She Doesn't Love Me: Why Do Women Have Lovers?

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She Doesn't Love Me: Why Do Women Have Lovers?
She Doesn't Love Me: Why Do Women Have Lovers?

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women have lovers
women have lovers

It all starts from childhood. Moreover, this phrase has both direct and figurative meaning. After all, many psychologists at the first consultation ask questions about the parent-child relationship of the person who asked for help. After all, the model of relations with other people is a consequence of psychological development, and it is the parents who lay the foundation for it. This is the basis of why women have lovers.

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  • 1 Dad-Daughter Relationship
  • 2 Got married - what's next?
  • 3 Is the Rogue a Panacea?
  • 4 What about sex?
  • 5 Oh, great psychology, maybe that's enough?

Daddy-Daughter Relationshipi

Raising a girl is a huge responsibility for a father, which is probably why men are more happy with their sons when they learn about the field of the unborn child. These are, of course, jokes, but there is still some truth. With his attitude to the child's mother, dad shows how men should treat a girl when she becomes an adult. And if he offends the mother, allows inappropriate things in her address, then the girl will take this as the norm. If the dad is passive and detached, this will lead to the fact that the girl will seek paternal love and protection in the person of other men too early, which is clearly not good for her.

Got married - what's next? 2

Let's say there is a certain Masha. Dad loved Masha as a child, her parents showed concern for each other and for Masha, dad treated her mother well, and in general she had a happy childhood, not marred by sad events more serious than a broken knee. She falls in love and marries a man similar to her father. And she realizes that she is bored with him. He's a Knight, and she wants a Rogue. This is one of the reasons why women have lovers. You can't feel hot with the Knight, you can't do stupid things and make love in a fitting room. With him you can give birth to children and be an exemplary mistress, you can be diligent and slightly detached. But he will always shame for any manifestation of adventurism and debauchery, and sometimes you want to! A woman needs a Knight in her life, because he will protect and become a stone wall between the dangerous world and the woman he has chosen.

Is the robber a panacea? 3

Since the Knight is boring, should all men be Rogues? With him, and into the fire, and into the water, and on a motorcycle at sea by savages, and jump from a bungee naked! But everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. The saying "With a sweetheart paradise and in a hut" was probably invented without taking into account the harsh reality.

A robber will not provide a stable future for children, will not fondle after a hard day, and will not make you pancakes for breakfast when you so desire. There is no need to give birth from macho men who do not become Knights at the right time, if you want a family for life.

Desperate Housewives
Desperate Housewives

The series "Desperate Housewives".

It turns out that women go to the left of both Rogues and Knights, so what's the catch? The bottom line is that a particular woman lacks specific emotions from a particular man, so she is looking for them on the side. Someone is looking for protection and protection, someone is looking for recklessness and adrenaline, and someone is simply looking for a partner who would agree to embody the most unpredictable fantasies. But this search is the driving mechanism.

What about sex? 4

But what is he for a lover? For sex, what else! When a couple begins to have problems in bed, it can be said that their relationship as a whole is in danger. If there is no discharge, sooner or later there will be an explosion, and sex works like cement - it is possible without it, but it strengthens the structure.

By nature, people have a different temperament and sexual constitution, this is at the genetic level and cannot be changed. And when there is a mismatch in a pair, at first everything is blocked by feelings and a hormonal surge in the body, but as soon as tolerance to this kind of drug develops, you need to learn to work with these inconsistencies.

lover and mistress
lover and mistress

The marriage of people who have a strong and weak sexual constitution will be happy only if both partners consciously work with this problem. By the way, she would not have existed if they had parted earlier so as not to torment each other.

But, alas, people are not looking for easy ways! In the case of a polarly different sexual constitution, one partner needs sex every day, and the other almost once every couple of months. That is, one is forced to endure or self-satisfaction, and the second is normal, or violence occurs - after all, there is no desire, but the partner needs.

If a woman has a stronger sexual constitution, then she will think about looking for another sexual partner. Sometimes cheating in a relationship is the only way not to change yourself.

Oh great psychology, maybe that's enough?

All these complexes and psychological concepts are very tiring. But all this gives an understanding of how thinking is arranged and according to what scenarios life can develop.

why women cheat
why women cheat

After all, there are not an infinite number of them, but all people are similar to each other in their problems and solutions to these problems. So why do women have lovers? Because they are dissatisfied, and what exactly is it to the family psychotherapist.

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