Real-life Examples Of Online Dating Of Happy Couples

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Real-life Examples Of Online Dating Of Happy Couples
Real-life Examples Of Online Dating Of Happy Couples

Video: Real-life Examples Of Online Dating Of Happy Couples

Video: Real-life Examples Of Online Dating Of Happy Couples
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Examples of online dating
Examples of online dating

There are so many examples of dating on the Internet that sometimes it seems as if the World Wide Web was invented solely for this purpose.

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And if someone now starts talking about the fact that such virtual acquaintances do not lead to anything good, they will immediately have to remind them that many real meetings do not lead to anything good either. Otherwise, in real life we would not have so many divorced couples, so many deceived women and men who endure betrayal. Well, and more - acquaintance, perhaps, takes place on the Internet, but now people are already meeting in real life.

The most interesting thing is that people get to know each other on dating sites, in interest groups (or clubs) and by chance.

On dating sitesi

There are a lot of such sites on the Internet now. And all because they are in great demand among users. For example, as a dating site "Tabor". And you can read the true information about him in our article further on the link.

Now you can easily find yourself a person not only in your hometown, but even a resident of another country. For example, a certain Marusa from Tmy-Tarakashchinsk dreamed of living in France all her adult life. Previously, such a dream could be forgotten.

That is, it was better to immediately strangle such an idea in the bud. Now everything is simple - you go to an international dating site, look for a real Frenchman, marry him and - voila! You are already French! True, the documents will have to be done for about a year, but this is already the twenty-fifth case!

For example, one woman (let's call her Marina) quite easily found a groom on such a dating site. The lovers communicate in English, because she does not know French, and he is weak in Russian, but they live happily ever after. By the way, our Russian beauty captivated the Frenchman so much that she moved to him not only herself, but also with two dogs!

And, by the way, if you thought that this New Russian Frenchwoman was eighteen years old, you are mistaken, she turned fifty, her son finally got married, and the woman decided that it was time to take on her personal life. But, what can we say, this Marina takes care of herself so that any eighteen-year-old will give a head start. Now the dogs are learning to jump into a French bath to wash their paws on command in English.

Dating sites are good because people go there with only one goal - to get acquainted. And then think for yourself - either it will be an acquaintance for a pleasant pastime, or it will be a serious relationship, or you shouldn't meet again.

Dating sites are both ours - with Russian users, and with users from near and far abroad.

However, do not think that only oligarchs hang on the sites.

Online dating for men and women
Online dating for men and women

There is an interesting case - one pleasant lady (let's call her Anyuta), could not find herself a life partner. For our Russian "consumer", as she put it herself, it was too luxurious. Well, yes, there were too many ladies. But the lady was not discouraged. And she did the right thing, because on the Internet there was more than one lover of appetizing forms.

But then our donkey chose only one "beloved". So she wrote to everyone else: "Thank you for your attention, I have made my choice, please do not bother me anymore." And our Anyuta chose a very attractive comrade. A resident of Turkey immediately wrote that he has his own garage of three Mercedes, has his own business and, of course, his own house. Now it remains to introduce the mistress into this house.

He really wants it to be a Russian woman, because she breathes special love for our "Natasha". In the photo, a burning brunette with a flaming gaze and a very youthful face was looking at Anyutka. It's clear that our Anya corresponded with him for a long time, sent her photo (at first only 6x9), then Anna grew bolder and began to send photos in all their glory.

No, not naked, just in all its size. Her gentleman (Batur) immediately wrote that he wanted such a mass! In short, after six months of correspondence, Anna began to get ready for a date. By the way, it was agreed that she could stay if everything goes well. Anya did not immediately drag her things, but she had already planned to stay in Turkey.

Internet for dating
Internet for dating

Amazing surprises began to await Anechka as soon as her foot touched the Turkish land - Batur turned out to be, indeed, a burning brunette with a flaming gaze, but half the size of the Russian beauty. His head did not even reach our Anya's shoulder. In addition, in the photo he looked like a stocky man, but in real life he looked more like a little crow - small, squishy, long-nosed.

In short, hug and cry. However, Anna decided that a fleet of three Mercedes cars would help her to be comforted. Did not help. There was no car fleet as such at all. Three half-rotten cars were dismantled, which Batur planned to assemble into one Mears, when there was money.

Anya asked when the money would be, to which Batur happily said that now, when Anya arrived, they would begin to hump for the good of the family business. Needless to say, the house turned out to be a dilapidated shack, and besides, it belonged to Batur and his brother.

It is very good that our Anechka was not modest and timid, but had long been a shot sparrow - she did not give any money to anyone, did not allow herself to sit on her neck and, in general, spoke only in an orderly tone. Final - Anya decided to look for a groom only in birch Russia.

Online dating for relationships
Online dating for relationships

Interest groups2

But failures are not barriers to new acquaintances. And it is right.

Many people find a life partner in interest groups. One lady, frankly speaking, is already a grandmother in the literal sense of the word (a 67-year-old woman who has an adult granddaughter), has mastered the computer from loneliness. The daughter died, the only granddaughter moved to live in St. Petersburg, our grandmother Lyuba was left alone. In the winter I sat near the TV, and in the summer I swarmed in the country.

After I got acquainted with the Internet, the world seemed to open up. It’s like a man was sitting alone in a dungeon of some kind, and here all the doors and windows are wide open for you! Most of all Baba Lyuba liked to sit in the “Summer resident-gardener” group.

The people there were about age, many interesting ideas could be spied on, and there was also a lot of planting material that could be bought very cheaply. Our woman talked, talked, and met in this group with a single man.


He seemed to be a good man, but he drank. Because of this, I broke up with my wife. His wife was soft, weak-willed. And our woman, Luba, is a stern woman. It was only through the Internet that she was cute, but friendly, and how we met this little man, so our baba Lyuba immediately showed her character.

And her character was not bad either, an economic woman, homely, serious, a needlewoman and a cook. Well, neat. Only she didn't like drunks. So she got the man away from drinking. They have been living for the fifth year and cannot get enough of it. On holidays, Baba Lyuba herself will bring a glass to her peasant, and on weekdays they swarm together in the garden. There would be no Internet, unless they met!

Random internet dating3

The following example can hardly be called casual, although there are many casual acquaintances. In general, there was such a story: a director worked in one company - a terrible beech. They said about him that he was raising his daughter alone, his wife had cheated on him somewhere with someone, so he was angry with the whole female sex. And one girl worked in this company. He never looked at her (she is new. Two months, as after graduation).

In general, our girl became interested in what kind of beech is at home. Well, I typed Instagram. It turns out that there is an uncle on Instagram! That is, nothing human is alien … our girl corresponded with him for eight long months, she was afraid to admit who she was. And he still insisted on meeting. In general, when she opened up, he was so glad, because our girl was not ugly at all.

air kiss
air kiss

This situation is quite common. It's just that with the help of the Internet it is much easier to step over some invisible barriers, establish communication, and gradually get to know each other.

If someone else doesn't have a loved one, look. And the Internet will help you!

But are there real meetings on dating sites? You can find out about this in our article below the link.

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