Most Popular Dating Sites. We Consider 8 Options

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Most Popular Dating Sites. We Consider 8 Options
Most Popular Dating Sites. We Consider 8 Options

Video: Most Popular Dating Sites. We Consider 8 Options

Video: Most Popular Dating Sites. We Consider 8 Options
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Social networks dating
Social networks dating

Of course, everyone knows what social networks are. They find friends with the same interests, get acquainted with thematic news of interest and simply communicate with each other. But not everyone knows about social dating networks. And the information that exists is often shrouded in a snowball of delusions and outright slander.

The content of the article

  • 1 Dating sites are designed to "pump out" money
  • 2 Dating sites are the field of activity of asocial personalities - maniacs and perverts
  • 3 Dating sites are made for losers
  • 4 These sites are looking exclusively for objects for sex
  • 5 Lightness of virtual dating
  • 6 BADOO
  • 9 MYLOVE
  • 10 MAMBA
  • 12 IDEAL
  • 13 RELAX
  • 14 What to look for when surfing the Internet
  • 15 Filling out the questionnaire
  • 16 Attracting attention
  • 17 What to focus on when communicating

Initially, since the very creation of social dating networks, users considered them to be sources of lies, slavery and acquaintances with inmates from places not so distant. Also, there were a lot of rumors among the people about how someone's sister, colleague, acquaintance or girlfriend went on a date with a person whom they found on one of the dating sites, and did not return from him, missing.

These sites were intimidating and taboo, with rumors circulating en masse that only perverts were looking for communication on them. And these are not all the existing myths about dating sites. Consider other misconceptions that accompany dating sites.

Dating sites are made to pump out money

This statement is partially true. Some dating sites do charge users money. True, in return, they provide their guests with high-class service:

  • No spam on the site
  • User profiles are thoroughly checked, which excludes all kinds of fraud
  • There are many additional options that improve the functionality of the site

That is, paid dating sites are not divorced, and by paying the required amount, site guests really receive VIP service. But, providing service at the highest level cannot be called a divorce.

Dating sites are the field of activity of asocial personalities - maniacs and perverts

Of course, this statement cannot be completely refuted. Of course, the presence of various perverts on dating sites cannot be completely ruled out. Just like the presence of dishonest users among the guests. But, if you look at the situation from the other side, then in the real world no one is immune from such acquaintances.

Take, for example, the cases when a sweet and modest-looking girl, whom a wealthy man met in a cafe, turns out to be a banal clone. And, in the morning after meeting "the continuation", the man wakes up in a hotel room with a heavy head and an empty wallet.

This is still in the "light" version. It is not uncommon for a gentleman to invite a companion to his home and is left not only without money, but also without computer equipment or valuable things (as a rule, "professional" cloning girls have accomplices).

Unfortunately, it is not excluded that a nice and quiet neighbor (a colleague at work, a relative of a friend …) turns out to be a maniac. So, the risk of getting acquainted with an asocial personality exists not only in social dating networks.

who is hiding in the profiles of dating sites
who is hiding in the profiles of dating sites

Dating Sites Are Made For Losers2

This judgment is spread by individuals who live in the last century. It used to be that people in most cases met on the streets, in cafes or theaters. The modern pace of life simply leaves no time for idle walks around the city. Therefore, it is the Internet that is often the only way to get acquainted and start communication.

Over time, getting to know each other more and more, people decide whether to transfer the acquaintance to real life. Again, social dating networks allow you to initially start searching for a satellite (companion) according to predetermined criteria.

For example, if a person does not smoke and does not consume alcohol at all, it is quite natural that he will demand the same from his companion. Or, if a woman cannot imagine her life without extreme, then she needs a life partner with the same hobbies. It is unlikely that she will be able to kayak or climb the mountains in the company of a quiet book lover who prefers not to leave the confines of his apartment.

That is, it is not losers who get to know each other on the site, but ordinary modern people who differ in their real outlook on life.

These sites are looking exclusively for objects for sex3

Again, a completely erroneous statement. You cannot categorically state that users are looking only for sex on dating sites. Of course, there are such guests. But, five of them, are there not enough partners in real life who are looking for each other just to have a good time in bed.

meet on a sex site
meet on a sex site

And, in principle, why not. If a man or a woman is looking for a couple for sex, they simply indicate this in their profiles and, having met, satisfy each other's desires. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Everything is completely honest. If you are looking for a couple to create a serious long-term relationship, these five still need to be indicated in the questionnaire. Then those who registered on the site exclusively for sex will not react to it.

We will tell you in detail how to protect yourself from unwanted acquaintances on the Internet in our article at the link.

Lightness of virtual dating4

Many people believe that virtual friendship, just like virtual love, cannot be serious and is just a fleeting fun on the Web. However, in practice, this is completely different. And dating started on the Internet often grows into serious friendship or love. The number of marriages concluded after meeting on the Internet portal of a dating site is also growing annually.

That is, virtual relationships, if desired, can be transferred into real life without any problems. And each user has the right to decide for himself whether to leave an acquaintance in the virtual world or transfer it to the real world.

So, by looking at all of the most common beliefs about dating sites, it’s clear that they’re just as much of a mistake as they are in real life. And, on the contrary, they are an excellent opportunity to avoid loneliness and find yourself a life partner with the same outlook on life and interests.

So on what sites can you try to find yourself a soul mate for life? There are TOP 8 best dating sites. Let's dwell on each social dating network in more detail.

how serious are dating sites
how serious are dating sites


This Internet portal has already taken a leading place in the ranking of social networks for dating for several places. Its users account for tens of millions. People from different countries register on Badoo in order to find their soul mate. The audience of the site is made up of people from almost all countries of the world. Accordingly, communication on the site is conducted not only in Russian and absolutely every guest can find his soul mate here. The fact that about 300,000 users register new profiles on the site every day significantly increases the chances of guests to meet.


This dating site was created following the example of one of the Western counterparts, which has been helping people find their soul mate for over a decade. There is a special test system on the site that helps each user to fully reveal their properties as individuals and special, even hidden character traits.

Thus, the guest leaves comprehensive information about himself and at the same time, receives the same reliable data about other users.


This site has been online for thirteen years and differs from others in the ability to create your personal blog on its platform, to find applications that suit your taste. Thus, the functionality of the site allows registered guests to find friends or their soulmate among tens of thousands of other users to create a strong family.

LovePlanet dating site
LovePlanet dating site


Here users can make acquaintances with members living in the same village or city. All that is needed for this is to enter the necessary parameters into the search bar. Another interesting feature of the site is the ability to keep your personal diary on it, thanks to which the number of users who want to make acquaintance increases.


Strictly speaking, Mamba is not a separate site. It is rather a network that connects the resources of such Internet giants as Rambler, and Mail. Ru. Thus, this resource combines diaries and games, thematic portals and interest groups. For the convenience of users, user communication is divided into separate optional groups:

  • Dates
  • ads
  • Fellow travelers
  • Marriage

Also, Mamba always offers guests the TOP hundred of the most popular portal users.


Many registered users on the site gather here to search for common interests for communication, friendship, intimate meetings and serious relationships. Well-organized service and instant administration support make it easy to use this progressive dating site.

dating site LOVERIUM
dating site LOVERIUM


This site is somewhat specific and rather resembles not an international dating portal, but a friendly get-together, where you can always find not just friends, but your real soul mate


Relax also has an interesting feature. His portal hosts a service called voice chat. With it, you can communicate with users in "live mode". To many, this idea may seem more interesting than simple correspondence.

At the same time, users do not need to "shine" their phone numbers in order to communicate on the Web, and subsequently fight off annoying and disliked fans. Communication via voice chat will not in any way affect the personal life of users.

What to look for when dating on the Internet6

First of all, deciding to find your soul mate through the Internet, you should pay attention to the seriousness of the social dating network. You should not leave information about yourself on little-known, unverified portals. In addition to special sites, ordinary social networks - Facebook, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte - can be considered a good place for dating. Here, users have the opportunity to get to know the interlocutor better, because the opinion about a person is formed not only by the questionnaire provided on the site, but also by his behavior on the Web. This is about:

  • User participation in various discussions
  • Conversations with other users
what to look for on a dating site
what to look for on a dating site
  • Comments on notes
  • Tagged with posts and jokes
  • Participation in certain groups

Filling out the questionnaire7

A lot of attention should be paid to filling out the questionnaire. This must be treated responsibly. It is worth picking up quality photos. If serious communication is planned, the photos should not be overly explicit. In the questionnaire, you need to indicate reliable information about yourself (if you really want to find a soul mate). There is no need to write false information or hide the questionnaire with boasting. So instead of attracting users, it will only push them away from the desire to get acquainted.

It is also not recommended to indicate in the questionnaire the place of your real work, real address and phone number. This information can be communicated to the interlocutor already some time after virtual communication.

Attracting attention8

In order to maximally attract the attention of the right interlocutors, you should first of all pay attention to people who are in the same interest groups with you. It can be like a community of lovers of certain music, films. Groups of extreme tourism lovers or dog handlers. In general, you should pay attention to people whose interests coincide with your own.

who actually writes on the dating site
who actually writes on the dating site

What to focus on when communicating9

Making an acquaintance on the Internet dating social network is quite simple. It is much more difficult to determine the reality of this person. Indeed, on the site, nothing prevents an elderly grandfather from posting photos of a young handsome guy and communicating solely to satisfy his pathological passion or in such a way as to laugh at the emotions of young girls.

In order to exclude the possibility of such deception, you need to carefully consider:

  • Photos of the alleged chosen one
  • Completion degree of his questionnaire
  • Friends, relatives or classmates of the chosen one in social networks

If the person is real, his profile will be completely filled out and real photos will be displayed on the site. For additional verification, you can use additional verification tools:

dating site messages
dating site messages
  • Ask to send additional photos via personal message or email
  • Swap real phones
  • Chat via video call - Skype or Viber

If a person does not show himself either in video communication or in communication by phone, does not send additional photos for more than a month of communication, then most likely this is just a phantom. After all, it is unrealistic to believe that you have met a secret CIA agent on the Internet.

Continuation of the relationship after the acquaintance has taken place, you should pay attention to the quality of communication. If it is regular and is conducted not only in the chat of the dating site, but also by phone or Skype, this suggests that it is real and is conducted with a real person. Already at this stage, you can arrange meetings in the real world. And there it is already close to real relationships and even to marriage.