Schemes To Cheat Scammers On A Dating Site. How Not To Fall Into The Trap

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Schemes To Cheat Scammers On A Dating Site. How Not To Fall Into The Trap
Schemes To Cheat Scammers On A Dating Site. How Not To Fall Into The Trap

Video: Schemes To Cheat Scammers On A Dating Site. How Not To Fall Into The Trap

Video: Schemes To Cheat Scammers On A Dating Site. How Not To Fall Into The Trap
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Scammers on dating sites
Scammers on dating sites

The Internet is great for helping single people find a mate. On the forums, you can find an interlocutor only for virtual communication, and many people meet and get married. But here the swindlers are not asleep either. Scammers on dating sites have a well-functioning cheating scheme. They can act both alone and in a gang.

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  • 1 Basic deception schemes
  • 2 How to expose a swindler
  • 3 How to protect yourself from crooks
  • 4 Signs of a serious intention in a man
  • 5 How to punish swindlers

Basic cheating schemesi

Attackers play on the feelings of gullible women of any age. This is on simple forums, where people just have carefree conversations, it is impossible to "pick up" a beauty. And on dating sites, only single young ladies are always registered in the hope of finding a prince with a solid bank account.

At first, the fraudster seduces with words, lures a lonely lady in various ways, does not skimp on compliments. And when she begins to trust him, she says that he made her an expensive gift of gold and sent her by courier. Her task is only to pay for delivery and receive a present. After a while, the courier really arrives, hands over the gift, and the woman happily pays for the delivery

The amount depends on the region of residence, the minimum is 5,000 rubles. When the euphoria from the supposedly golden gift passes, the naive victim realizes that in front of her is an ordinary trinket, which is not worth two hundred rubles. Fraudsters act in pairs, not a single naive young lady is “bred” a day, and the proceeds are divided in half. All attempts to contact the virtual lover are in vain, since the girl has already been blacklisted.

Almost the same scheme works when a virtual girlfriend has a birthday. Young sentimental girls are especially keen on this. The crook reports that he bought her a huge teddy bear as a gift, which will be delivered by the service from the store

And at this point, suddenly, his card or electronic wallet is allegedly blocked, and he cannot pay for delivery. Asks the girl to transfer a certain amount to the specified account with a promise to return the money later.

The elated young lady transfers the amount. The scammer actually calls the toy store, orders a bear and indicates the delivery address. At the same time, he informs the driver that he should give the gift after his call with confirmation of payment for the trip.

The driver actually drives up to the girl's place of residence, hands over the bear, and both are waiting for a phone call. A few minutes later, the scammer's phone is unavailable, the driver takes the bear back, and the birthday girl remains at the broken trough. No money, no gift, plus a spoiled mood.

virtual crooks
virtual crooks

The most common type of cheating is associated with travel. Almost all women dream of spending a vacation in hot countries by the sea, and swindlers play on this. At first they introduce themselves as large entrepreneurs, show photos of a yacht, the coast, large houses with maids, even say the amount of their salary. After a while, they offer to go on vacation to exotic countries and provide a choice for the woman

Then the fraudster reports that, for some strange reason, the payment for buying a ticket and booking a hotel room is not going through. He offers to pay the girl and promises that he will return all the money upon meeting. The inspired young lady transferred a certain amount to him and after that the attacker disappeared.

In another case, they really meet, the man has plenty of rest at the expense of the naive woman and promises to return all the money spent upon her return home. After resting, of course, he hides.

Fraudsters love to press on pity, knowing the subtle female psychology. After a long courtship on the Internet with the promises of a heavenly life, as in a fairy tale and a happy marriage, he suddenly has some kind of trouble: an accident, a serious illness, bankruptcy at a company, etc., crooks have excellent imagination

girls swindlers
girls swindlers

C / f "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"

They ask to help their virtual darling financially with a promise to return everything a little later. Here we are not talking about kopecks, the amounts reach up to hundreds of thousands of rubles. And a woman already has a picture of a happy family life in her head, she already considers him her husband, so she herself gets into loans and transfers money to him. After that, the virtual admirer removes the profile from the site with all its data.

Men serving time in jail often sign up on dating sites to fool naive women. They come up with fables about their lives, while exhibiting a photo of the colonel in the questionnaire, and hide that they are in prison. What do they want? Money, of course

The swindler presses on pity, says that he has no time to send money to his relatives, and that there are little kids in the family, whom he has to raise alone. They also imply that one of the children has a serious illness, and he cannot do without drugs. The maternal instinct does not leave a woman indifferent, so she transfers certain amounts.

How to expose a swindler2

It is rare that dating site scammers operate in a group, mostly alone. It is very easy to understand that there is an ordinary swindler on the other side of the monitor, because he gives himself out to everyone. It is enough to ask him a few questions and see his reaction.

  1. Ask if he has profiles on similar sites or not. Of course, the fraudster will say that this is his only account, but this can be easily verified using a search engine. Yandex identifies the identity and data of only one photo.
  2. You also need to carefully read the profile of a potential fan. If he has a lot of stolen profile photos of attractive men, beautiful houses and expensive cars, this is 100% a person with frivolous intentions.
  3. The excessive persistence with which swindlers write should alert you immediately. They write about love at first sight, shower with virtual kisses, do not skimp on compliments and snotty-sugar drool in pink jam. If you ignore his messages or immediately answer "no", they continue to write and insist on communication.
  4. To check a potential gentleman, you can ask to send a photo taken at the moment, because often they have other men in the profile. The scammer will come up with a lot of reasons why he won't send a photo: the camera is broken, he is washing in the shower, a phone with a good camera is with his little sister / friend / under repair, etc.
  1. You can make another profile and write to this person. As a rule, a swindler writes the same pre-prepared texts to everyone. If at least one phrase matches up to the letter, it is definitely a fraud. Although there are also virtuosos of messages among them.
  2. View information on a man's profile: work, hobbies, family, page creation date and more. Usually, they forget the specified data if it is false. During the correspondence, ask a couple of tricky questions and track the response time.
  3. If, for example, he is really engaged in construction and has his own store, he will answer quickly. And if he is allegedly the owner of yacht-steamers according to the description in the questionnaire, then he will answer ambiguously or for a long time.
  4. Well, and of course, a request for money. It is most important. If a woman has time for idle chatter, she can have fun, "kill" time in communication with him. But as soon as he starts telling mournful stories and asks for at least 500 rubles, immediately add him to the black list without explaining the reason.
dating sites and cheating
dating sites and cheating

By the way, scammers on a dating site are not only male but also female. Young ladies are especially resourceful by nature. They can pretend to be innocent lambs, act according to the same worked out scheme, until they lure all the means from a potential groom.

Although money is just a means to achieve your desires, let it come and go, it’s still better to spend it on yourself than on a stranger. After all, here nerves are spoiled more because of deception and broken illusions than the understanding that the money cannot be returned. And nerve cells do not regenerate, so Internet safety rules must be observed.

How to protect yourself from crooks3

Even if you want to howl from loneliness, you need to turn on your head and carefully read the messages. In no case should you give full information about yourself: phone number, residential address, bank card and electronic wallet numbers. Even if a virtual admirer asked only two rubles to transfer him, this cannot be done.

The modern equipment of fraudsters allows you to quickly calculate the full card number and the phone number associated with it. After that, they calculate the pin-code of the card and the funds flow off the balance like water between fingers.

deception schemes
deception schemes

You cannot send intimate photos at the request of a virtual fan, even if he has filled up with such pictures. He can then blackmail and extort money for a very long time. If he strongly insists, you can copy any photo from the Internet and send it to him, so he will not have a reason to manipulate the woman.

In no case should you believe the mournful stories about sick children. Fraudsters know that many ladies are moved by children and take advantage of their compassion. If you suddenly had an idea in your head about the plausibility of the situation, ask him to send documents confirming the presence of a child and a certificate from a doctor about the disease. As a rule, swindlers in this case come up with a lot of reasons not to provide documents. This is already a signal, so you cannot believe.

As soon as reports of a sudden illness or tragedy in the family began to arrive, show complete indifference, and even better, transfer the topic to another direction. For example, if a man said that he was injured and now has to move in a wheelchair, keep silent or just sympathize.

We can say that the brother / matchmaker / son-in-law / mother has an invalid on her neck. Better to say about a non-existent relative and also share an allegedly sad story. If the potential groom no longer writes, it means that he was a swindler.

online dating
online dating

When you like a young man, copy his data and type it into a separate search line. All his pages from other social networks will be highlighted, where you can get more information about him. Indeed, on dating sites, men often post other people's photos.

And choose the trusted and most popular dating sites!

Signs of a serious intention in a man4

Not all representatives of the stronger sex manage to establish relationships in real life, then they resort to dating sites. The seriousness of their intentions is immediately apparent:

  1. They write all information about themselves, without hiding anything: phone number, address of residence and place of work, real photo.
  2. Immediately they offer a meeting and ask the woman for a place and time, while they don't talk about money.
  3. They respond very quickly to messages if they are online, do not get confused in the answers.
  4. They answer in detail and as accessible as possible, talk about their family and hobbies.
  5. Often referred to by name. This is a psychological factor that, on a subconscious level, speaks of disposition to the interlocutor.
  6. She never talks about her ailments, including financial problems. Generally supports the topic of money, if the woman herself started a conversation about it.
scammers and love
scammers and love

Thanks to dating sites, many people have met their fate and are happily married. The main thing here is not to lose your head and be vigilant, because nerves are more precious than anything in the world.

How to punish swindlers5

It is almost impossible to legally punish fraudsters on the Internet, because all the information in their profiles is bogus. During the investigation, it will be found out that the victim herself transferred the money to a stranger without coercion. But if you take this issue seriously, the police themselves must determine the degree of crime and apply appropriate measures. Depending on the damage, in case of proof of the guilt of the crooks, the court establishes a certain punishment.

In practice, law enforcement agencies have ceased to deal with the disclosure of scams on the Internet, they only warn of danger. Therefore, cases of lynching have become more frequent in such situations. Trapped victims locate the fraudster by IP address, visit him and act in his own way.

But how to behave if a man offers money for a meeting, in detail in our article, follow the link.