Reviews For The Five Most Popular Dating Sites With Foreigners

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Reviews For The Five Most Popular Dating Sites With Foreigners
Reviews For The Five Most Popular Dating Sites With Foreigners

Video: Reviews For The Five Most Popular Dating Sites With Foreigners

Video: Reviews For The Five Most Popular Dating Sites With Foreigners
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girl on a dating site with foreigners
girl on a dating site with foreigners

If you intend to find your other half outside your home country, you will have to put in a lot of effort.

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  • 1 Mamba
  • 2 BridesandLovers
  • 3 Interpals
  • 4 LoveMage
  • 5 Badoo

It is unlikely that you will meet a lost French woman with the appearance of a supermodel in a shop near the house. And blue-eyed brunettes who have at their disposal a couple of penthouses in Los Angeles hardly go to Pyaterochka.

So, we go to dating sites designed specifically for our purposes.

We present to your attention the top five sites.


An old-timer of the Internet, born in 2003 (some sources claim that the site has been operating since 2002). is not only about sex. We are assured that in the vastness of Mamba you can meet your love, find friends, interlocutors or even a company for travel and sports. The site is equally used by people of all ages.

Most of the users are residents of Russia, Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries. But on Mamba it is quite possible to meet Americans, Australians and Europeans.

Pros of the site:

• Lecture hall

There are many people, all of them from different cities and countries - what you need!

• Reputation

The oldest site of the Russian Internet has managed to earn popularity and trust of users. And in the dating site environment, it's worth a lot, believe me!

mamba logo
mamba logo

• Free correspondence

Nowadays, finding a dating site that will allow you to exchange at least a couple of messages for free is incredible luck!

• Geosearch

This greatly facilitates the task of finding both foreigners and residents of your city.

Cons of the site:

• Advertising

There is a lot of it. Site creators need to feed their families. And, possibly, other people's families.

In short, there is a lot of advertising on the site.

• Alive, but inadequate

The Mamba site is quite "lively". It continues to function over the years; there are many real users in its open spaces. But not all of them are adequate and polite.

• Lots of sex

Don't be in a hurry to rejoice. The point is that many register on the site not to find friends or company for a morning run. There are a lot of ads that directly declare the dirty intentions of their authors.

Site functionality:

  • Registration is free and fast enough. You can enter the site using your account in any social network. You will need to provide your email address and your date of birth.
  • You can keep a kind of diary in which you can conduct polls available to other users.
  • In the "Applications" section you can play games.
  • In your profile, you can place an ad (even, what the hell is not joking, the notorious "I want sex!") Or ask a question.
  • Do you want to find fellow travelers? Mamba will help.

The above features are free. Now let's dwell on paid nishtyaks.

You can change your location, that is, lie

Girls, be careful! Not all is gold that says he lives in Paris.

For a fee, you can pay a "Compliment"

In addition, VIP account holders can promote themselves and their ads in every way.

The site has an official app that can be downloaded from Google Play and AppStore.

User reviews about

  • “There are many people on the site who are looking for sex dating or a“priestess of love”. Finding a person to meet and communicate is difficult. There are users who have been sitting for years, there are bots."
  • "The reviews are true, but I was lucky to find the very best man!"
  • "The questionnaire was blocked, the administration ignores my requests."

Verdict: most of the users speak the great and mighty, but despite the many minuses and shortcomings, is well worth attention. Including for the search for foreigners.


Here, the intentions of both parties are absolutely concrete - this is a dating site for foreigners who dream of a beautiful Russian woman.

And vice versa.

Just what we need.

Or not?

During the registration process, you indicate basic information about yourself - gender, age, country of residence, marital status. Specify the type of relationship you want.

Next, fill out a more detailed questionnaire - describe your appearance, indicate the presence or absence of bad habits, food preferences, and so on.

Finally, paint the look of your ideal partner down to eye color.

Pros of the site:

• Check in

Fast, easy and free. Everything as we love.

• Consultations

You can ask your questions to the site managers.

• Zero bots

Quite a bold statement considering the fact that bots are on almost every dating site. Well, let's take your word for it.

• Chat

Convenient and easy to use.

• Internationality

We are assured that you can meet here an American, an Englishman, or a German - in general, anyone.

• VIP only girls

For the fair sex, VIP status is provided free of charge.

• Interpreter

The site speaks the language of Shakespeare, but you can use a free translator if you are not very English.

• Blog

The site has its own blog where you can read the happy stories of couples who met through the site.

Cons of the site:

• Boys pay

Men will have to pay to get VIP status.

• Few have heard of him

The site seems to be known, but it seems to be not. There is not much information about him in runet. And few negative reviews. Which is still strange. But we'll talk about reviews later.

Site functionality

  • Chat for communication
  • Search for a person matching the given parameters
  • Free translator
  • Blog
  • Consultation with managers 24/7

Reviews on the site

  • “I am from Ukraine, my husband is from Great Britain. Thanks to the site!"
  • "The application is missing, inconvenient."
  • “The site is not for one-time meetings,” - well, guys, to arrange a one-time meeting for a resident of Saransk and a resident, for example, Sydney, will have to try.
  • “A bit strange site. The window displays the number of letters received, I send a greeting, but in the end it turns out that he did not write to me"

“A window was constantly popping up to duplicate the questionnaire on the Ukrainian website. I closed it. As a result, messages from this Ukrainian site come to my mail. As a result, I could not access brideandlovers and my profile was deleted."

Verdict: This site is still a dark horse. But its “free” captivates. Use it carefully.


One of the most famous language exchange platforms.

Interpals does not position itself as a dating site. And even more so, he does not offer the services of a matchmaker and is not going to look for you Russian wives or Arab sheikh husbands.

Interpals logo
Interpals logo

How is this good for us?

The likelihood of meeting adequate interlocutors is much higher. Who knows what our communication will result in? And if you are determined to build your happiness in a foreign land, it would be nice to tighten up the language of this very foreign land.

We register, fill out your profile - indicate information about yourself, your interests and languages. Get down to business responsibly and drop at least a couple of lines about yourself.

Further, using the search, we are looking for interlocutors (who may later become your very close friends, if you understand).

Pros of the site:

• Lecture hall

The site has a really large number of active users. They live in different countries and speak different languages.

• Popularity

The site is well known and popular, it has managed to earn a good reputation for itself.

• This is not a dating site

And this is good. Although here you can also meet perverts and lovers of sending unfamiliar girls photos of their genitals.

But still there are more adequate people here.

Cons of the site:

• Modest functionality

Toys, gifts and more - all these joys of life are waiting for you on ordinary dating sites. Interpals is much more modest in this regard.

• The presence of bots

In other words, many sites sin this. Bots, fakes with other people's photos, scammers, and so on - this is everywhere and everywhere.

Site functionality

Privacy settings will help you protect yourself from unnecessary communication.

If you do not want to add a user as a friend, but at the same time want to keep it "at hand", use "Bookmarks"

You can leave notes on the Wall. Other users can do the same. Something like a "wall" in Vkontakte.

The site has two very useful buttons - blocking the user and complaining to the moderator.

You can post photos to the album and leave comments.

Forums are true greetings from the past. You can chat about any topic with people from all over the world.

User reviews

  • “State the purpose of the communication. Although anyone will write to you anyway and offer anything."
  • “Don't put your best photo! And in general, don't put your photo on your avatar, otherwise a bunch of Turks will roll on your head !!"
  • "Full of concerned people."
  • "There is a great risk of stumbling upon a nice and interesting, but deranged interlocutor."
  • "If it weren't for this site, I would hardly have dared to go to America to visit my pen pal and would hardly have met my current husband."
  • "Hindus are not intrusive, but Turks, Pakistanis and Egyptians can be too intrusive."
  • "There are all kinds of people on the site."

Verdict: we register, improve our language level, learn new languages and make interesting acquaintances.

Well, we are fighting off the loving Turks.


As the site team assures, your personal data will be safe and sound, because they are available only to site managers.

LoveMage is looking for both serious relationships and one-time connections, both friendship and just pleasant Internet communication.

Pros of the site:

• Lack of bots

Again, a very bold statement. The site team assures that all users are strictly tested.

LoveMage logo
LoveMage logo

• Confidentiality

Your personal data will remain yours and personal.

• Ay dont understand

A free translator will help foster and understand what they have written to you.

• Compatibility

A special game will help you find out if you are compatible with a particular user. Of course, if both of you answer the questions honestly.

• Ads

You can post them on the wall and get responses from other users.

• Social network

You can log in to the site using your existing account on Vkontakte, on Facebook or in another social network.

Cons of the site:

• Little publicity

Apparently, the site is not so popular among our compatriots. There are few reviews on the site, there is little information about it.

Site functionality

  • You can hide your profile
  • If, on the contrary, you crave communication, raise your profile to the top
  • Automatic pair selection by the system
  • Sending messages
  • View new photos posted by users in the last three days
  • Interpreter
  • Placement of ads
  • Login via social networks

User reviews:

  • "My brother found a girlfriend there."
  • "I liked that the registration is fast and that you can go straight to communication."
  • "I met 4 men in 1 day, while I like everything."

Verdict: Another dark horse. We try at our own peril and risk. We don't abuse paid subscriptions.


A real titan of online dating! Just the godfather of dating apps!

At the time the article was published, there were 460 197 030 profiles on the site.

Think about these numbers! Four hundred! Sixty! Millions!

Huh, enough expression and exclamation marks.

Badoo logo
Badoo logo

Badu did such a good advertisement, and we don't even get paid for it.

Let's get down to business.

Badoo is used all over the world, so this is what we need.

Badu is not only a website, but also an application. Which is very convenient.

Pros of the site:

• Multimillion audience

More questionnaires - more adequate. The more adequate - the higher the chance to meet exactly "your" adequate.

• Application

The fact that the developers did not skimp on the application is already good. In addition, it is not as "raw" as the applications of badush brothers.

• Free features

There are a lot of them, which makes Badoo a good wizard.

• Completed questionnaires

The Badoo team does everything to ensure that users are not lazy to fill out their profiles with quality. For example, if you add less than three photos to your profile, you won't be able to view other people's photos. This will not protect you from fake accounts with other people's photos, but still.

• We are well fed here too

If you get tired of looking for foreigners, or you want to go out on a date tonight, you can use the Who's Near feature and see the users who are within a couple of kilometers from you.

Cons of the site:

• Imposing paid services

For the developers want to eat too.

• Availability of advertising

And they want to eat not bread and butter, but something more impressive.


  • Viewing photos in the "Dating" section
  • Message exchange
  • Viewing profiles and photos
  • "Likes"

Now let's move on to the paid features:

  • First place in site ranking
  • Placing your photos on all pages linked to your region
  • The ability to give gifts
  • Sending stickers
  • All men or women will receive a notification that you are online. Like, come on, honest people.
  • Stealth mode

User reviews

  • "Everything is fine, I especially like the verification function."
  • "There are girls who love to dynamite guys."
  • "I registered for fun, but found a husband."
  • "There are a lot of losers, smart-ass and gigolos, and so is the site of norms."

Verdict: Badoo inspires more confidence than many of its brethren. But the same laws work here as in real communication - do not get fooled by nice words, be able to accept refusal and learn to communicate with people.