5 Verified Dating Sites According To The Internet Community

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5 Verified Dating Sites According To The Internet Community
5 Verified Dating Sites According To The Internet Community

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top 5 best dating sites
top 5 best dating sites

Looking at the TV screen, or reading the news on the Internet, it seems that successful people live in our world, striving for success in their careers and business. And they strive so hard that there is no time left for personal life. This is clearly not the case. They just prefer not to expose their lives to the public. And everyone wants love and family joys.

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  • 1 1. FDating
  • 2 2. Mamba
  • 3 3. Teamo
  • 4 4. Photocountry
  • 5 5. Love Planet

It is then that the question arises of where and how you can meet your soul mate. It is no longer accepted to make acquaintances on the street. There is, of course, the opportunity to get acquainted at the so-called quick meetings, but this also takes time and determination.

The most affordable way is dating sites. And, despite the fact that these sites are created to make money, they fulfill their functions. Internet research has identified the top 5 best dating sites.

1. FDating1_FDating

Dating site with foreigners.

The site is characterized by the following advantages:

1. The fact that living, real people live here is evident from the first words. The messages are not robotic, there are no standard phrases. It immediately becomes clear what kind of person is knocking on the door.

2. There are additional paid features, but they are additional ones. Registration and communication on dating sites is free, which is good news.

3. There is one more free option - raising the page to the first line. This can be done every 10 days. This increases the popularity of the profile and attracts attention.

4. The site has hundreds of thousands of registered users from dozens of countries in the USA, Asia, and Europe.

5. You can determine who viewed the questionnaire.

6. Built-in translator.


Of the minuses - the great activity of young men from Asian countries, but in order to protect themselves, you can turn on the filter.

Overall, it is safe to say the site is for those who are looking. If you decide on goals and parameters, you can find the right one.

2. Mamba 2

Yes, the dating site mamba is controversial. But, despite the fact that there are numerous negative reviews, people continue to register on it, and, the strangest thing, they find each other. There is no reliable data on the Internet whether there have been cases of happy marriages of those who met on this resource, but the fact that acquaintances, dates, communication of interests (for example, travel) happen is undeniable.

Why is the site scolded and why do they continue to use it?

1. Pros:

  • the most important and necessary - more than 30 million questionnaires;
  • real people;
  • free registration and communication;
  • lightweight interface;
  • the ability to block an unnecessary interlocutor;
  • tape as an additional opportunity to attract attention.

2. Cons:

  • not always adequate contingent;
  • robotic messages;
  • the opportunity to run into scammers.

Again, if you do not believe all the reviews that only sexually preoccupied and married people are sitting on the site, and if you set the goal of finding a sane person, it is quite possible to catch luck.


3. Teamo3

The free dating site is very serious about dating. Immediately upon registration, it forces you to answer a huge number of questionnaire questions. Based on the answers, a psychological portrait is drawn up, under which a couple is selected. Applicants are offered for consideration.

1. Pros:

  • this approach allows you not to waste time on fruitless searches;
  • Since the site is paid, it will not work to suspect a robot in the person who wrote the letter.

2. Cons:

on the site only registration is free. You can also send a smiley, but that's all. The rest - for a fee, and rather big. Whether the investment will pay off is unclear

If the problem of search is acute and you want to hope for qualified help, then you can use the site. Provided that finances allow. Although the site is definitely popular - 12 million profiles.


4. Photocountry4

Perhaps this is what young people need most today. Of course, each of them dreams of meeting the same or the very one. But they don't want to register on "adult" dating sites. Photocountry is a great way out as this site combines dating and social media functions.

This helps young people not to strain too much, but to search relaxedly. Perhaps that is why the site is so popular among young people, and also because acquaintances still work out. Games and contests become a pleasant addition.

All the most important about online dating is already waiting for you in our next article on the link.


5. Love Planet5_Love_Planet

A site for ordinary people looking for their soul mate. Suitable for both men and women.

1. Pros:

  • more than 19 million registered;
  • free registration and communication;
  • the opportunity to get a paid account, which increases search opportunities and adds comfort - advertising ceases to bother.

2. Cons:

just this annoying advertisement

There are many positive reviews about the site. Of course, if a woman thinks that all men are goats, then she will meet such people both on the site and in life. And a man who is sure that girls are completely "logs" will see only such.

But if you look, turning on other brain functions, everything will work out, which is proved by evidence of acquaintances and dating, of which there are many. The only thing that can be added is that for the result to be nevertheless, you will have to spend a lot of time, since you need to conduct the search yourself. But this is interesting!

This is what the top 5 best dating sites look like in the internet community. However, you must remember that sites do not provide any guarantee. As always, everything depends on your own view of the world. If a girl is sure that there are scammers and married people here, then she will find such. If you are confident in the presence of adequate men, luck will smile.

Love planet
Love planet

The same can be said for men. In general, it is worth considering another alternative - to live without burying your nose in your phone, but to raise your head and look around. Perhaps then, in order to meet someone who is needed, you will not need to register on a dating site.

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