Paid Dating Sites Are Almost A Dating Agency Or Even Cooler

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Paid Dating Sites Are Almost A Dating Agency Or Even Cooler
Paid Dating Sites Are Almost A Dating Agency Or Even Cooler

Video: Paid Dating Sites Are Almost A Dating Agency Or Even Cooler

Video: Paid Dating Sites Are Almost A Dating Agency Or Even Cooler
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Paid dating sites
Paid dating sites

In the era of digital technologies, when the Internet has become not just an integral, but almost necessary part of life, you can find almost everything on the Internet - from a source of communication and entertainment to an aggregator of various services that allow you to go to the cinema, for shopping and other things without leaving home. And paid dating sites are no exception - they have taken on the responsibility of online dating agencies. They will be discussed below.

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  • 1 Why pay more when you can not pay at all?
  • 2 "Appearance" is not deceiving
  • 3 Confidentiality as the foundation of security
  • 4 By the way, about advertising
  • 5 Assembling the puzzle
  • 6 Counseling and assistance
  • 7 "Any whim for your money"
  • 8 "Trust in God, but do not do it yourself"

Why pay more when you can not pay at all? i

The vastness of the world wide web is full of resources for dating people, acting on a "free" basis. But people who have learned a thing or two in life are well aware that "free cheese is only in a mousetrap."

The main and main problem of free services is precisely in their external disinterestedness. Hence the impossibility to keep a large staff of employees, unwillingness or lack of tools and conditions for checking users and other similar shortcomings hidden behind the scenes.

As a result, there is a huge, if not overwhelming, number of fake pages or profiles in such social networks for dating, behind which are very strange personalities, whose purpose is by no means the formation of pleasant relationships.

Below the reader will learn about more honest - and from this reliable resources and their benefits.

"Appearance" is not deceiving 2

When an honest seller-buyer relationship comes into play, the former is motivated to do quality work, and the latter the right to demand it from the service provider. As a result, the network appearance, in other words, the user's profile, ceases to be deceiving, because on a paid resource, profiles are checked without fail.

This ensures not only the absence of fakes, but also certain guarantees that the person with whom the visitor makes acquaintance is no less real than himself.

In addition, such a check will not allow you to doubt the relevance of contact information, be it a phone number, nickname on Skype, profiles on other social networks or email address. This means that it will make it possible to be sure that, having written directly to the interlocutor, the visitor will not find himself in an awkward position when his message reaches someone outside, if at all reaches at least someone.

Thus, paid dating is much safer. The user can be sure that a scary man with very peculiar tastes is not hiding behind the profile of a pretty young lady, as well as that the profile of a pumped up handsome man does not hide a pimply teenager hiding magazines with stuck together pages under the mattress.

for whom are paid dating sites
for whom are paid dating sites

Confidentiality as the foundation of security 3

It goes without saying that profile checking works for everyone. Therefore, when registering, a new user will be required to indicate certain contacts, provide a number of personal data, as well as go through authorization, confirming the specified communication methods.

The psychology of people is such that they willingly take, but not so easily give anything. And anonymity applies to this fully. However, looking objectively, it is not difficult to understand that, if you want to be confident in the reality of the interlocutors, you need to provide them with the same confidence. And this means that you will have to play according to the rules of the resource.

But you shouldn't be afraid at all. By requiring personal information from the user, real dating sites provide unsurpassed protection of these in the future. As a matter of fact, at least half of the specified data will not go beyond the internal servers of the resource, or even will be completely deleted immediately after the verification and successful completion. Security on this kind of sites is at the forefront, and confidentiality is just a little less than excessive.

By providing the service on such conditions, the administration of the resource guarantees that the user can be sure that he will not find his personal data in the future on a loan agreement of some nameless bank that does not disdain the services of black collectors or on an advertising block about issuing “payday loans”.

Paid dating sites
Paid dating sites

Speaking of advertising 4

To maintain at least some profitability, free sites are forced to use ads. And, of course, there will be a lot of such advertising. Lots of.

Based on the specifics of the market, again, a free resource, as a rule, does not have access to large companies, and therefore advertises untrustworthy bookmakers and casinos, drugs from the category “one tablet minus one hundred kilograms per week” or “this ointment will increase the penis, breasts, intelligence and pump up muscles, if you smear it three times a day on the third chakra and moisten it with the tears of a virgin.”

Paid resources do not need such “jaundiced” advertising - their payback is achieved by paying for services by users. The very few advertising blocks, if any, promote the products of trusted manufacturers.

Because the advertising object here, like the profiles, is subject to verification, and the displayed ad units are built based on the specified user preferences, thanks to which a person with an athletic physique or a chiseled figure will not see offers to visit a liposuction clinic or drugs to normalize metabolism.

Assembling puzzle 5

It is important to understand that a person who decides to use a paid dating site, in order to successfully search for a potential soul mate, must indicate in as much detail his preferences and interests as possible.

what are paid dating sites
what are paid dating sites

Such thoroughness is required in informing so that it would be much easier for employees or resource algorithms to select recommendations suitable for a specific user.

Yes, yes, we are talking about the selection among other profiles posted on the site, the most suitable for a specific visitor. The system works according to the principles of matchmaking or similar to them. In other words, based on the preferences of one person, a certain number of profiles of other people with similar or the same interests and worldview are selected.

After that, a process similar to assembling a puzzle begins - after a short-term communication of people with each other, both are invited to “evaluate” the success, loyalty and appropriateness of the selection. If one of the users remains dissatisfied, the inappropriate profile is removed from the recommendations, and its place is taken by another, which was already formed on the analysis of both the user's page and the one that was just removed from the recommendations.

This approach to organizing dating provides not only a very high probability of success, but also contributes to the user's self-analysis, when, after not very successful communication, he deliberately or subconsciously ponders the reasons for the failure. It is also important that with the growth of activity and the amount of time spent by a person on the site, the likelihood of an absolutely suitable recommendation also increases.

Generally speaking, nowadays, when neural networks are actively integrated and used in social and search engines, it should be remembered that such a network “learns” on the basis of a certain sample of results - and the larger it is, the more accurate the proposed profiles become, the more pleasant it becomes for a person communicate with the interlocutor proposed by the site.

about paid dating sites
about paid dating sites

Thus, finding a mate is not a matter of luck, but of time. Be that as it may, if the user notices that the recommendations consistently do not match his preferences, he can seek support.

Counseling and assistance 6

Due to the fact that the resource charges users a fee, it can and does have a support service. And these are not “two and a half diggers” who answer any questions “try refreshing the page or restarting the browser”. On the contrary, the employee will listen to the user's problem and provide him with all possible assistance, including the above advice, because sometimes even he is appropriate and helps.

It goes without saying that technical support will readily answer all questions regarding problems in the resource's operation - from photos that do not want to upload to the interface layout failure.

Employees with angelic patience and the ability to explain elementary for them, but difficult for less knowledgeable users, methods of solving problems with the display of the page or the work of certain components of the general functionality of the resource, for example, video communication problems.

Especially expensive resources can provide not only technical, but also basic psychological support to ensure that any fears such as “fear of rejection” are overcome. If there is such an option as a conversation with a psychologist, the user can also count on a number of tips on how to conduct a dialogue or the ability to respond in a timely and appropriate manner to the interlocutor's signals.

“Any whim for your money” 7

what do paid dating sites mean
what do paid dating sites mean

Dating sites that charge a fee for their services provide not only security and confidentiality, but also serious guarantees of success, but also have functionality that significantly exceeds that of free counterparts.

A whole list of options and capabilities becomes available to the user, significantly facilitating and expanding the methods of communication without leaving the resource:

  • Video communication. I must admit - not all resources offer it, but most of them. This allows you to see your interlocutor almost live and compare your own ideas about a person, formed on the basis of correspondence and photographs, with reality. In addition, given the quality of the cameras at the present time, you can consider the interlocutor in sufficient detail.
  • Because the formation of a pair is a very delicate and unstable process - a person who has captured and amazed in communication, seemingly even completely meeting the taste outwardly, may have some insignificant feature of either facial expressions, or voice, or gestures. And, what is most curious, it is this seemingly imperceptible “highlight” that can contribute to “cooling” or “warming up” the relations under construction.
  • Chat with technical and / or psychological support. And if the opportunity to talk with a psychologist is not at all on all sites, then you can count on help in solving failures in the work of the site, if there are any, a visitor can be everywhere. As a rule, the employee answers almost immediately, or periodically reminds of his readiness to help by sending a standard message to the chat.
  • Improvement and development of the resource. Paid dating sites care not only about the safety of customers, but also about their comfort. Periodically, surveys are held among users, urging to evaluate or express their opinion about the available functions, their quality and the need (or lack of such) changes and improvements.
who uses paid dating sites
who uses paid dating sites

It goes without saying that, unlike free analogs, here the user will not have to pay for useless “VIP-statuses”, “unique” emojis or any other similar, may this word be forgiven, nonsense, because the necessary and sufficient amount of such content is available on all profiles.

This does not mean at all that there is no possibility, say, to give some gifts to interlocutors or otherwise show your attention through material investments - but on paid resources it is not a fundamental component of correspondence and interaction.

“Trust in God, but don’t do it yourself” 8

A great saying to summarize. No matter how reliable the means of protection and verification, no matter how small the probability of getting into an unpleasant and unexpected opportunity, there is still some chance of encountering unfriendly and cunning personalities. Therefore, one should exercise reasonable caution in communication - after all, this is a stranger with his own, albeit similar views.

This does not mean that you need to lock yourself away from everyone and everything, but you should not show miracles of naivety either. It is enough just to think with your head and make sure that the level of trust with the interlocutor remains in the golden mean - without paranoia and without excessive innocence. In the end, if the acquaintance spills over into a relationship that is rapidly rushing, if not to marriage, then to cohabitation, then during this period it will be possible to open your soul wider.

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