Fundamentals Of Female Psychology For Men. What Do Girls Like?

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Fundamentals Of Female Psychology For Men. What Do Girls Like?
Fundamentals Of Female Psychology For Men. What Do Girls Like?

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couple in white
couple in white

The psychology of women is so different from that of men that it is sometimes completely incomprehensible how couples are created and what holds them together. Female psychology for men is a dark forest in which it is easy to get lost. However, this does not mean at all that women should not even try to understand. On the contrary, the more a partner knows about his woman, the easier it will be for him to build a relationship with her.

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Fundamentals of Female Psychologyi

What lies at the heart of femininity? The answer is emotions and feelings. Complement them with pride and contradiction. Women perceive the whole world through emotions. They feel everything that happens around them much sharper than the strong half of humanity. If conflicts arise in a couple, then the ladies with great pleasure shift the responsibility to their partner.

Ladies make high demands on their gentlemen. More often than not, pride leads them to demonstrate independence in solving difficult problems. However, when this does not work, then the matter comes to a standstill.

Speaking of women, one cannot fail to mention their love for gossip. This is one of the sides of their nature, not from the state of restraining emotions inside, they try to exchange it with other people. They are constantly looking for "free ears" to share their experiences and thoughts. It is very important for them to receive support and understanding from loved ones.

However, in the desire to achieve their own, ladies do not hesitate to manipulate people. This style of behavior is passed from one woman to another from generation to generation. Often women do not dare to ask for something directly, therefore, they try to build the whole scheme in such a way that the idea of ​​helping her came to a person's head as if by chance. Women love to manipulate even in everyday life. The peculiarities of female psychology include increased attention to their appearance. Their self-esteem is highly dependent on the admiration of outsiders. Especially if men express admiration. It is for them that ladies spend long hours in front of a mirror and wear terribly uncomfortable heels.

girl in shorts
girl in shorts

Women's psychology for men2

Speaking about female psychology, men mean by this a whole science that studies the thinking of women and their manner of behavior. Mutual understanding is the foundation of a harmonious relationship in a couple. For example, ladies require much more attention to their person than their chosen ones. From here a passion for gifts, flattering speeches and other signs of attention. It is not for nothing that folk wisdom says that women love with their ears. For them, the voice of the partner is really very important, his intonation, what he says and how. Many actions performed by women cannot be explained using logic, as they very often follow their feelings.

girl on stilts
girl on stilts

This is where the duality of their character is manifested: if you obey your chosen one and her whims, then she will consider her boyfriend henpecked; and if a man does not make concessions and always stays with his opinion, then this is perceived as indifference and unwillingness to compromise.

In the female subconscious, the idea is that the initial actions should always come from the man. However, psychologists say that the stronger sex focuses on those ladies who themselves do not hesitate to show attention. Such conditions should serve to bring the partners closer together.

The peculiarity of female psychology in relation to men is that women can be made the most powerful impression at the first meeting. Therefore, a man should catch the lady's attention even at the first contact.

girl in bodysuit
girl in bodysuit

The qualities of a man that ladies pay attention to:

  1. High level of intelligence.
  2. Persistence in achieving the goal.
  3. Honor, nobility, gallantry.
  4. Nice smile and attractive appearance.

A woman is impressed by the high intelligence of a man. No wonder they say that "the brain is the sexiest organ of a man." If a man has them, then even his appearance may not be so important. This is not so absurd, if we take into account the fact that high mental abilities help the boyfriend to choose the right words in order to win over the lady. However, limited mental capacity makes a negative impression.

A real man always purposefully goes to the intended goal. It will not be difficult for a persistent gentleman to earn the lady's favor.

The ability to listen and empathize can have a positive effect on building relationships. Girls relate very well to reliable men who respect their chosen ones, their behavior and choices.

girl near the fence
girl near the fence

Female features of behavior3

For some strange reason, women believe that all the attention of her man should be focused only on her alone, beloved and unique. When their expectations are not met, they begin to be offended, jealous and sort things out. Moreover, if a man is not going to follow their lead, then this can lead to serious disagreements and a break in relations.

Girls are very sensitive natures who are ready to sympathize with everyone and everyone. Therefore, they pick up street kittens and raise them in their home, have compassion for the elderly and the crippled, and give alms to the poor.

The same applies to women and men. Particularly compassionate people are ready to connect their lives with a loser in order to somehow improve his life, "make him a man." For many "saviors" even the financial side of the issue does not matter. They are ready to plow three jobs in order to pull on their family and their boyfriends. Some ladies are made happy just by the knowledge that a man is next to them.

girl with tattoo
girl with tattoo

Women love to pay attention to small details. It is observation that allows them to form their opinion about the stronger sex. The presented bouquets, gifts and compliments are of great importance.

For example, if you visit one event with a woman and then discuss it, then you can understand from her statements that she has focused her attention on details. For example, what were the participants wearing, who said what, and who was looking at whom, furnishings. For a man, the most interesting is the event itself and the course of its holding.

Women are very illogical and sometimes do not even understand themselves. However, this gives them an aura of uniqueness and mystery, which is admired by men.

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