Dating Site For Serious Relationships: Marriage Fiction At Random

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Dating Site For Serious Relationships: Marriage Fiction At Random
Dating Site For Serious Relationships: Marriage Fiction At Random

Video: Dating Site For Serious Relationships: Marriage Fiction At Random

Video: Dating Site For Serious Relationships: Marriage Fiction At Random
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Dating site for serious relationship
Dating site for serious relationship

And what are the current couples lacking? Probably understanding, love, care. Every day you can observe how people run about their business, without having the time and opportunity to meet. This is Groundhog Day, which lasts five days a week. On weekends, their duties, house cleaning and cooking. Of course, there are interests.

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  • 1 What is the site?
  • 2 What kind of men can you meet?
  • 3 Danger of catching married
  • 4 Communication strategy
  • 5 Topics of conversation
  • 6 Women who don't work
  • 7 Girls for “many times”
  • 8 Where to meet: reality or online chats?
  • 9 How to cross the line of familiarity on the Internet?

These are clubs, sometimes performances and shopping. It seems that there is a cafe where you can make an acquaintance: live, see a potential companion, but it happens that he sticks in the transport and it is not known what else to expect. Is it worth talking about some attempts to blind a so-so version of a future handsome man? Where are all the normal guys and girls with whom you can get to know just like that, talk to build a family?

Yes, there are real dating sites for serious relationships, only often there people sit in their monitors, being at work. Will there be time to get to know each other, to see each other? And what if you manage to run into someone incompetent, for example, married, or who lives with his mother and is looking for simple ways to find a nurse-wife … You need to know the rules so that virtual time does not take away the present, do not have illusions and clearly see in front of you strategy plan for winning a partner.

What is the site? I

When comparing regular sites to dating sites, there are some differences to note. They mainly relate to the organizational aspects and methods of filling out the questionnaires. First, communication sites do not imply any purpose. These are just platforms, like FB or VK, which are designed to create profiles and publications.

People share their photos, notes, observations. A distinctive feature in the creation of platforms and pages for a shopping store, for example, an online platform with advertisements. Dating sites are a typical platform where people sign up to find a match. This means that the parameters are indicated by which a person can find a suitable interlocutor. In addition, there are age restrictions and communication features:

  1. Each profile or account is an information page that contains information about a person. They must be truthful.
  2. Additionally, comments are indicated, for example, what a person dreams about, what his preferences are. You also need to notify potential guests about their preferences, what they expect from communication.
  3. By the way, not only for serious relationships, but also for communication, such sites have been created. If seriousness is perceived as something more than communication, then we can talk about sex without obligation. There are also such features.
What is a dating site
What is a dating site
  1. Also, girls try to exhibit the most beautiful and successful photographs. But, as practice shows, this requires being taken seriously. Most often, men try to get real photos without embellishment.
  2. Men also try to show their best side. If the purpose of dating is to create a couple, a family, then such lines appear that contain information about income.

Some profiles can be managed, but not virtually. We are talking about acquaintance, which often goes beyond the boundaries of simple communication, but does not reach real acquaintances, the purpose of which is to build a family.

What kind of men can you meet? 2

There are men who perceive such sites as an excuse for easy acquaintance. If they meet on other social networks and then declare their sympathy, then this already implies communication with the aim of a further date. And what can you expect from a man who so easily wants to receive a cherished kiss? Yes, you need to look both ways and study the pages in detail.

Dating site for meetings
Dating site for meetings

The dating site is already becoming a kind of meeting place for some people. This is similar to how people were gathered in one room and allowed to get acquainted. Basically, that's what they came for. Moreover, there are clubs that involve fast dates. In order to exchange phone numbers, get to know each other and make useful connections.

Girls also try to perceive sites of this kind as an alternative to cafes. They just forget that there are men who are not capable of serious steps. Psychologists say that more than half of men who want to find a wife on the Internet are very constrained and shy in life. There are young people, there is simply no time for blood.

But this all speaks of the seriousness in words, because in any case, you will have to reckon with the girl's opinion. There has not yet been such a man talking to girls, choosing one that is most suitable for the role of a wife, invited into the house and began to live with her. This would have ended the attempts at dating, courtship.

To distinguish a lazy man from a serious young man, you need to have some psychologist's abilities who can recognize intentions in a person from photos and communication and say what he wants and what he really needs.

Dating on the site
Dating on the site
  1. The most important points: talking about the past and future. You can't believe the words if a man talks about a former woman as something bad. It's his choice.
  2. You should never listen to stories in which he was a hero. This will tell about his pride, and the next few dates the girl will have to listen to stories and tales.
  3. Do not believe the words about financial well-being. A man who earns himself will never shout about it, as it goes without saying.

There are times when good candidates are found on dating sites, however, they have too many requirements. It seems that is why they could not find that submissive woman in reality. On the Internet, it is enough to spend a few minutes to make demands. For example, he loves sex in the evenings, mornings and borscht for lunch.

And it doesn't matter if the wife has business. Of course, in real life it takes months to live with a girl and assure her of this need. But not everyone will agree. Therefore, on sites it is easiest to present information and draw a conclusion.

Dating site for serious relationship
Dating site for serious relationship

Danger of catching married3

The most dangerous contingent is married men who know how to communicate with girls, be seductive and invite on dates so that you want to rush to their feet. Ordinarily, these are young people who are unhappy with their marriage. What kind of normal man would sit on a dating site and frame a girl so that later nothing would work out?

That's right, kill time and boredom at work, brag to colleagues and friends, assert yourself. Usually a man in a skirt is waiting for them at home in the rear, who commands them. Therefore, in order not to lose their attractiveness, they use the old techniques. There are dog breeds that need to maintain their hunting skills. These men can be compared with just such hunting animals.

There are no stories that look like a fairy tale: she met him and took him away from the family. Everyone was happy, gave birth to children and died on the same day.

Communication strategy4

Men and women, when meeting, should consider the ability of people to maintain a conversation. If a woman is open, she will talk about any topic. Men should die a little of their fervor, but not ask questions that might seem inappropriate.

Website communication strategy
Website communication strategy

Remote acquaintance is always convenient and bold, for some it is a reason to make a ritual out of it. Only in reality you will have to repeat everything said, so lying is highly discouraged.

Women may be the first to write, but this does not mean that she wants to quickly find the one who will take care of her. Men usually write poems from the Internet, all sorts of words like "beautiful, clever". These techniques don't work because the woman is used to listening.

It is inappropriate to write “when I saw you for the first time”, because this is a little irrelevant for dating on the Internet. Also, do not use “you”, because women and girls prefer to immediately communicate in a free, relaxed atmosphere. If you put together the rules of etiquette, the conversation will be like an interview, not a romantic acquaintance.

Topics for conversation5

First, a woman needs to be interested. It is easier for men to communicate on topics about politics, football and various robots. To make the conversation stick together, he understands her addictions from the profile, and she studies his interests in detail. The questions are based on this. Who who works, what does he do in his free time - it is banal and not very convenient, since in real communication there will be nothing more to talk about.

Girl in glasses
Girl in glasses

Women who do not work6

There is a separate category of women who perceive such acquaintances as successful and useful connections. If above we talked about the danger of meeting a gigolo or a married man, then here you need to worry about men.

Women who only want to chat and see themselves in a cafe, do not know how to maintain a conversation, chatting about shopping, is a bad option. She must be busy with something, or create an illusion. For a man to want to write to her, to wait on the network, one has to withstand a certain time. We can say that there is an unspoken code of honor, which is usually perceived.

For example, on the first date, she gave an excuse to meet again, but then dropped in to chat. Interest in a person is born. And overly intrusive women, as a rule, are not busy with anything, just to talk. It’s a job, as it were, to find a good option and become a muse for him. Only after a month of such correspondence can he forget about serious intentions.

Girls for “many times” 7

You can express yourself in different ways, it does not change the essence. Girls who are interested in serious relationships will never interact with men for chatter. They have a lot of things to do, although in the evenings they are not averse to discussing plans for tomorrow, which may not include a date or connection with a potential partner. They usually discuss either work or talk about their dreams:

girl in white t-shirt
girl in white t-shirt
  • Fly somewhere, without a hint of buying tickets;
  • Talking about appearance, sometimes helps to relax;
  • They are interested in the family: where is the man from, what has he achieved;
  • They want to know why life turned out this way and not otherwise.

Such conversations should take place in a relaxed environment. Do not pressure a girl if she considers work more important than children. Perhaps then everything will change, and this is a reason, perhaps, to talk about the merits and advantages of family relationships. Well, you need to give up on her if she considers husbands a burden. After all, you can show that “I have never met someone like you”.

Where to meet: reality or online chats? 8

If communication crosses the line, you can invite a partner into reality. That is to say, continue to communicate live. But it is worth remembering that subsequent negotiations will have to be reproduced not on the platforms, but by phone, possibly on a social network.

If you find each other, you can already forget about the dating site for serious relationships. This will be a gesture of respect for the partner who has agreed to become part of the future couple. Frivolity manifests itself precisely in the refusal to get rid of online communication with other people.

How to cross the line of familiarity on the Internet? 9

To completely abandon the Internet, if we talk specifically about communication and acquaintance, a man must talk to a girl. Perhaps she is not yet ready for such a step, or she needs time to get used to. After all, months of communication cannot be considered real and equated with meetings and dates.

Online dating
Online dating

Girls more often agree to such offers, showing that it is important for them to know that the man found in them what he was looking for. If you don't need a conversation, or you can start it, you can write a sentence to the person: I want to meet, let's see it in reality, let's try. Like, let's get married, only within reason.

If two adults can come to an agreement, build strong relationships, we can conclude that dating sites are created for initial acquaintance, in order to choose the only one from a haystack with which it will be comfortable and good.

Otherwise, you can create a pair online, limiting yourself to rare meetings via video communication, however, you can hardly call this a serious step. To maintain a relationship, after all, you need to somehow develop, and not only in the manner of seduction, but also in the ability to keep, not to disappoint.

It is also worth knowing about the most popular dating sites in Moscow for a serious relationship. Our next article will help you with this!