Online Dating: TOP-3 Smartphone Apps Here

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Online Dating: TOP-3 Smartphone Apps Here
Online Dating: TOP-3 Smartphone Apps Here

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Online dating
Online dating

Today, online dating is a completely normal way to make new friends and even romance. For most people, dating via the Internet is a priority, because it is much easier to write to a stranger on social networks than to come up and talk in real life, for example, on the street or at a party.

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  • 1 Tinder
  • 2 Badoo
  • 3 Mamba

In order to facilitate searches, new applications are being created. The possibilities of dating apps are growing day by day. Now you can not just correspond and upload photos. There are platforms on which the process of finding interesting people has been adapted to all possible requirements - it has become easy to adjust the parameters so that the search engine gives out people who are closest to human ideals and dreams.

Today, let's talk about the three most popular and convenient online dating apps, which already have tens of millions of active users.


The application appeared in 2012 and is currently one of the most used. Statistics show that in the first two years the platform managed to achieve colossal results - profiles were scrolled about a billion times a day. More than 12 billion matches have now been recorded. This means that a huge number of people have managed to make new friends and acquaintances around the world. Also, successful searches are not uncommon - with the help of Tinder, strong families were formed.

What is the algorithm of actions? Everything is extremely simple here.

  • An account is created to which you can add photos and videos. When registering, no serious effort is required - you must specify gender, date of birth, name, email. To link to a page, you will definitely need a valid phone number. The entrance is carried out either via SMS to a phone number, or via Facebook.
  • Elementary parameters are set: gender of the interlocutor, age and distance in kilometers from the user.
  • The search engine returns all active profiles. If you like the person, we swipe the photo to the right or like. If it immediately becomes clear from the photo and description that the contact is not interesting - swipe to the left.
  • Then pairs are formed. If the person you liked also rated your page, access to the correspondence opens. Here the flight of imagination is already turned on and communication is born. It depends only on the two of you whether you will correspond, meet in real life or disperse, like ships at sea.
Dating Tinder
Dating Tinder

The audience of the application is now as diverse as possible. Of course, most of the users are young people from 18 to 35 years old. Moreover, it is in demand among both male and female audiences.

The app was initially heavily criticized. The main complaint is the choice of an external data partner. However, given the insane popularity and outrageous activity of Tinder's users, the idea turned out to be successful.

Many continue to meet in Tinder for sex once, a partner for sexual experiments and erotic correspondence. In any case, people often come across not just a pretty picture, but also pleasant interlocutors. In the vastness of the network, you can stumble upon the accounts of those who are openly looking for people for friendship, without the slightest hint of a love relationship.


Probably each of us came across an active advertisement for Badu on social networks. The app was recommended by media personalities and bloggers with a large audience of subscribers.

When registering, you should immediately pay attention to filling out your profile. First of all, you should add at least three of your own photos. If this is not done, then access to the portfolio of other users will be closed and you will only take away the avatar.

Dating Badu
Dating Badu

Next comes a small questionnaire, which is also important to fill with information about yourself. When registering on a dating site, there is no point in hiding personal data. The more a person talks about himself, the more chances that he will be marked by exactly those people who suit him. Here you can specify gender, age, sexual orientation, hair color, body composition. There is also an opportunity to talk about your marital status and the presence of children, but you should not trust unconditionally - many of us are cunning and try to hide the facts of our own personal life.

The Internet is a favorite space for lovers of anonymity and embellishment of their own image. Here, no one can guarantee that a person will write the whole truth about his personality. In addition, a person has an interesting property - we try to show ourselves in the best possible light, add those qualities that we would like to have.

The following are questions regarding your primary goal on the Badoo platform. You can choose from three points: communication, friendship, and going on a romantic date.

In order for dating apps to produce those people who match your desires, you need to indicate the gender and age of the desired interlocutors.

Badu is the most popular dating site over the Internet, used by users from all over the world. At the same time, the functionality of the application is limited - there is no extensive set of emoticons, there is no ability to attach links to third-party sites and audio recordings.

dating girls
dating girls

At the moment, Badu is used by more than 340 million people. About 350 million messages are sent here daily. According to statistics, there are approximately 60 million matches of pairs in the application every month.


This application has a significantly smaller audience of users - about 35 million people. You can often stumble upon fake accounts here. Why do thousands of people create them? Of course, to amuse your self-esteem and secretly chat with attractive girls or guys. At the same time, moderators regularly remove dishonest users.

The platform implements interesting features that are absent in the same Tinder. A new user registers, by the way, this is easy to do by simply synchronizing the application with your Facebook page.

Mamba broke into the online dating app market ahead of many popular apps in 2010. Since then, the app has undergone a ton of upgrades and updates. All the same, many older users note the similarity of the visual part of Mamba with dating sites on Perhaps it is because of nostalgia that people over 30 are actively communicating here. If you are 20, you will have to look for a long time for an option that is suitable for the age criterion.

Dating Mamba
Dating Mamba

A lot of applications for finding a partner via the Internet offer paid advanced versions. For example, in Tinder you can buy monthly and annual subscriptions, raise your account in the feed of other users for money and stay in the top. There is no such thing in Mamba. Paid services - sending gifts to your interlocutor or buying the latest trendy stickers.

Otherwise, users note a very user-friendly interface. After specifying the desired search parameters, you can immediately see all the profiles of women or men that suit you. If you need to flip through the pages in Tinder and Bud, then Mamba allows you to save your favorite users in bookmarks, write immediately without waiting for a response in your direction. It is also convenient that you can see all the faces side by side, compare and select.

In general, online dating is not something unusual or shameful now, as it was literally ten years ago. Apps make it easy to find a soul mate or a new friend.

For people who in real life are shy and afraid to start a dialogue, the most comfortable conditions have been created here - the expression of sympathy in one click. Of course, this method of dating involves the possibility of lying and may even be unsafe if you decide to meet a person in real life. But even with live acquaintances, there is no guarantee that a person will tell the full truth about himself.

dating apps for smartphone
dating apps for smartphone

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