Five Stereotypical Rumors About Online Dating, As In Reality

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Five Stereotypical Rumors About Online Dating, As In Reality
Five Stereotypical Rumors About Online Dating, As In Reality

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five stereotypical rumors about online dating
five stereotypical rumors about online dating

Specialized Internet services are gaining immense popularity in the search for partners for relationships. To some, this method of dating will seem too suspicious, since many conflicting opinions and myths have arisen around it. Some rumors are true, others reflect a superficial or biased point of view. Perhaps debunking a few stereotypical fictions can help you turn to online dating and succeed in your pursuit of personal happiness.

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  • 1 User contingent
  • 2 The prevalence of scams
  • 3 It's only for frivolous relationships
  • 4 Waste of Time
  • 5 Paid sites only take money in vain

User contingenti

The myth that only youngsters, cranks, internet fans, losers, and uncommunicative people use dating sites is groundless folly.

Of course, young people, without being burdened with prejudices, more often use the possibilities of the Internet to find like-minded people, friends and close partners. The skills of people whose activities and hobbies are related to electronic resources make it possible to more competently use the network to choose a pair. But statistics say that worldwide, more than a third of Internet users use online dating services at least once. These are people of completely different ages, professions, inclinations and views. Various sites and applications provide such a wide opportunity for communication and selection of candidates for a life partner vacancy that it is a sin not to take advantage of it these days.

The prevalence of scams2

Fraudsters have always taken advantage of opportunities to lure money out of simple-minded citizens. The internet is no exception. On Russian-language web resources, swindlers often use a scenario where a girl appears. After a period of communication, she manages to charm the man, and then, begins to beg for money for some needs. Fraudsters treat women in a similar way, to whom, after online courtship, they invite themselves to visit and grab all the money and valuables.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about the most common types of scams and tips on how not to fall for the bait of deceivers when dating online. Even thematic forums have been created, where this topic is discussed in detail, and users share their experience. Just remember to be as careful with online dating as you do in real life.

online dating stereotypes
online dating stereotypes

This is only for frivolous relationships

Among site users there is a really large percentage of people who are looking for relationships without commitment, fleeting sex, as well as a lot of those who are only passionate about virtual flirting and never go on dates in real life. Among the latter, by the way, there are many family people. On the Internet, everyone finds what they are looking for and everyone has their own motives, the main thing is to know where and how to look. If you need a serious relationship, there are sites that specialize in them, mark your intentions in the profile, dismiss messages with frivolous proposals.

However, if you do not need a marriage, but just a partner for periodic or regular meetings, you also turn to the Internet. And this is very convenient.

Waste of Time4

You have registered on a couple of free sites, viewed several dozen profiles, sent messages. Not receiving a stream of responses and not waiting for a worthy candidate, you decided in a month that nothing would come of it. Getting to know each other online is not a problem, it is much more difficult to find a person who is suitable for interests, appearance, age and other requirements. And for this you will have to work hard: try out several paid and free sites, shovel mountains of questionnaires, send and filter out a lot of messages, correspond with several applicants, make dates, most of which will not work out.

misconceptions about online dating
misconceptions about online dating

This hellish work can go on for many months, during which you will gain a wealth of experience and knowledge. If you have set yourself the goal of finding your one and only person, then most likely you will achieve it. But if you wanted to "try to search", then consider that the task was completed, and there is no need to complain about ineffectiveness.

Paid sites only take money in vain5

Of course, you can enjoy socializing and even go on dates without spending a dime. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't reject paid dating sites. Such resources work more like marriage agencies, and some of them provide free levels and options that allow you to look around before parting with money, by the way, quite small.

the truth about dating sites
the truth about dating sites

If your intentions are serious, sooner or later you will resort to a paid service, and preferably several. This is a kind of filter for frivolous applicants, all kinds of pranksters and teenagers. After all, you wouldn't expect, for example, a free haircut or donation clothing to meet the demands of high fashion?

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