8 Secrets Of Successful Internet Dating

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8 Secrets Of Successful Internet Dating
8 Secrets Of Successful Internet Dating

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For many guys, approaching a girl in person and getting to know each other is simply an impossible task, and the blame for everything is shyness and insecurity. The fear of rejection also plays a huge role, as this can be perceived as shame and stigma. But in fact, you need to be easier on this, a few refusals are not yet a reason for depression, but a reason to think.

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  • 1 Difference from reality
  • 2 Taking over the initiative
  • 3 Refusal is not a reason to be sad
  • 4 The sixth sense is not an empty word
  • 5 Being an alpha
  • 6 Sex is also a goal
  • 7 Everything is serious
  • 8 Guess the moment
  • 9 Time of opportunity

Internet and dating sites, along with social networks, help millions of insecure guys to solve this issue. But online dating is different from real one, which is not surprising. There you have to evaluate a person by the photo and by his profile, and all this can be quite deceptive. Whence follows a list of problems and points that must be taken into account when meeting. They will be discussed further.

Difference from reality i

At first glance, everything is obvious - in reality you have to contact physically, and the Internet excludes this possibility. At least virtual reality dating is not yet widespread. So, if in life you can see a person and fall in love, and everything will look perfect in him, then in the network you can fall in love only with a photo, but in life everything can be different.

Hence the first problem arises - you have to choose a candidate based on incomplete information, that is, everything can be deceiving. Some girls benefit from this. In this matter, dating in reality is much more successful. There you can at least study a person visually. You can appreciate the figure, manner of communication, habits and so on, which you can quite successfully hide on the net.

Take over the initiative 2

Okay, if we are talking about dating on the Internet, then we should talk about it. Almost always, when communicating with a girl, the initiative lies with the guy, that is, he is the initiator of the conversation and he has the right to choose the topic of the conversation. This is not bad, in fact. The problem is that many guys have a vague purpose of communication, they don't know what they want. Therefore, communication often migrates into a question-and-answer form, and, in the end, the guy flies by, and the girl is already lost from the networks.

The initiative must be used, not just have it. But for the best result, a goal is needed, then control over communication will allow the girl to understand that in front of her is a man who knows what he needs. And empty communication interests no one, on the Internet everything is business, important. They don't want to waste time.

How to meet online
How to meet online

Refusal is not a reason to be sad 3

Getting acquainted with a girl, you must immediately understand and admit what she can turn off. By accepting this idea, the acquaintance is likely to be successful. The point is that, realizing this, there will be no fear that cloudes the mind and does not allow to relax and communicate fully. It's best to have a goal and know your intentions, then there will be fewer rejections. When there is a goal, there is also a desire to go towards it, therefore, do everything possible to achieve it. Goal setting is a trait of successful and self-confident people. And such men attract girls and they are drawn to them.

Sixth sense is not an empty word 4

When communicating with a girl on the Internet, you should be sincere and open. If intuition prompts you to write something specific in a given situation, then you need to do it. Love and sympathy are quite complex things, often not subject to explanation, so listening to the inner voice is simply necessary. In some situations, it really saves and brings people closer together. So this approach has a place to be and should not be discounted.

How to meet online
How to meet online

Be alpha 5

Relationships are often unpredictable. The distribution of roles in them is often not stipulated, but is established in the process of communication. A girl should feel that in front of her is a confident master in herself and her intentions. Otherwise, in case of manifestation of softness, there is a chance to become a woman's hand heel. This is no laughing matter.

Some girls, of course, love such men, it is better to say boys who will do whatever the mistress says. But for most men, such a role is not suitable, therefore, in order to avoid this captivity, one must be an alpha, that is, the qualities of a real man should be manifested. This does not mean that you need to be a second father for a girl, it means clearly stand on your own words and act like a man.

Sex Is A Goal Too 6

It's not uncommon for men to search the network for one-time dating, purely for one night. This, as it were, also needs to be able to do so as not to scare away a potential partner. It would be a mistake to write in messages about your intentions right away, what kind of normal girl would agree to this after the words "Hello, let's have sex." It's just ridiculous and fundamentally wrong.

How to meet online
How to meet online

It should be brought to this gradually, how to clear a mine, first a light flirtation, communication on general topics, and then a smooth transition to the topic of sex, but without photos of a member, this is only at the request of the young lady, and so no amateur performance. In general, it is easy enough to find sex for one night, this is what attracts many men.

Everything is serious7

If the purpose of staying on the site is dating for long-term relationships, then a detailed view of the girl's profile is necessary. In the case of some very candid photos, it is worth considering and keeping this in mind. When communicating, also look at her words and manner of communication.

Some ladies are simply also aimed at finding sex, but they may hide it at first, and the truth emerges only after communication. Therefore, you must always be on the lookout. If everything looks fine, but something suggests something bad, then you can check the girl from the second account. Offer her, for example, some obscenities for money and see her reaction, if she agrees, respectively, stop communicating with her. You can, of course, try to talk, but is it worth it?

What you need to know to meet online
What you need to know to meet online

Guess the moment 8

When communication has already reached its climax and has become very friendly, you can talk about a personal meeting, or at least a phone call or even a video call. Why is the delay in communication dangerous? Yes, the fact that a girl can begin to perceive a man as a friend and just always share (whine) about the difficulties of her life, because she alone may have problems.

And if you take the bull by the horns and call her to the cinema, cafe, restaurant, khinkalny, and anywhere, then you can already start a specific offensive campaign to conquer her heart. But again, you need to get the green light from her side and only then act. Otherwise, you can also spoil everything, and the fish will fall off the hook.

Time of opportunity 9

People now live in a world full of possibilities, which are quite endless. Many everyday things are modified and become more comfortable. One of these is dating. They can be for completely different purposes, for example, for friendship, love, sex and whatever. The Internet allows you to meet people in different parts of the world, through a smartphone screen or computer monitor.

How to meet online
How to meet online

When communicating with the opposite sex, it is important to keep many aspects in mind if you want to see a full-fledged relationship as a result. To familiarize yourself with them, this article was written, in fact. Summing up the above, we can say that you can find your love on the Internet, but you need to approach this issue more seriously than looking for love for one night.

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