How To Win The Heart Of Your Girlfriend? 7 Steps

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How To Win The Heart Of Your Girlfriend? 7 Steps
How To Win The Heart Of Your Girlfriend? 7 Steps

Video: How To Win The Heart Of Your Girlfriend? 7 Steps

Video: How To Win The Heart Of Your Girlfriend? 7 Steps
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man with flowers
man with flowers

Many guys, no matter how hard they try, cannot achieve reciprocity in the feelings of the person they like, despite their given appearance. At this time, completely nondescript young men bathe in the attention of beautiful ladies. What's the matter? Why can some people win the love of the opposite sex while others cannot?

The content of the article

  • 1 Neatness
  • 2 Fragrance
  • 3 Attention
  • 4 Girls love delicious food
  • 5 Caring for others
  • 6 Sense of humor
  • 7 Self-confidence

Today we will find out why girls really lose their heads, and how, using simple tricks, to get the heart of any young lady.


No matter how handsome the guy is, the girl will not pay attention to him if he has dirty hair, smells bad from the mouth, and there is a ton of dirt on his boots. Look at yourself from the outside, and think, would you put an eye on yourself? If not, then it's time to change something. Namely:

  1. Tidy up your hairstyle, wash your face, and finally start using deodorant.
  2. Wash and iron your clothes, rub your shoes to a shine.
  3. Trim your nails (and not just your hands).
  4. Shave off weekly stubble.

Even the simplest clothes, but neat and clean, will look better on a guy than a couturier suit, but stained and not ironed!


The world is so arranged that any living creature chooses a scent partner. The concept according to which a man should be “mighty, smelly and hairy” has long been outdated, and a girl would never look at a guy who has a bad spirit.

Each person is endowed by nature with his own smell, it is he who becomes the decisive factor in the occurrence of love. And this smell is simply unrealistic to recognize from someone who hasn't washed for weeks. It is very important to shower every day, not even once.

If a guy does not have natural pheromones, you can always fix it with fragrant perfume. But you cannot pour yourself with cologne, the smell should be pleasant and light, slightly perceptible, and not suffocating. The girl should have a desire to come closer in order to better feel the aroma emanating from the guy, and not a desire to run away, just to hide from the stream of a pleasant, but too intrusive smell.

girl loses her head
girl loses her head


Attentions are exactly what makes girls lose their heads. But you can't be too intrusive, this is also repulsive, there should be a measure in everything.

There is no need to fill the young lady with bouquets every meeting; it is enough to give all sorts of pleasant little things. Girls are very fond of different "cute" plush toys, shiny things, beads, sweets. Give her something special, saying that as soon as you saw this work in the window, you immediately thought about it!

Girls also like it when they are taken care of, thereby showing attention. For example, in cool weather, you can give her your scarf, coat, lay a blanket on the bench, which, as it were, accidentally ended up with you in a bag, carry the lady through a puddle, help with the coursework, and so on.

Girls love delicious food4

No matter how the girl assures you that she is watching her figure, she will not refuse a delicious treat. This should not be a store-bought cake, but a personally prepared dish. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to cook, there are thousands of recipes “for dummies” on the Internet that will allow you to concoct simple, but tasty and satisfying food. Tell the lady of your heart that you have prepared dinner for her with your own hands, and she will definitely appreciate the efforts. Girls really lose their heads from men who puff in the kitchen, trying to cook something delicious for their beloved!

why they lose their head
why they lose their head

Caring for others5

What makes girls lose their heads? Of course, because the guy can take care of others. For example, to a meeting with a lady, you can bring a baby borrowed from a sister (brother, matchmaker, neighbor). Show that you love children, know how to get along with them, take care of them. Just be careful, do not lose your child, carried away by the story of which of you in the future will turn out to be a wonderful father!

But more than children, many girls love different whining, squeaking, meowing creatures. They are fluffy, you can caress them, being touched by a pretty face and "sweet paws". Get a dog, cat, bird, borrow, again, for a walk. Seeing a homeless person (meaning a little animal, not a drunken homeless person), feed a sausage bought specially for this, stroke it, show your sympathy for the poor fellow's position, and the girl will definitely melt!

Sense of humor6

You can kill a girl outright with your sense of humor. Any lady will be more interested with someone who can make you laugh, and not just listen. Find funny stories from the lives of other people on the Internet (you can pass them off as your own by telling them), anecdotes, jokes. But, attention, only without vulgarity! Girls do not tolerate stories and anecdotes about sex.

the girl lost her head
the girl lost her head


It is important for women to have a confident man next to them. Even if you are a shy guy from whom you can't get a word out, you can overcome it. As in the famous Soviet film "The Most Charming and Attractive", apply on yourself the method that helped the main character turn from a "gray mouse" and a stunning lady. This method is based on self-hypnosis, and it really works! Every day, and not once, say to yourself: "I am the best, beautiful, confident in myself, everything is crazy about me." And you yourself will not notice how that very attractive light for girls, a sly squint, a charming smile will appear in your eyes!

Of course, answering the question of why girls lose their heads, it is impossible to answer unequivocally. Each woman is unique, and each needs to be approached. Learn about her hobbies, habits and passions, and use this knowledge to win your heart!