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Is It Worth Dating On The Internet And The Advantages Of Such A Solution

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Is It Worth Dating On The Internet And The Advantages Of Such A Solution
Is It Worth Dating On The Internet And The Advantages Of Such A Solution

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Is it worth dating on the Internet
Is it worth dating on the Internet

Whatever one may say, the Internet is a great blessing created for humanity. You can scold the world wide web as much as you want, but it has made life much easier for a modern person: from finding the right cookie recipe, to providing first aid to the arrival of an ambulance. There is one more very important point - this is communication and acquaintance.

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Assistant for those who are shy and busy

Why is the internet so good for dating? Everything is very simple. There are only two points here: shyness and busyness.

In the first case, embarrassment strongly prevents many good people from acting in the usual ways: walking up the street or talking in public transport. Yes, it's not even a matter of embarrassment. Not everyone knows the pick-up tricks. In addition, there is a stereotype that all guys are maniacs and inadequate, and girls should not be the first to meet. You need to know what and when to say, you need to be able to continue the conversation, you need to muster up the courage to invite on a date and, most importantly, be able to survive the refusal. In order not to burn with embarrassment and shame, there are online dating.

A separate line for the busy. A person can work 24/7. Exaggerated, of course, but nevertheless, there is no time for walking along avenues of cities in the hunt for a partner, to crawl to the house, to your favorite sofa. And such people are not used to wasting their precious time on nothing. Time investments are very important for them. But you can chat on cute topics while sitting on a pot. These people kill two birds with one stone: they save time and recognize the interlocutor from different angles.

Internet is the best matchmaker2

All people have certain requirements for future partners. For someone erudition is important, for someone culinary abilities, for someone material well-being. When composing a portrait of a social media interlocutor, you can make a mistake. But there are small nuances that will allow us to draw certain conclusions. Let's look at the example of a page in VK.

Benefits of online dating
Benefits of online dating

A person posts in his feed what is close and interesting to him. So, for example, the pages of newly minted mothers are packed with lullabies, purees and educational games. Sports lovers and fitons are full of music for training and sports sets. Cinema lovers post selections of films, freebie lovers endlessly repost pizza or rolls in the hope of getting free food and not only, and home-grown philosophers quotes from famous people. Looking through the pages of people, you can draw certain conclusions: interests, employment, erudition, and so on.

This is a great opportunity to either continue the conversation or end it without further discussion. Plus, on the other side of the screen, people are more honest and frank. The fact of the existence of fake pages deserves special attention. Rather, their avatars and saved photos. But here there is a completely logical explanation: not everyone wants to become another meme, suddenly someone will be amused by the eyebrows or the cut of the eyes. Yes, acquaintance with such a fake is a cat in a poke, but who does not take risks, he does not drink champagne.

Are the odds high3

Strange as it may seem, but the chances of finding the other half using the Internet are the same as with a classic acquaintance. The only difference is speed. An ordinary acquaintance takes a lot of time, money and effort. After all, any first date requires, albeit small, but still investments: a flower, a cup of coffee, and so on. It is impossible to recognize a person in one evening. During the time until it turns out to be determined, you can invest so well. And it's not about greed or commercialism, it's about a reasonable distribution of forces and resources.

Online dating
Online dating

By communicating on the Internet, everything is saved: effort, money, and time. In addition, when moving to the level of messengers, because it is more convenient to conduct a dialogue there, the emotional attachment is formed much faster. The daily "good morning" becomes a kind of ritual, without which a person begins to get bored and causes a smile. Communication becomes much more frank. And psychologists talk about it. The fact is that, remaining out of reach, a person opens up more, the "train effect" is triggered. That is why the first date most often goes with a bang, of course, subject to truthful communication.

Dating Sites: Pros and Cons4

Trying to find a soul mate, many turn to dating sites. They have many advantages. First, the questionnaire indicates the basic requirements. Secondly, dating sites work on the principle of selecting candidates not only by interests, but also by geodata, which is very convenient. Thirdly, such sites verify people, and the chances of running into a fake are much less.

The disadvantages include only one thing: incomplete information about a person and the possibility of deception. But, unfortunately, you can get into a mess even with a real acquaintance. After all, no one presents a passport with a stamp from the registry office immediately.

Pros of dating online
Pros of dating online

The real picture5

What does the statistics say? If you set a goal and look at the statistics of dating using the Internet with a positive outcome, you can be convinced that this method is very advantageous. 7 out of 10 couples who met via the Internet create, if not families, then rather strong couples. This suggests the feasibility of this method of dating.

So, go ahead, in search of your other half and, yes, good luck!

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