Dating Sites For Married And Married. What Are The Options?

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Dating Sites For Married And Married. What Are The Options?
Dating Sites For Married And Married. What Are The Options?

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dating site for married
dating site for married

People change. And this can cause a change in attitudes towards someone who once seemed to be the love of a lifetime. And if this happened after marriage, then to the established attachment, and with it the fatigue of a person, a desire to distance themselves from problems with divorce can be added. And here, to search for new relationships, a dating site for married people will perfectly help.

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  • 2 How not to step on the same rake
  • 3 "I would have known where I would fall - I would have spread straws"
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Available solutions i

As mentioned above, everyone changes. And if the spouse is tired of the second half, then, to be honest, there are three options:

  • Divorce. The matter is not easy legally and morally, especially if children were acquired in the marriage. But, taking an objective look, it is easy to guess that sometimes this is the only reasonable path that brings the least amount of suffering to all participants in the process. The lesser of two evils, so to speak.
  • Change. An event that requires some cunning or arrogance, often leaving an extremely filthy feeling of dirt in the soul of the cheater. If the betrayal is mutual, then family life turns into a concentrated infusion of deception and lies. So to speak, scandals, intrigues, investigations in a miniature format.
  • Accept and endure. In other words, to follow the Russian tradition, sung by the classics - to look for meaning in suffering and torment, betraying the latter with a certain sacred meaning. Whether unfortunately, fortunately, but it is this method of either solving the problem, or fleeing from it that most couples choose.

What is especially noteworthy, the last two can be intertwined when one of the spouses rushes to all the hard, and the second, experiencing the entire spectrum of resentment, resigns himself to what is happening.

How not to step on the same rake 2

One way or another, but in the end everything comes to the fact that everyone finds comfort in a new acquaintance. And it is about the formation and further development of this acquaintance that will be discussed below.

It is important to understand what yearns to find the one who has lost love. A friend willing to listen to many stories of broken hopes or old good times. A lover or mistress, in whose arms you can forget and feel your former passion. Or a new love, the power of which will heal spiritual wounds.

If we cast aside pity for the inner child and look at what is happening extremely objectively, then the solution will open in a simple, but from this very difficult decision - before marriage, the conclusion of which is an official matter and imposes some responsibilities at the level of legislation, and not generally accepted moral and ethical norms, and so - before marriage, you need to think carefully about everything - and more than once.

dating sites for married
dating sites for married

Re-analyze your feelings, discuss with your partner his aspirations. Weigh all the negative and positive aspects, not forgetting to first remove the pink glasses of love. Yes, it's not easy. Yes, it can even lead to minor conflicts. However, such an approach to business will significantly reduce risks in the future.

By the way … if the reader finds himself in a similar predicament, then the choice has already been made, and therefore …

"I would have known where I would fall - I would have spread straws" __8212

You cannot undo what has been done. And therefore, as a matter of fact, it remains to solve problems as they arrive and not be particularly upset, since nervousness has not played into anyone's hands, like self-criticism. Since one of the partners (or both) has decided to swiftly turn to the left for the call of the heart (or the one that is a meter lower by the floor), then despondency and remorse is a matter of the future, and now inside the excitement and anticipation of new adventures, acquaintances, small nonsense and other things in the same spirit of youthful romanticism.

Now the main thing, as stated in the block header, is to know where you have to fall. A dating site for married and married people - the choice for finding a partner in an affair is good, but you need to know the existing varieties of this kind of resources, so as not to fly into an unpleasant occasion with the time spent, funds and, what the hell is not joking, personal data, in exchange for which to get will succeed a little less than nothing.

about dating site for married
about dating site for married

So, here is this "bestiary":

Honest (in fact, no) - resources, as a rule, abundantly scattered on the second and further pages of search queries, living on the other side of the links, covered with advertising slogans of the category “they always give here, everything is fair”

In fact, the visitor there is waiting for an agonizing community, consisting of bots by about seventy percent, or even more. Typically, most of the functions of the social network itself are subject to fees. Interestingly, not in real money, no. Any on-net currency called "crystals", "tokens", "tokens" and so on, for the purchase of which an additional commission is charged.

There is also an active game on the feeling of self-importance and influence, offering users to acquire a VIP-status, which opens almost the Edenic gates of permissiveness (of course, this is not so).

As mentioned above, there are usually many more bots in such networks than live users. All imitation of communication of "dummies" is aimed only at attempts to pull money or personal data of bank cards or passports for fraudulent purposes.

It is not difficult to guess that no one even thinks on such resources to somehow maintain digital security and carry out (what nonsense!) Any account verification. Therefore, it is better to leave this kingdom of fakes as soon as possible, since the difficult thing has already brought it there.

about dating site for married
about dating site for married

Strong "middling". Everything is moderate here - they ask for money, but for certain, sometimes very useful functions, like a private video chat, “unique” widgets, emoticons, stickers and other paraphernalia, I turn the chat and the user's page into “the joy of an epileptic”, shining with all shades of the rainbow

You can't do without bots, but very conditional - as a rule, they are hiding real people who receive their salaries for pulling valuable and not very information from others for the purpose of subsequent cold or hot telephone sales of various services - from increasing various elements of masculinity or femininity to microloans and “win-win” lotteries.

Yes, here you can get to know each other and communicate successfully using standard means, but constantly, no kidding, you need to keep your ears on top.

Adequate. Yes, there are some. As a rule, they live in the top of search engine results, treat their users responsibly, require account verification from each and every one, do not hesitate to use two-step authentication at the entrance. They hardly ask for money, except for insignificant ones, which, as a rule, do not play any serious role besides the visual component and concerning the “special status” functions

There are almost no bots. The network itself, often, even having its own intranet currency, does not particularly encourage its use or provides extreme security measures in order to preserve the reputation of both users and its own.

what is a dating site for married
what is a dating site for married

Strictly speaking, such dating sites are mostly indistinguishable from ordinary social networks, except that they have softer requirements for the content posted and the photos used.

If none of the above is suitable, then, having strained yourself up, you can visit specialized resources, like …

Closed and open sites for swingers. In fact, not even a social network, but a forum where couples, both married and not, communicate, deliberately, jointly and, in fact, maintaining a strong emotional connection with each other. It is more difficult to get there, you may need a guarantee from one of the participants. It is almost impossible for a man to get there alone, a woman is easier, but not particularly quoted and not very encouraged by participants in meetings and discussions

The forum itself is used mainly for finding couples and agreeing on the first meeting, further communication takes place in the real world.

Sites of clubs "by interests" - as a rule, working in the direction of BDSM practices. Very peculiar places where the site itself, again, is used to organize a real meeting and further discussion already face to face. If a married man or a married woman, say, wanted an indescribable thrill - these places are just for them

which dating site is for married
which dating site is for married

Conventional social networks. It may seem strange to someone, but most of the needs when meeting in secret from the other half can be satisfied without leaving standard social networks. Their only perceptible drawback is that, as a rule, everyone in the family one way or another has access to them, which means that correspondence that has not been deleted in time can be “burned” and start asking questions to a partner who gets caught on the “left turn”

Safety first 3

In order not to pay for stupid mistakes in the future, it is enough to follow simple rules - both online and in reality.

Network Caution:

You should not share your personal data with anyone. Even if it seems that communication is happening with a living person. Even if there is a certainty that there is nothing secret.

Because then getting to know about the availability of a loan in a couple of banks will be very unpleasant.

It is better to have a second phone number and e-mail, to which and register the resources on which time passes.

what does dating site mean for married
what does dating site mean for married

The faithful, at times, are very cunning and are able to read messages on the phone or mail without the knowledge of the other half, and the notification that a message has arrived on the dating site for married people is too unequivocal an indication of the existence of “another life”.

By the way, about notifications. It is better to turn them off. This will save both incriminating messages and unnecessary junk in your inbox.

No need to link a card. You can start a Qiwi wallet or similar, but not tie a bank card to a resource that raises at least the slightest bit of doubt.

This will secure both funds and data, making it impossible for potential fraudsters to steal them. In general, it is optimal to use the standard functions of the site, without contributing any funds at all, because if someone needs to turn an unwary visitor into a volcano of indignation and indignation, then this very person will be able to withdraw money. The question will arise only in the effort expended.

  • It would not be the wisest decision to discuss work issues in the course of communication. Well-asked questions will allow a potential attacker to reach the user's work and, through it, to the spouse. And then the schemes of blackmail and pulling money from a frightened person.
  • Do not disable your antivirus and ad blocker if the site asks you to. Because all this can lead to unpleasant consequences, like a computer virus or stealing passwords.
what is a dating site for married
what is a dating site for married

It is better to see once than hear a hundred times. And even more so to read. So it is easier after meeting to make an appointment and continue communication in a more familiar real space

Offline Security:

  • It is preferable to make appointments in that part of the village where you are least likely to meet your friends or married friends. Otherwise, you can get into the situation of “village radio”, when at one end he sneezed, at the other they said that he had died. So, a harmless conversation with an unknown stranger or a stranger can turn into accusations of treason almost to humanity as a whole, not to say the other half.
  • No need to rush to the meeting place headlong. It is wiser to look around and take a closer look, and only then go. Because to see instead of a young fit beauty or a pumped-up athlete a lady of Balzac's age and Rubens' physique or a living embodiment of Satyr is not only not pleasant, but also put the interlocutors in an awkward position. Therefore, under some circumstances, it is wiser to “not attend” the meeting rather than embarrassingly trying to leave later.
  • If it comes to bed, it is worth using contraception, at least at first. For the concept of "pulling out in time" can fail completely unexpectedly. As well as a bouquet, but not flowers, but venereal diseases, it will be not only uncomfortable, but also harmful to health.
Dating site for married
Dating site for married

And finally 4

Be careful and think with your head first - these are the main commandments of a married man who is ready for treason. Without their observance, a fleeting affair can lead to consequences that cover short-term pleasures with a host of problems. In general, if there is any problem in family matters, it is more logical to discuss it in the family circle, and not to seek solace on the side.

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