The Largest Dating Sites In Russia And The World: TOP 5

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The Largest Dating Sites In Russia And The World: TOP 5
The Largest Dating Sites In Russia And The World: TOP 5
Largest dating sites
Largest dating sites

According to research by Russian sociological centers, it turns out that more than 50% of couples are formed through online dating. Most love relationships are established through online smartphone apps. Quite a large number of people get to know each other by filling out questionnaires on the largest dating sites.

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  • 1 Tinder
  • 2 Badoo
  • 3 RusDate
  • 4 Mamba
  • 5 Linkyou

This trend is not surprising at all. Just look at how the rhythm of human life has changed over the past two decades. To provide yourself with a decent standard of living, you have to spin like a squirrel in a wheel. There is no doubt that in the pursuit of success in professional activity, self-education and communication with dozens of diverse people, there is practically no time left for acquaintances and building relationships.

The Internet has become the solution to this issue, as well as to many other tasks in modern conditions. Sites and applications for dating are maximally adapted for people of any age, level of technical skills and social group.

The advantages of finding a potential partner via the Internet are the following points:

Convenience and simplicity

The algorithm of work for all sites and applications is quite similar, so it will not be difficult to register on several portals at once and start actively communicating with nice people. To get started with the platforms, you always need to spend a little time filling out the questionnaire.

Usually the questions in them are quite standardized: name, age, gender, place of residence, marital status, brief information about yourself. Don't forget to add photos to your profile. So a lot more girls or guys will be interested in your account.


One of the main factors due to which absolutely different people install applications and register on the largest real dating sites, of course, the speed of finding a potential partner.

To find the right person, you just need to set up simple filtering for the search engine. What interests us first of all? Age, visual aspect and common interests. It is also very important for many to have a partner nearby. This fact also saves time for planning dates and simplifies the process of choosing a partner.

It is very convenient and quick to search for a soul mate or a person for quick sex through online smartphone applications. Everything is as simple as possible. After filling out the questionnaire and filtering, you will be taken to the feed with carefully selected accounts that may be of interest to you. To express sympathy for a person, you just need to like or perform another short and simple action. In this way, you give him a signal that you are ready to start your joint communication.

best dating sites
best dating sites


If earlier they often took a fixed fee for posting a profile on a dating portal, and the profile was in the visibility of users for several days, now you can be in search of a soul mate indefinitely. Naturally, many platforms introduce additional features into their functionality; they are provided exclusively on a paid basis. However, you can successfully use the standard functions absolutely free and for as long as you need.

When it comes to the downsides of the largest dating sites, the first thing that comes to mind is weak security and too many choices. No one guarantees that when you meet in real life, you will see exactly the person whose photo was added to an interesting profile. Although sites and applications are regularly cleaned of fake accounts, they still cannot be eradicated completely.

The question of a huge choice on dating portals is rather twofold. On the one hand, it is wonderful that so many people are looking for new friends or a loved one using modern technological capabilities. There is something to profit from for absolutely everyone, since the audience is as diverse as possible.

largest dating sites
largest dating sites

On the other hand, many users note that it is quite difficult to choose one among such a number of potential partners. This is especially true for online applications. They usually involve a rather thoughtless scrolling of accounts. People are not eager to read even personal information. They evaluate exclusively the visual image of a potential chosen one. Thus, the likes fall in hundreds, and the user simply forgets who he selected at the very beginning.

Now we offer you a list of the five best dating apps and sites. For the most curious, the extended version is the top 10 dating sites! They are all similar at the same time, but differ in many ways from each other. Thus, everyone will be able to choose an option for their liking and needs.

If it is difficult for you to choose, then just register your account on several sites, and see which interface you personally enjoy.


This online dating app continues to grow its user base every year. The number of accounts has long been in the tens of millions. It is interesting that they meet in Tinder literally in every corner of the planet. That is, having come on vacation to the paradise islands of Indonesia, or going on a business trip to cold and formidable Iceland, you don't have to worry that you will while away the evenings alone.

If you have Tinder on your smartphone, as well as Internet access, then you can easily make new acquaintances. Moreover, users confirm that they often agree to meetings in real life after just a couple of hours of communication on the Internet.


The app's reputation is excellent. Tinder brought millions of people together. Someone continued friendly communication, many began a romantic relationship, a huge number of people found partners for quick sex without obligation.

At the same time, Tinder contributed to the creation of a large number of families. Do not think that every Tinder user is looking for a partner for sexual experiments and the embodiment of erotic fantasies into reality. Although these are, of course, the majority.


Badoo is the most popular online dating portal. So that you understand how large this site is, here are some dry statistics.

  • The total number of registered users is 350 million;
  • Every day the portal audience increases by an average of 300 thousand new users;
  • About 300 million messages go through Badoo every day.

As far as the official statistics can tell, Badu is indeed the largest dating site. It is widespread and actively used by people of different genders, ages, nationalities and religions.

The site is easy to use. The registration procedure is especially simple for users of the social network Facebook. You can simply activate the profile by linking it to the FB. Then the basic information will be taken from your personal page. You just have to add or change it at your own discretion.


If you do not have a Facebook page, then registration is possible using e-mail or an active phone number. Next, you will be taken to a questionnaire, which it is advisable to fill in as detailed as possible. All information about your person will participate in sorting accounts when searching.

An interesting feature of Badoo is finding people nearby. That is, you can be in a cafe. To see a beautiful stranger at the next table. What to do in such a situation if it is difficult or scary to just walk up and say hello to you? Go to the largest dating site Badu, set filters by distance and check.

Perhaps the wonderful beauty is free and has a profile on the site. In this case, her profile will be one of the first to appear in your feed. This kind of acquaintance is often successful due to its originality. Although, it is worth noting that girls appreciate masculine determination. Therefore, if possible, it is better to approach and make an acquaintance in real life.


The oldest Russian portal for online dating. The site began its work in 2003, when virtual communication was just beginning. Then the site was used only by fans of testing unusual novelties, and people still actively communicated in real life or through SMS chats.

Interestingly, the site is completely free. In addition, here you can absolutely calmly search for suitable partners. The fact is that RusDate guarantees the authenticity of the profiles and the relative safety of dating.

The largest Russian dating site has a relatively small audience of users - about half a million active profiles. However, each profile is manually checked by moderators. This completely protects you from the possibility of stumbling upon a fake page and being disappointed in the portal.


As for personal security issues, the portal has a strict system that blocks suspicious and intrusive accounts. But still there is no guarantee that when you meet in person, you will see a person who was drawn by your imagination. It is important to understand that photos can be heavily edited, a good pose is chosen for them, and so on.

Likewise, be understanding about real-life face-to-face communication. On the network, you can write absolutely any message that in reality will have nothing to do with a person. Although, if you constantly think about it, then dating will not happen. In fact, even when meeting head to head, you can be lied to, misled and manipulated.


The largest dating site Mamba unites such gigantic sites as Mail and Rambler. That is, those who use the e-mail boxes of these services can go through a simplified registration procedure on the dating site.

What are the main advantages of Mamba? First, there is an extremely simple and quick procedure for registering new accounts. As mentioned above, you can activate the profile through the email addresses Mail and Rambler. There is a possibility of registration through other types of electronic boxes, as well as by phone number.


One of the most detailed questionnaires with personal data has been developed on the site. Here you can indicate the maximum range of your hobbies, immediately indicate the main goals of your stay on the dating site. In addition, a unique feature of Mamba is keeping your own online diary.

What it is? In its shape, the diary resembles a mini-blog on the web. Here you can describe the main events of your life, its bright moments. Share your thoughts and feelings with others, then the likelihood of finding a person here who is close to your personal feelings, principles and beliefs increases.


One of the most unusual, but very promising largest sites for online dating. What makes LinkU different from other similar resources?

According to statistics, online dating is followed by romantic relationships between employees of the same enterprise or similar industries. The fact is that about 40% of the world's population confirmed that at least once they started a relationship with a colleague.

So, the LinkU website provides an opportunity to look for a companion based on professional activity. When filling out his profile, a person must indicate the place of work or occupation. Thus, the search engine deeply analyzes the profiles and matches you based on common points.


The disadvantage of this portal is a small user base, which is designed for a Russian-speaking audience. But the site continues to increase the number of active profiles.

Dating on the Internet is no longer a shame. If earlier people were suspicious of such methods of seeking love, now every second person aged 18 to 50 uses these opportunities.

The main thing in online dating is to be honest and open. Do not be afraid of a possible rejection, just say everything the way you feel. In this case, a partner will definitely be found.

You can find a complete list of dating sites with the application further in our article at the link.