The Best Dating Sites In Moscow Where People Can Find Love

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The Best Dating Sites In Moscow Where People Can Find Love
The Best Dating Sites In Moscow Where People Can Find Love

Video: The Best Dating Sites In Moscow Where People Can Find Love

Video: The Best Dating Sites In Moscow Where People Can Find Love
Video: Using Dating Sites to Meet Russian Women in Moscow 2023, June
dating sites in Moscow
dating sites in Moscow

Twenty years ago, in order to meet a person for a serious relationship, one had to attend various events, ask friends or relatives to pick up a good guy or girl. But even in such cases, couples did not always form, since people simply did not have common interests.

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  • 1 Is it obligatory for the site to be exactly Moscow?
  • 2 LovePlanet
  • 3 Mamba
  • 4 Badoo
  • 5 my love
  • 6 24 Open ru
  • 7 Why do you need a site rating?

Today, thanks to the development of the Internet, it has become much easier to find true love. On the sites, you get to know the person's profile, then communicate with him, and if you wish, you meet in reality. Today we propose to consider the best sites for free and paid dating, where you can meet a worthy candidate for hand and heart.

Dating on dating sites - myth or reality? You can find out about this and not only in our article on the link below.

Is it obligatory for the site to be Moscow-based? I

This criterion does not matter at all. People from completely different cities are registered on the sites, and not only residents of the capital live on the Moscow site. People leave their profiles on a variety of portals, because there are much more chances to meet a decent person.

Consider the best dating sites in Moscow, which have a huge audience of users and the maximum number of positive reviews.

And if you still prefer dating without the Internet, then read our article further on the link.


"Planet of Love" is a sonorous name for finding your soul mate. When looking for the best dating sites in Moscow, you should definitely look here. The site has a multimillion audience, to be more precise, about 19,000,000 registered profiles! More than 100,000 participants are online every day, and perhaps one of them is waiting for you!

The "Planet of Love" has the best reputation. Here they do not "tear" money just like that, registration and search are free. Paid services include additional services such as keeping an online diary, sending virtual gifts, and so on.


Today "Mamba" is one of the most popular sites for finding love in the capital. Girls and guys from different cities of Russia visit this portal every day and are satisfied with the results. It's enough to really find a guy or a girl for a serious relationship.

Moscow dating sites
Moscow dating sites

The site began its work back in 2003, and its main feature is free registration. Of course, you can also spend money here if you want to give a virtual gift to a person you like, to get VIP status. If there is a paid service that will increase the chances of finding a man or a woman, it is placing the questionnaire at the top of the screen on the first page.

More than five million people are registered on Mamba today, half of whom visit the site every day. Every day about one hundred thousand participants are on the online portal!


Considering the best dating sites in Moscow, I would like to tell you about this giant platform. Badoo has more than 200 million profiles from people from all over the world, so you can find your love not only in the capital of Russia, but even on another continent!

girl at the computer
girl at the computer

If you believe the statistics of the site, then every 2 seconds several new profiles appear on it. Here you will find an advanced search where you can set criteria for acquaintance. That is, if you want to get acquainted with a Muscovite, indicate your desire in the required column, and you will see only the capital's profiles.

My LoveMy_Love

Users of this portal praise him very much! The site interface is understandable to any visitor, there is almost step-by-step instructions on using the site. Compared to the previous site, the audience on May Love is not that large, and amounts to about 10 million people.

But the site's administration helps people find each other, even organize a meeting. Various photo contests are stably held here, applications are added to facilitate the search for your love.

Dating on Instagram is also gaining popularity, read more about this in the article at the link.

24 Open ru24_Open_ru

dating sites on the internet
dating sites on the internet

The beauty of the site is that you can look for dating here even without registration! This is perfect for those who do not want to "shine" on the Web, or do not want to receive a stream of letters and meeting offers.

On the site you can not only meet, but also have fun. Here you can blog, create a group, or just play online (for this, go to the application with games).

Detailed instructions on how to successfully find love on a free dating site are waiting for you at the link.

Why do I need a site ranking? 2

We've reviewed the best dating sites in Moscow. Of course, not all sites with a lot of good reviews were included in the list, there are actually many more of them. But even this information will help people who are looking for love or virtual flirting to have a better chance of success.

girl at the computer
girl at the computer

There are sites where there are very few real profiles, less than half, and all the rest are bots created for the owner of the site to earn money, and there are none on our list. Do not register on paid dating sites, it is on them that there is a huge chance of falling into the clutches of a bot or a swindler who will simply spin you up for money!

The ranking of the top 10 dating sites will help increase the chances of successful dating. But you yourself must try, the laid out photos play a huge role. They should be real, not uploaded on the Internet. Imagine that the person you like makes an appointment, and you will be forced to refuse just because you posted false information about yourself.

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