Meet Where It Suits You - Dating Sites With Apps

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Meet Where It Suits You - Dating Sites With Apps
Meet Where It Suits You - Dating Sites With Apps

Video: Meet Where It Suits You - Dating Sites With Apps

Video: Meet Where It Suits You - Dating Sites With Apps
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dating app sites
dating app sites

In the last century, advertisements in newspapers and magazines served to search for a partner. And the places of acquaintance were parties and discos. To get to know a person better and to find out whether the general views coincide, it was necessary to start a lively dialogue. The advent of the Internet sent all these resources to the museum.

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  • 2 Mamba
  • 3 Tinder
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  • 5 LovePlanet
  • 6 TopFace
  • 7 MyLove
  • 8 Fotostrana
  • 9 Navechno
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Currently, dating portals have acquired hierarchy and directions. They gave me the opportunity to select an audience based on interests and age preferences. Now you don't have to make a girlfriend, style your hair, iron your trousers and polish your shoes with every desire.

You just need to open the laptop. The rapid development of mobile software at a competitive level pleases users with a mass of applications of various topics. Services for finding friends, life partners and partners for secret meetings are available in the dating network in abundance. Now, every self-respecting dating site has its own smartphone app. This made communication even more convenient and accessible.

Badoo badoo

The most numerous international dating portal. Registered 345 million from all over the world! It has its own currency. The price of one hundred "credits" is 2 euros. You can top up your balance using a credit card or PayPal.

Registration is arranged in such a way that the user, in addition to general data about himself, is immediately determined for the purpose of visiting the service. It could be just a friendly chat or a willingness to go out on a date. At any given time, you can track who is now at close range and who may have previously passed by. Nice function of video chat serves as confirmation of the reality of the interlocutor.

What's most surprising is the twin search mode. That is, you can easily find both personalities similar to yourself and persons similar to the chosen ideal. This service increases the chances of meeting a person who has a similar appearance to an idol. The pros are that you can start a correspondence without waiting for the expression of sympathy from the chosen one.

If she has already visited your page, then you can safely knock on the keys. Viewing new users is organized according to the striptease principle: you can watch, the rest is for an additional fee. Raising a profile only for a coin.

  • questionnaires of any direction
  • the ability to search for people in a certain radius
  • free messaging and photo viewing
  • informativeness of profiles
dating site badoo
dating site badoo


One of the most ancient "cities of love", where you can find not only a life partner, but also tempting sex without obligation. Consists of millions of inhabitants of the CIS countries and Europe. He began his work back in 2003. During its existence, it has acquired a pretty good interface. A large set of search engine filters.

You can use a geo-search, that is, mark your location on the map, after which the nearest users will be visible. Quite detailed questionnaires with numerous parameters. Especially shy, they will be able to hide their age from others. A separate tab will tell you who came to visit. Flexible registration system using any social networks.

You can start communicating with the chosen person simply by winking, but you will have to fork out for gifts in the form of stickers. A special attraction of the "metropolis" is a blog about relationships, called "dating encyclopedia." It contains useful articles that will help you avoid the scattered rake and quickly make friends or love relationships. Due to its extensive functionality, the dating app can sometimes be slow to work. Sometimes obtrusive ad units annoy you.

  • free registration
  • various questionnaires
  • search by email
dating site mamba
dating site mamba
  • Free correspondence
  • geo-search


The most common roast establishment with the spicy name "wick". Paid and free versions are available. With the help of swipes, it allows you to study thousands of images of seducers. Those who like it can find out about it with a like. You can also express your dislike by swiping in the opposite direction.

If someone did not like your candidacy, then further communication is impossible. Yes, and the number of hearts is limited throughout the day if you use the budget option. You can add photos to your profile directly from Instagram. If you wish, you can not advertise your year of release.

  • popular among young people
  • permanent new users
dating site tinder
dating site tinder


A subsidiary of good old Mail. Has one base with "Mamba". You can enter directly from the mail. The platform began work in 2007 and during this period of time has gained popularity among young people in Russia and Ukraine.

  • minute registration
  • large contingent
  • mail compatibility
dating site
dating site


"Planet of Love" appeared on the Runet back in 2005. Today, it includes over 23 million questionnaires from Russia, Europe and America. The age range starts at the age of majority and ends at 99 years old. The highlight of the service is the ability to write "Diaries". They are available for reading to everyone.

In them you can place your data for communication, innermost desires, or simply please others with works of your own creativity. Another bonus is the Chocolate application, which will select the best candidates and make an appointment. The feed of nearby users is formed, depending on the settings specified during registration.

You can hide your profile from general view, communicating only with certain people. In automatic mode, broadcasts are offered that you can unsubscribe from. The disadvantages include a large number of paid services and a periodically pop-up window to confirm antispam during correspondence.

love planet dating site
love planet dating site
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and free registration
  • Huge number of visitors
  • Organization of meetings
  • the ability to comment on photos


Another representative of the most popular dating site, which has collected more than 110 million users in four years. There are representatives of all ages here. The developers took care of everyone and released applications for android and ios. The premium will cost $ 5 per week.

The local currency is called "coins" and is equal to the exchange rate of one dollar. Replenishment is carried out using an "online wallet" or credit card. You can earn by inviting 30 friends. It is proposed to communicate in three formats: love and serious relationships, simple chatter and friendship, chewing gum, peace.

  • many free features
  • simple design
  • a lot of people from different parts of the "Earth".
dating site topface
dating site topface

MyLove MyLove

Started its activity in 2008. It boasts over 29 million profiles. Mainly focused on the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine. If you do not take into account the paid promotion of the profile, then the rest is absolutely free resource. Simple geolocation search. 13 million highly informative profiles. It is possible to simultaneously leave comments on the photo and get acquainted without adding your own to the profile.

  • free choice of the purpose of communication
  • annoying individuals can be blocked
  • selection of interlocutors on the map
  • avatars are moderated for sex content
dating site mylove
dating site mylove


In this "state" you can find men and women between the ages of 18 and 80, living in absolutely any corner of the planet. Supported by all smartphone platforms for continuous online access. Monetary units called FM are available at a price of 425 rubles for 30 FM.

Payment is possible from any wallet, card, or SMS. You can "cheat" by completing tasks. In the "Hall of Fame" there is an opportunity to find the most eager to go on a date. You can exchange so-called "magnetics" with the personalities you like.

In the "Cover Face" competition, you have the opportunity to win by gaining more views per day. Another casting is the Miss and Mister of the Year event. Determined by voting. One vote for 1 person per day. Also during this period, you can make 1 "super like", well, if someone is completely crazy.

  • additional games and applications
  • no advertising overload
dating site photocountry
dating site photocountry


The name speaks for itself. Having appeared in 2012, it has gathered over 10 million people in one place. Age parameters start from the age of majority, and do not end with the first gray hair. Local banknotes are “coins”. The cost of one is 2 rubles. In this matter, only a bank card will help. You can register here both through the form on the site, and using various social networks.

But to do this, you need to fill in about 6 pages with questions and even pass psychological tests. Linking an account to a phone number is a prerequisite. Premium status will cost 150 rubles per month, VIP at 230. Negative points: a small selection of compatibility questionnaires for online dating, primitive search, forced newsletter by mail. And what is completely incomprehensible is the paid deletion of the profile.

  • bright and attractive design
  • simple interface
dating site navechno
dating site navechno


The smartphone today plays the role of the best friend who will stop a taxi at a gallop and find a hot girlfriend. To solve many problems, you don't need to leave your home at all. The main thing is to puzzle the all-knowing Google correctly so that it suggests the correct address. And there the company will be drawn. Dating sites and social networks, with the application is generally a gift of fate!

Of course, in most cases, the matter does not go further than correspondence, but there are exceptions in everything and everywhere. You never know, someone, too, convulsively runs across the phone screen or taps on the keyboard in search of a loved one. Or there is not enough sponsor for a barbecue trip.