you are in a relationship and often spend time together, a man may hesitate to bring you out. Considers insufficiently educated, well-groomed, stylishly dressed, talkative, etc. This behavior is especially true when a woman has low self-esteem and a lot of complexes about her appearance. In this case, of the two of you, he is the weak link. We say goodbye without thinking, such a copy does not suit us.

You wind yourself up8

Men are complex creatures. And sometimes their understanding of relationships is not like a woman's. For you, relationships are constant meetings, shared photos on social networks, round-the-clock SMS, emoticons and a solid mi-mi-mi. A man is quite enough for a couple of minutes of talking on the phone, meetings three times a week, and he did not even hear about shared photos on Instagram. And this does not mean at all that the man is hiding you from the public, he simply does not want to share you with her. Maybe this is the happiness of two people?

the guy is shy of me
the guy is shy of me

Whatever type of behavior is inherent in your man, at the beginning of the relationship, keep him at a distance and do not open all the cards at once. Respect the personal space of your chosen one and be prepared for the fact that in the near future he will stop hiding your relationship and you will see his social circle.